Nick's eyes slowly came back more and more. In the days since his first trial with his healing powers, he had been able to see shapes and shadows from morning to night. He hadn't had any full flashes again, other than with Titan or Talis, but he was seeing more and more. He continued with his healing work in the mornings, and his other training in the afternoon, as well as his classes. He continued with his real classes, he hoped to return to school in the fall, well here in France. He enjoyed his training, and he knew he'd miss his teachers, but he wanted to have a chance to be back in a normal school. Because of being Harry, he had never got a chance to be a real student, and wanted it so much.

He had been working on harder and harder injuries. He panicked a bit when he realized his brother's heart had stopped, they had stopped telling him what they were doing, beforehand. He needed to be able to see what was wrong, and discover how to fix it.

Lucius laughed when his brother revived him. "I feel as good as normal I promise."

Nick didn't look convinced. "I don't like finding my brother dead."

Lucius squeezed his hand. "I wasn't dead, and we knew you could bring me back."

Andromeda agreed with him. "If you want to work with the war injuries, you need to learn how to deal with this."

Nick understood. "I know, but it is still hard when it is my brother."

Remus was in the room. "Perhaps you'll listen to us then and stay here. You know how many people you love could be there."

Lucius agreed with him. "Not even natural healers can save everyone. I'm not sure if you're ready for that."

Nick shook his head. "I am. It won't make me feel any better if they die, and I don't at least have a chance to try."

Andromeda understood better than most as she was a healer. "You will run the hospital with me at Malfoy manor."

Nick turned towards his Aunt. "Thank you."

Fleur had come into the room. "You will have plenty of help. I have convinced some of the healers from my Grandmother's village."

They would not be close, not in the town, at least until after the battle. Severus and a few other healers would be in the school, and do their part, both as soldiers and healers. But those who were too injured, would be sent to the manor, through the use of strong portkeys. They weren't sure, even when the battle was over, if they could allow Nick near the school. They hoped he wouldn't be needed, he could remain with the group at the manor, and those at the school could do what was needed. Voldemort was not a threat, he didn't know about Nick, but Albus was. Albus and Fudge would always be a threat, even after the war, they couldn't let their secret come out.

They knew they would have to leave soon for the UK. Christmas was in two weeks, but the holiday would go forgotten this year, it seemed. They told themselves they would celebrate after, when there was a victory, and more for them to celebrate.

Viktor was with them. "Well good thing we chose the manor, between a hospital and housing all of us, it will be full."

Adrian added when he saw Nick's shock. "You didn't think that we were going to let you go there and not come with you?"

Nick was relieved to hear that especially when he knew they weren't going into battle. "I guess I can put up with you."

Narcissa had come into the room. "Severus assures us our son wears the pendant. He should be arriving at the manor not long after us."

Lucius shook his head. "He isn't going to be happy with us or his Uncle."

Nick smirked. "I'm not sure I like having to share the honors with my former professor."

Lucius shook his head. "You are Draco's only biological Uncle true enough, but Severus definitely holds a place. As does Ted."

Nick just laughed at that. "I think I can live with that. It just makes it more clear who should be his favorite Uncle."

Adrian smirked when he heard that. "Yes I am sure Ted is happy not to lose his title."

Nick threw a pillow at his head. "Thanks."

Adrian shook his head. "Is that the thanks I get."

Nick smirked. "Be lucky I didn't throw a book at your pretty little smirk. I wouldn't be healing your head after."

Viktor shook his head when he heard that. "You wouldn't want that. His face is all pretty boy has going for him, and a few laughs."

Adrian turned to the other hulk. "Better than all muscles, except where they count."

Nick hadn't liked the thought of playing them off one another when this started. He had been worried, when he agreed to allow them both to pursue him, that he would hurt one of them. But as he watched the two of them, he couldn't help but laugh, as he was listening to them. He had never had guys fight over him before, and as he listened to them banter, he was hiding laughter.

Viktor saw the laughter and shared a look with Adrian. "I think he is enjoying this too much."

Adrian agreed. "I happen to think he needs a lesson."

Nick jerked when Viktor picked him up. "What are you doing?"

Viktor carried him towards the pool room. "I think you need to cool off."

Nick was fighting him as he was about to be dumped in and called. "Titan."

His dog bit Viktor in the ass, and Nick managed to escape, before Viktor went head first into the pool himself. Adrian was laughing too hard, he found himself pushed in, but he grabbed on to Nick and pulled him in as well. Nick sputtered, but he began laughing, as they were swimming. Nick found himself in a long kiss by Viktor, but Adrian was not to be out done, and kissed him too.

Nick shook his head as he climbed out of the pool. "I happen to think brains and muscles make a good combination."

The final battle was approaching with the speed of a train. Draco knew what the pendant was, he had run tests, he had becomes suspicious. Most of the kids had gone home for Christmas, but more than usual had stayed, among the older kids. There were only a dozen or so under fourth year who were still there, and were to be moved into Hufflepuff, for safety. Hufflepuff like Slytherin was in the lower levels, so if there was damage to the buildings, they would have been safer down there. The painting would be removed, which would make it near impossible, to get in.

Draco knew he needed to get Luna out of there. He had sworn to Neville he'd do his best to protect her. He knew Nick, he would be devastated if he lost some of his best friends, and Luna was included. Hermione was better in duels, and Luna could be useful, in the hospital.

Draco looked to Harry as the Order was starting to take over the school. "Where are the girls?"

Harry turned to look at him. "Up in the room of requirements as usual."

Draco looked down at the pendant he wore about his neck. "I need to get this on Luna, but I need your help."

Harry smirked. "You are asking my help? Never thought I would see the day come."

Draco agreed it sounded odd. "I need to tell if this can take more than one person, or if we can change it."

Harry realized it was a portkey. "It is only set to take one, but there is an easy enough spell, to turn it for multiple."

Draco knew his Uncle and the healers had ones for the patients but he needed this. "Can you do it?"

Harry took the pendant in his hand and cast it, but he used a spell, and made a duplicate. It was a spell he had learned back at Salem, one he had never used for practical reasons but happy for the training. They were linked, so when the one Draco used to wear was activated, so would the other. Harry made a third, and transferred the tracking spell to it, so Severus wouldn't suspect, what Draco had done. Severus would activate it, sending Hermione and Luna to safety, and wouldn't know until too late.

As they went to find the girls Harry reminded him Severus would have others. Draco reminded him his Uncle would need to find him, and in the middle of battle, that wouldn't be his priority. He would remove the tracking charm as soon as the girls were gone.

Hermione looked up when they came into the room. "You two seem to be working better together."

Harry shrugged. "The final battle is any day now, and we need to work together, all of us, if we are to live."

Luna smiled when she heard that. "I for one am relieved to hear you have finally seen some sense."

Draco tossed the pendants at Luna and Hermione. "You guys need to wear these."

Hermione looked suspicious at them. "What are these?"

Harry showed one, it turns out he had made three duplicates. "The order wants all of us who will fight with them, to wear one."

Luna put hers on when Draco showed he was wearing one. "I guess we should be happy they are allowing us to remain. Even if in the woods."

Neville explained from their shock. "Luna is among those who will be sent to the centaurs, to focus an attack from that end."

Neville sent them a look, and hoped the pendants were what he was thinking. Draco had promised, he would find a way to get the girls to safety, well Hermione but he wouldn't be surprised by Luna. He knew Draco's had been the first, and it was from his Uncle, and he had a feeling they were duplicates. He wore one, as Luna pointed out Neville didn't have on, and hoped his wasn't a portkey as well.

Harry looked at the girls and thought about Nick. 'This should work. I am happy I can keep my promise to you, to keep them safe.'

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