Nick had finished his healer training that spring. He was twenty, and though he had been a healer for years, he had done his full training. Nick had done his full training at school, but the nurse wasn't ready to retire. To the surprise of many, but the delight of much of his family, Nick was returning to the UK. He and his two loves had spoken, and decided Poppy's offer was the best, instead of a hospital in Paris. Nick loved his brother and sister in law, and would remain as close as ever, but the move was good. Lucius and Narcissa would remain in France, even with Nick and their son in the UK, Draco and Blaise were set to marry that summer. The trip from Paris was a short portkey, and the boys came on weekends a lot as well, which made it happy. Adrian was happy to be close to his dad, and Hagrid had chosen to cut back, and just be the grounds keeper. Viktor became a quidditch correspondent, and Nick took over for Poppy, and Adrian for Hagrid as a teacher at the school, or would in fall. They returned to the UK in the summer, in time for Draco's wedding to Blaise. Draco and Blaise were living at Malfoy manor, what used to his parent's main home, and officially still was. Nick was always welcome, but it was Black manor, which had become his weekend home. He had numerous homes from both dads, but Black manor was in Scotland, so near to school for him.

Viktor and Adrian had grown to love each other. They were not madly in love, not the way they felt about Nick, but the love was definitely there. They were ready to marry Nick, and more, they wanted to bond all together. They asked both Lucius and Remus, for their permission, to propose. Remus had moved back to the UK a year before, and a long distance relationship with Severus, after the two had wed. He taught DADA there.

Nick was surprised on Christmas Eve when Adrian appeared at his door. "I thought I was meeting you down in the hall."

Adrian handed him a rose. "Plans have changed. I thought we would leave early."

Nick was reminded they were leaving tonight for Christmas at the manor, Lucius back in the country. "What about Viktor?"

Adrian kissed him. "What about him? I thought we would run away for the weekend."

Nick shook his head. "No you didn't. I know you love him as well."

Adrian offered his arm. "I guess perhaps he is waiting. Now will you come or do I need to stun you."

Nick smirked at him. "Well if you keep putting it so sweetly as that, how can I say no."

Adrian shook his head as he led Nick away. "You know we're expected at the manor for dinner, so I don't want us to miss out."

Nick pointed out. "Well whatever we are doing, could have waited for a less busy day."

Adrian didn't explain as he was able to whisk Nick away to apparate. "No."

Nick hid a smile when he saw Viktor when they arrived at Pucey manor. "Adrian, I thought we were running away without him."

Viktor kissed them both. "Keep that up, and I may be the one to leave."

Nick had no idea what was happening, not thinking Adrian's dad's home was not the place he expected. He found there was a sleigh waiting for them, no surprise, considering there were always horses around here. Nick had been given his own horse in France, one of his large menagerie, and the horse lived here since his move. Titan was still at school, but Talis had died on him, six months before. He had cried when the cat died, he had never thought he was a cat person, but Talis had changed that. He had been reminded Talis was older than him, his daddy was given the cat when he was pregnant with Nick, and twenty years was a long life. Even with Titan and Hedwig, his boyfriends knew he was considering a cat.

They took a sleigh ride through the snow covered gardens. Viktor had called Adrian the horse lover, in response to Adrian's Bulgarian bloke comment, but horses had grown on him. Nick had learned about hawks, and Adrian did a bit, but he didn't share any interest.

Nick was surprised when they arrived in a beautiful secluded grove and found candles everywhere. "What is this?"

Viktor helped him down from the sleigh. "It's called a picnic. I know it has been a while, but I wouldn't think you'd forget one."

Adrian motioned to the picnic blanket and food. "Don't worry, we used a warming spell."

Nick allowed himself to be helped down on the blanket. "You remember we're expected for dinner."

Viktor shook his head. "Tomorrow is dinner, and we'll be at the manor later. They know we will be late."

Nick allowed himself to be helped to sit down. "How come everyone else seems to know what is happening but me?"

Adrian sunk down and poured them all some wine. "It wouldn't be much of a surprise if you knew?"

Nick found himself being fed, and he could admit it was romantic, and he had no idea what the two were up to. Ever since they stopped competing for him, they had ganged up on him, more since their love appeared to. They were determined to make him happy, and they teamed together, to make sure he was. He knew how extremely lucky he was, to have two such amazing men in his life.

He was surprised when they had an early gift for him. He opened the box, and found a small gray cat, that looked a lot like a baby Talis. He had tears in his eyes, that they would give him a new cat. It was what was around the neck which was the real surprise.

It looked like a snowflake, but when he touched it, it was a ring. "What?"

Viktor took the ring but both he and Adrian knelt. "We both love you more than life Nick. You're our soul mate, we both feel that way."

Adrian added. "I was even willing to share you with Viktor to be with you, but now found another man I love. But you are half of me."

Nick had tears in his eyes. "I love you both so much."

The two said together at the same time. "Will you marry and bond with both of us?"

Nick gaped at them. "Both?"

Adrian nodded. "Yes, we want to be together all three of us, in real. Please say yes."

Nick nodded. "Yes."

They slid the ring on, and standing, took Nick into their arms each for a kiss. He was the only one with a ring, but they'd all be engaged, and all wed. They would all share a bed, and their marriage, as equal partners. Looking at his new cat, Nick chose the name Triad, as a symbol of the engagement he was a part of. They danced, under a shower of snowflakes, before they headed for the manor. The Christmas Eve party was really an engagement party, with all their families there for them. Their friends were there as well, to share in the special day for them.

Lucius kissed his brother on the head. "Our dads would be so proud of the man you have become."

Due to their careers, the three decided to wed in the summer, when they were all off. As the youngest, Nick should have been the one to be given away, but they were all to walk down the aisle, Nick just last. He had chosen both his brother and Remus to give him away, he had neither of his dads, but they were close. Both men had filled the role for him, Lucius would have helped raise him, if he had not been kidnapped. They were to marry at the manor, not the main one in the UK like Draco, but in France. All of those they loved, including the veela from their days in France before, were coming. The manor was a Black home, but one Narcissa inherited, Nick had two others on the continent. It was where their romance began, and where they wanted to take their vows. It had been an unanimous decision.

It was out in the back gardens, where they were married, surrounded by their loved ones. Fred was Nick's best man, with three grooms, they had chosen one witness a piece. Draco was serving for Adrian, and Viktor had chosen Hermione, who had become a good friend to him too.

The minister finally announced. "I pronounce the three of you husbands and bonds. You may share a kiss."

Nick shared a kiss with both of his husbands with a huge smile. "At last."

Viktor smiled as bond rings had appeared on all three of them. "You took the words from my mouth."

Adrian's father had come over and clapped his son in a hug when the forms were signed. "Your mother would be so proud to see you today."

Fleur smiled when the three of them stood together. "Who would have thought, but seems fitting, the heirs are married."

Harry cleared his throat. "What am I over here, chopped liver?"

Nick turned to look at Harry and hugged him. "You and I have a special bond, so you are a part in a way."

Harry had been happy to be invited. Nick had come, less than a week after he was engaged, to Boston. Harry and Travis had beaten them to the altar, married on New Year 's Eve, in Boston. They had bought a house right next door to Harry's Aunt and Uncle. Harry was now finishing what muggles would have called a masters, to allow him to teach at the college level, done his first degree. Travis was teaching at one of the hedge witch or day schools, schools common outside the UK and now here, for kids before eleven. Arithmancy was something one could learn before they got the wand, and he liked working with younger kids. He would be on leave for the year, as he was six months pregnant, due in October. The couple had learned they were expecting a little boy. Draco and Blaise were also expecting, but not due until October.

As they left the rose garden, and headed for the main grounds where a tent waited, Nick hoped that would be him soon. They were planning to start tonight, on their honeymoon where they were going to Australia, for a baby."

Nick was touched when he saw the beautiful reception. "This is so beautiful."

His Aunt Andromeda smiled. "I know this is everything both my cousins would have wanted for you, both your dad and Uncle."

Nick touched the pendant he wore around his neck. "I wish they were both here, and my father as well."

Remus wiped away his tears. "No tears. You know they are here in your heart, and are so happy for you."

Nick hugged Remus. "I'm just happy I have you with me."

Remus shared a smile with his husband and back. "You know you and Draco are like sons to us, and we're just happy to share it with you."

The reception was amazing. There was a whole summer feel to it, though the colors were a mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Tropical flowers filled glass bowls as center pieces, and there was a simple feel to the four course meal. They had a dance floor over the pool, the one he had been thrown in by the men he loved, more than once. There was a live band, a Calypso band feel, and it was a party more than a formal wedding. The wedding suited all three of them, and while Viktor's mom and Narcissa tried to go overboard, it was tamed down.

Nick smiled as he watched his guests, happy they were all here for him, even Ron was. Hermione was the date of a Weasley, but oddly it was Percy, who had long ago broken up with his former girlfriend. Nick wondered if they would be the next.

Adrian smiled after they cut the cake, when the three managed to share a dance together. "Today has been so perfect."

Nick agreed with his bond. "And tonight should be even more perfect."

Viktor agreed with him and kissed the back of his neck. "And hopefully we will come back with a very special gift."

Looking at Blaise and Travis, Nick hoped he would be next, he truly did. He knew the baby would be from one husband, but he knew they would both love the baby, even if it wasn't theirs biologically. They promised long ago, but as the years passed, Nick knew they meant it. As the wedding wound down, with fireworks, they said their goodbyes to head off on their honeymoon.

Nick felt the tug of the portkey. "Time to head off for two amazing weeks."

Harry had been reluctant to head back to school in the fall. He had one year left, and already an offer, to teach at Harvard Wizard College when done. But with his husband due any day now, he was always reluctant to leave him, out of concern. His Aunt Sarah was there, but she had no magic, but Travis' parents were in town now, and James often came. The man had no children of his own, and he had taken both boys in like his sons, especially Travis who he had apprenticed. And Nick and his husbands had arrived, though they were at a hotel, and the twins as well. He was happy when they all came, he had good friends here, but they were still important.

Two days before his due date, Travis was taken to the hospital, as his water had broken. It seems Travis had luck, he had a short labor, and his husband barely had time to get to his side, before he began pushing. The family was out in the hall waiting.

Harry appeared in the door about a half hour after his son was born. "You guys can come in and see him."

Sarah beamed when she had come into the room. "I have never seen the two of you so happy."

Nick smiled when he saw the two of them in bed together. "I'm happy you guys invited us to be part."

Travis looked up from his son. "Of course, our son's three godfathers should be here to welcome him."

Viktor was surprised to hear that. "You have chosen all of us?"

Harry nodded. "Neither of us have brothers. And I believe it was said, the heirs all have a special bond."

Fred smirked. "Well three of them are married, I'd hope so."

The baby was adorable, he was the image of Harry, it seemed the Potter looks were as strong as the Malfoy looks too. Nick was the odd one out, he only had the Malfoy eyes, and nose really. The baby had some of Travis in him, he had Travis' blue eyes, instead of Lily's green eyes, and he had Travis' ears of all things. He was definitely as cute as a button they all agreed.

Travis' parents were as happy as the others to welcome him. They had been surprised to hear about Harry, and they had watched their son at risk, but supported him. They hadn't been disappointed when their son had left Salem.

His mother asked. "What name have you chosen for our new little grandson here?"

Harry did the honors for them. "We have chosen the name Jacob Neil Edward Potter."

Travis' dad Edward responded first. "Our names instead of yours for a middle name?"

Neil was touched. "I would have thought your dad."

Harry shook his head. "You have been the only dad I have really known. Besides James was honored in his own way."

Jacob was a form of James, and was chosen to honor both James Potter and James Manx. They chose a variation to symbolize honoring both men, and wanting something more unique then a straight James. Neil was his second cousin's husband technically, but had been the only real dad he had ever had, even when he was taken away. It was little surprise he had chosen to use Neil in the name.

Harry looked at Nick. "Now for you to add to the group."

Nick had found out, not long before he was to become a great Uncle, he was pregnant. It was a laugh to think, he was technically not Uncle but great Uncle, to Draco and Blaise's baby. He was of course Draco's Uncle, though younger than him, and Lucius' brother. Draco and Blaise had carried on the pattern, most of their friends with kids had sons, and welcomed a little boy. They had named their first born son Rigel Blaise, a star for the Blacks, and Blaise for the usual tradition. For a second time, Nick and his husbands were chosen as godfathers together.

In the end of June, the family was at school, where Severus was delivering the baby. Nick was the patient for the first time in a long time, in his own infirmary, giving birth to his first child. They hadn't found out who the second father was, it mattered nothing to any of them.

Viktor who was usually stoic, was in tears when their son came into the world. "Wow."

Adrian was no better as they went over to cut his cord. "He is so tiny."

Andromeda smiled as she cleaned up the baby and watched them with him. "He is definitely healthy and strong like his daddy."

Viktor was allowed to hold him first. "Hey little one, I think your daddy is anxious to see you."

Severus had finished cleaning Nick up when they came over. "We'll give you some alone time."

An anxious Nick opened his arms for his son. "I want to hold him please."

The little baby was placed into his arms, and tears slid down his cheeks. He had almost laughed, when he recovered from the pain of labor, when he saw both of his husbands in tears. But as he looked down at his little boy, he couldn't help but cry as well, it felt so amazing. Like Nick, the little boy was definitely a Black, though he had the Malfoy grey eyes like he did. Nick noticed there was none of either of his husband in the baby, well nothing too clear, and he wondered if it was a sign. It seemed perfect, they had sworn it didn't matter who the biological second dad was, and they'd need a blood test to tell. Viktor and Adrian were both happy like him, that it wasn't clear.

Nick nursed his little boy, and Adrian got him for a burp, and his first hold. Looking down at his son, and over at Viktor, he meant his words. He and Viktor never made love to one another, just with Nick between them, but were deep in love. This was their son, all their son, always.

Lucius led the charge when the others were allowed in the room. "Where is my new little nephew?"

Nick smiled and handed his brother the baby. "You have waited long enough I guess to be an Uncle."

Narcissa laughed and agreed. "We have a grandson older than him. Kind of wished it was a little girl though."

Viktor shook his head when his husband groaned. "I think you will have to wait a year or two for that."

Nick grumbled. "You think, you know unless you plan to carry the next one thanks."

Andromeda laughed when she heard that. "Don't worry, we can all wait for another one. This little prince is definitely welcome."

Harry was there and looked down at the little boy. "It seems fitting we all have our first boy."

They had each chosen a godparent for the baby. Three was unusual, but their son had three dads, so it seemed fitting. Besides both Rigel and Jacob had three godparents, because they had them. Nick had chosen George, as Fred was his best man, and he was his oldest best friend. Draco assured him he understood, he was cousins after all, with the baby. Adrian had chosen his eldest brother, and Viktor had chosen Harry.

Remus looked at his honorary grandson. "And what name have you chosen for this little prince?"

Nick did the honors. "Our little guy is Orion Abraxas Adrian Viktor Black-Pucey-Krum."

Lucius smirked. "How did I know the Black name would take precedence?"

Adrian's dad shook his head. "Even without the middle names, you sure loaded him with a lot."

Viktor shrugged. "We wanted to honor all our families, and Nick could not choose between his families, so picked both."

Nick wanted to make his grandsire proud, as well as his dad, and he had. Orion was chosen for his grandfather, but also to honor both his dad and Uncle. He couldn't decide between them, so he had chosen to go with Orion, to include both. And Abraxas brought in both of the Malfoys too. He had asked Lucius, after the war, if his dads would be proud. Lucius knew both would, as would be Orion, with every passing year even more. There was no doubt, Nick was truly a little Malfoy, and a real Black heir as well.

Andromeda looked at the baby. "I know my Uncle would have been proud. If his namesake is half the man you are, he'd be extremely proud."

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