Chapter 7

After his dramatically terrifying opening, the gorgeous young vet went on to apologise to George for keeping her waiting, & assured her that Tim was going to be fine, but was currently sedated, & would remain so until the next day at least. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. George insisted on seeing Tim just to reassure herself. The vet, Ron, agreed, & escorted her in.

She returned a minute later, looking much happier. Ron gave her his personal business card, hastily scribbling down his home number as well in case she "needed anything". All the girls around her grinned, not at the fact that this gorgeous young man was openly flirting with George, but that George was so completely oblivious to it.

Fatty was frowning at how easily this guy was openly flirting with George. He needed to move fast.

"So, are we going to the Marshes, or not?", asked Julian.

"Yes", replied everyone.

They got to the lonely farmhouse in the middle of Raylingham Marshes about an hour later, after very carefully picking their way across the marshlands. All was relatively quiet, except for a crashing sound coming from the black van parked in the driveway.

They split into teams, with each team scouting a different area of the farmhouse, & agreed to meet back in 30 minutes to plan the best way forward.

Each of them returned confident & determined. Since all the lights in the house were switched on, it was very easy to see exactly where everyone, prisoners & criminals, was. Each of the group had already decided on who they were rescuing or attacking.

Fatty had called the Chief-Inspector & updated him. He assured Fatty he would have cars of policemen there within an hour. Fatty informed the others, & they deliberated on whether they should do anything, or should wait for the police. This discussion didn't last long at all, as they all felt they had come all this way to act, so why wait.

They plotted their different ways in, & who's going with whom, to do what exactly, & then started out.

Nobby made a beeline for the van from which the crashing sounds were coming. He had discovered that Pongo was in the van, & the crashing sounds was Pongo banging on the inside of the doors trying to get out. He had obviously awoken, in a temper, & none of the men dared to let him out, so they had just left him in there. Anne went with Nobby to help if she could. She had always been fond of the naughty chimp.

Julian & Dick were going to tackle Tiger Dan & Lou respectively, while Fatty took on Fangio. George insisted on taking on Edgar, of course, while Larry handled Rollo. Jo didn't say anything but planned to be available to back George up if she needed it.

While they swiftly & silently broke in, & used the element of surprise to get in some useful blows, the rest of the group used the distraction to get to the prisoners. Ern, helped by Bets, freed his uncle, while Pip & Daisy freed the American girl, Berta. After ensuring Mr Goon & Berta were all right & not seriously hurt, they all made their way back to the fighting.

Nobby, Pongo & Anne, also arrived, which was a good thing as the 'bad guys' had now gotten over their surprise & were fighting back, harder than they were receiving.

Anne rushed to help Julian who was been choked by Tiger Dan. She landed several hard blows which did help her brother recover a bit.

Pip got in a few kicks to Lou who had Dick on the ground & was kicking him mercilessly.

Before Ern could move to go to Larry, who was trying to wrestle a knife away from Rollo, Daisy got there first. She used her kickboxing training to get control of the knife, & give the advantage back to Larry.

Edgar was trying to give back as good as he was getting from George, but had little success until he managed to get the gun out of its holster. Before he could even point it as George, however, it was kicked out of his hands by Jo, who had been silently watching George, ready to pounce when needed.

Ern spotted that Fatty was getting into difficulty with Fangio, but again before he could do anything, help had already reached Fatty in the form of Bets. Like Daisy, she used her kickboxing training to help Fatty regain the advantage.

Then Pongo suddenly decided it was time for him to do something. He caught Tiger Dan by the throat with one hand, & knocked Lou out with the other. He lifted tiger Dan, by his neck, into the air & then slammed him to the ground, rendering him unconscious.

Pongo then repeated his actions with Edgar & Rollo.

He turned around & lifted Fangio with both hands, out of Fatty's grasp, high into the air, before slamming him down as well.

The fighting was over more suddenly than it began. The boys rushed around, securing the unconscious criminals. They decided to move them into a room & lock them up. The girls, except George, moved into the kitchen to organize something to snack on while they waited for the police, as they were all suddenly hungry. Anne was sympathetically listening to Bertha's account of her kidnapping.

Mr Goon sat quietly on a sofa, not really participating in anything. He knew the police were on their way, & he couldn't wait for them to arrive & take him back to his little house.

George made her way quietly outside. She had sudden tears in her eyes thinking about Tim. She had seriously missed him when fighting Edgar. It wasn't that she needed him to fight her battles, it was just the comfort of knowing that he was there should she need him. But she had also realized that Timmy was getting old now & would not be around forever.

Fatty suddenly appeared in front of her. She lowered her head & tried to blink her tears back. He placed two fingers under her chin, & slowly lifted her head, to meet his kiss.

Someone strategically clearing their throat unexpectedly interrupted them.

They broke apart & stared around wildly, to see Chief-Inspector Jenks trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face, with several other policemen behind him.

He walked up to them & shook hands with Fatty, announcing that he "was here to round up the criminals Frederick was accosting".

He then turned to George &, with twinkling eyes, asked, "Is it you, Miss?".

George blushed as several policemen stifled sniggers. Fatty introduced George to the Chief-Inspector, & then led them into the house, explaining what had happened.