United States of Hetalia Production

Tea. I've tried once again to make myself a cup of tea and after burning my tongue ('cause I somehow BURNED the tea! Really! It tasted burnt!) this idea came into my head. Yes, England did not always have tea (cue the gasps) so I wrote this. (btw, raise your hand if you're from UK and you like tea. That includes YOU, Iggy.) Oh, I don't own Hetalia, tea, nor the picture the Boston Tea Party scene is based off of. (Research on Wikipedia...)

"What is that you're drinking?"

"It's called tea. Want some?"

England was having a meeting with Netherlands in his house. England stared with curiosity at the brown stuff Netherlands was sipping on.

"You... want some?"

Netherlands passed England a cup of tea. And England hesitantly took a sip.

Then one hundred Britannia angels came down from the heavens singing "HAAALLELUJAH~! TEEEA IS SPLENDID~!" Fairies and flying Pikachus, (*Shot*) I mean, Mint Bunnies rained flowers on England. Now THIS is a bloody drink!

England gulped the rest of the tea. Netherlands looked up to see England smiling brightly, holding out his cup for more.

And THAT was how England became THE biggest tea lover EVER...

"Come on, China! Just give me some tea! India won't share!"

"No, aru!"

"Just give me some bloody tea!"

"How will you pay, aru?"

England held up a plant. A certain plant that was illegal in China. Yep, the Opium Plant.

China glared at England for a while, then took the plant and held up the tea bag.

England squee-d and happily took the bag.

Years later... in a house in Boston...

England looked up from his newspaper and his tea to see America walk by the library.

With a grim look on his face and 3 bags of tea.

"Strange... I thought he didn't like tea... besides, the kitchen's the other way-" England's eyes widened as he realized America was heading for the bathroom. With his precious tea!

England jumped up from his chair and ran to the bathroom, but America slammed the door before he could make it.


PLOP. England heard America drop one of the tea bags into the toilet. "I'm through listening to you, England."

"Take it out on me, not the innocent tea bags!"

"Sorry, England."

"Not the tea!" PLOP. "NOT THE TEA!" PLOP. England started banging his fist against the door. "IF YOU DON'T OPEN THIS BLOODY DOOR, I'M GOING TO-" England paled as he heard the sound of flushing. "NOOOOOOO!"

Many many more years later...

England finished his stories and too a sip of his tea. The other tea-drinking stared at him blankly.

"No wonder you have the biggest tea reputation." was all Japan was could say. The other Asians, Portugal, Turkey, and several other countries nodded.

Random... bored... and I found out about scene with Netherlands... so...