Title: Seeing you now

Author: Hope

Rating: PG

Summary: Takes place after 'Normal Again'. Buffy's still mad at Spike and when they try to take out a demon, Buffy disapears almost 100 years into the past and ends up finally having normal conversations w/Spike....through telepathy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The trio stared in stunned silence at where the vampire should have been laying.They all knew what must have happened, Buffy's presence in the past had caused him to die, meaning he didn't exist in their time. Xmader cleared his throat, standing up. "Let's start again, I'll go this time." His voice was monotone, almost uncaring.

"Xander," Willow began, her voice shaky, "how can you be so cruel?!"

"Cruel?! How can not caring that the evil undead is gone be cruel?!"

"Guys, guys!" Tara shouted, standing and glaring at the two. "Xander, Willow's right, and even if you wanted to go now, you couldn't, it's too late. We can reopen the portal again until tomorrow night..."

Xanders eyes fell to the ground, kicking nervously at the carpet. "Whatever. What do we do until then?"

"We wait." She grabbed Willow's hand in her own, reassuring her, "and hope Buffy's okay."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Cassy had her arms looped through Buffy's, pulling her backwards. The girl was crying hystericaly and didn't seem to acknowledge the approaching danger. "Buffy, come on, we have to get out of here. It's too strong." The blonde slayer didn't speak, her eyes focusing on the spot where the vampire had vanished. "Buffy!!" Having no other choice, Cassy threw the other slayer to the side as the beast lunged, narrowly avoiding it's striking paws. Buffy rolled to the ground, landing with a soft thud. She rested her tear stained cheek on the cool surface of the monument, her eyes staring into nothing. She acknowledge the beast and the other slayer fighting, but couldn't bring herself to care. He was gone.

"Buffy!!" Cassy shouted, almost begging for some form of help as the beast struck her in the face again. Clenching her eyes shut tightly, Buffy listened to the noises of the pair scuffling. //Gone.// Another hot tear managed to slip between her eyes. SHe flinched, hearing Cassy let out a startled shriek. She opened her eyes to see Cassy hanging over the edge of the statue, barely hanging on by one hand. "Buffy!!"

Buffy whimpered and stood slowly, approaching the demon. Launching herself in the air, she connected both her feet with the back of his head, causing him to lose interest in the dangling brunette and turn to face her, snarling. She took a hesitant step back, knowing she couldn't overpower the thing. Stopping, she stared at him with pained eyes. He killed Spike. She groaned as he tackled her to the ground by her waist, pinning her down. Her face remained emotionless as he snapped his jaws, streams of drools dripping from his long fangs. She prepared for his strike, ready for him to end it all. End the pain.

But he didn't.

She felt someone grab her by the shoulders and pull her from under the demon. They pulled Buffy back against their chest, pulling her backwards with them. Her eyes locked on the demon, realizing what she had almsot let it do. She could have died. It roared furioiusly at the interupting patron, deciding that it would just finish the other slayer off so it could go home. Buffy watched in horror as it grabbed the girls small hand between it paws, lifting her and holding her out over the edge, it sneered as it released her. Buffy cringed as the girls peircung scream filled the night air, turning and burrying her head into the strangers chest, letting her screams echo through her mind.

And then everything was silent. She sniffled, listening. No screams, no demon snarls, nothing. It was completely silent.

No heartbeat.

Her eyes went wide in shock and she pulled away, looking up into the vampires grinning face. "Spike!!" He nearly fell backwards as she threw her arms aorund him, squeezing him tightly. "Oh god Spike, I thought you were gone...." She burried her head into his chest once more, clutching at the back of his duster. He brought his arms around her, hugging her back.

"I told you you couldn't get rid of me...."

She smiled and nodded, not letting him go. The sound of a nearby helicopter broke the silence around them, but the couple didn't seem to notice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Xander sat on the couch, flipping through the channels on the TV slowly. A dark silence had fallen over the Summer's living room. He stopped when he came to the news. A breaking report.

"Willow!! Tara!! Hurry up!!!" He shouted, standing. The two girls raced in from the kitchen to find Xander pointing excitedly at the TV screen. Willow's hand covered her mouth as she saw what he saw.

It was them. The screen was showing a helicopter view of the Statue of Liberty, two hugging forms clutching each other under the search lights of two other choppers at the very top of the monument. The male's black duster blew wildliy behind as he clutched the small girl to him, neither acknowledging the shouting authorities above them.

"Oh my god...." Tara squeaked, amazed as well. "They're all right...." The awestruck trio watched as a man lowered himself from a ladder from one of the choppers, signalling for the pair to climb up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

"I thought you were dead....." Buffy sniffled, curling her legs under herself. She was seated on Spike's couch with him leaning against the wall opposite of her. "I watch him stake you."

"Well, Tara and Red think that I was dusted at the same time I was transported. And since I physically wasn't in that time period, my whole body was sent back instead of just my spirit." He walked over and sat next to her, boring his eyes into hers. "I said I'd come and get you, didn't I?" She smiled slightly as he pulled her into a hug, running his fingers through her hair.

"You know what?" She asked softy.


"I'm gonna miss being able to talk to you in my head. We could have had some fun with that......"

He grinned, pulling away from her. "Who says we need telepathy to have fun?" He arched his eyebrows sugestively as she giggled.


"I know." He replied, silencing her with a kiss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

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