Here we go with a more or less new story fo centers around the whole BAU team as well as Erin Strauss and members of her family and a fatal web of schemes and emotions that could endanger the lives of thousand of people...

Disclaimer: I still don't own Criminal Minds and its characters - what is a shame actually. But as usual I had to add some original characters to drive the story along.

I also would like to add that I'm no Doctor (surprise!) and that since this is fiction, I took the freedom to use medical that might cannot occur the way, I describe them. I try to be as accurate as possible, but I can't guarantee for anything. I also placed buildings and people into locations that don't exist, but are needed to drive the story along.

The Secret of Julie Stiles

"We dance round in a ring and suppose, While the secret sits in the middle and knows" Robert Frost

Chapter 1

Behavior Analysis Unit

FBI Headquarter, Quantico, VA.

The sudden development of heat was the result of the explosion. The walls of the parking lot started glowing and David Rossi could only flee behind the next car before the shock wave reached him. A storm of broken glass, metal and deafening noises crashed down around him, as he did his best to cover himself behind a van. The ugliest sound he heard, was the clashing of a body on the hard asphalt. He heard bones breaking and saw blood splashing.

"Federal agent down!" he yelled into his cell phone, before he dared to leave his hiding place.

It was after 9 p.m. The building was almost deserted. No one else but them was in the parking lot. When he reached Erin Strauss, she lay in a pool of shattered glass and pieces of metal – and blood. Scratches and glass fragments were spread all over face; small bloody wounds that ran over her skin like tears.

"Erin," he addressed her shaken. "Can you hear me?"

She groaned. Relieved she wasn't dead, he bent over her. "Can you move?"

"Don't… think… so…"

He lifted his head. Her jeep was a burning mess of metal. She had already been in the car, when he had left the elevator. When she had seen him, she had yelled after him and had climbed out of the car again. That was the only reason the car bomb had failed its purpose so far.

"The ambulance will be here soon! Don't move!"

Despite his order, she turned her head a little. Her blue eyes searched for his, pleading for help, as if it was in his power to save her. He touched her wrist. Her skin was cold.



"My purse…" He looked up. Her personal belongings were spread all over the floor. "Take it… please, before someone else…" Her blue eyes flickered and he realized she was about to lose consciousness. Her strength was leaving her and Erin Strauss was stronger than anybody else he knew. He nodded and started quickly to collect her keys, her cell, her iphone, and her wallet. Dave returned to her side. Her eyes were now closed. With rising panic he checked her pulse. She was still alive, but very weak.

"Erin, don't you dare to die on me!" He felt helpless. He hadn't seen it coming. No threat, no warning, not even a hint. Had she known she was in danger? Even if, she wouldn't have told anyone. She was a pain in the ass. A know-it-all and a busybody of the worst sort. She would have kept it to herself. And now she was dying.

But not today, he thought grimly. The woman couldn't dare to steal herself out of their lives like this. Dave thought of the last few weeks and the huge responsible she had placed on his shoulders. He thought of the nights he hadn't slept and the days he had spent hunting her ghosts. If she died now, it would have been for nothing.

"Erin! Talk to me!"

He touched her cheek, her hair without caring for her warm blood that was covering his hands and quickly soaking his sleeves . Her mouth opened, but her voice was thin.

"Stiles…" she whispered. "Julia Stiles. Save her."

Then her body relaxed and her head fell on the side, resting in his hands. David lost his color and it seemed the parking lot was swirling around him.