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Yukari: It's going to be great.

Takuya: Can we get to the book now?

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Akihiko, Yukari, and the others agreed.

Takuya: Oh, whatever. You guys just keep on talking and talking.

-Everybody looked at Takuya-

Resonance112597: GET HIM!

Ken: Yeah, he beat me up the last chapter.

-The others looked angrily at Takuya-


-The others chased Takuya-

Takuya: !

Chapter Two

+++++++++++++++++++++++++Lanes Between+++++++++++++++++++++

"Sailing throughout the Lanes is dangerous when you don't have armor on." Terra said wisely while travelling through the vastness of the Lanes Between wearing his armor.

"Wait, so to make it clear all we are doing is following the light?" Mitsuru asked curiously while riding her Glider. She wore her armor the whole time.

"Yes, that's pretty much it." Aqua continued.

"Isn't it going to be like a wild duck chase?" Junpei pointed out. He was wearing of what looked like armor but a little less intimidating more on the comedic side.

"It is goose chase not duck chase you moron." Yukari said smirking. She was wearing her armor which kind of resembled her Persona.

"You don't have to be too mean." Junpei said as he frowned but sadly they can't see his face because of the helmet.

"Look, the light is moving we have to go now." Aqua said wearing her classical blue armor

They raced off to follow the light, not sure of where they would be going. Suddenly a big black monster appeared. It had stitches all around. It wore a mask similar to a shadow, but it also had the symbol of the Unversed too.

"Shoot, the Unversed." Ventus said astonished by the appearance of an Unversed in the Lanes Between yet again.

Out of instinct Takuya and the others pulled out their Evokers and called out their Personas. Suddenly, something went wrong instead of them appearing like they usually do in land. They suddenly came out and merged with their users and their gliders. In a flash of light they combined and made Ultima Personas. They are larger and controlled by the users as if they were using their own bodies. Terra and the others followed instinctively and pressed their Keyblade pauldrons. Suddenly, in a blinding light their Gliders turned into what looked like cannon gliders. Altogether they charged at the monster at astonishing speeds Takuya-Izanagi lunged at the monster but the spear was deflected. Yukari-Io healed Takuya-Izanagi's wounds and Mitsuru-Penthesilea cast Bufu but it didn't work. Terra and the others tried out their cannons but it was just absorbed.

"Fuuka, what's wrong!" Akihiko-Polydeuces said with their voices overlapping each other as if two different people were talking.

"The monster it's…it's different than what we normally fight." Fuuka-Lucia said fear stricken and astonished.

"I'm not losing now!" Junpei-Hermes said determined to beat the monster.

Junpei charged at it and made a flurry of attacks the others followed but nothing seemed to work. Yukari-Io healed them again. Then out of the blue a portal appeared along with men with gliders, armor, and gigantic blades as tall as their bodies.

"Let's do this!" said the man with the midnight black armor with a lively voice.

"Not interested." said the man in the jet black armor with bored voice.

"Come on." replied the one with the midnight black armor.

"Fine..." replied the one with the jet black armor.

The two charged at the monster at astonishing speeds and slashed the monster in pieces with their gigantic blades.

"Well, that's done. I'm Zack by the way." said the man in the midnight black armor laughing but in a second he stopped laughing and stared at Aerith.

The two looked at each other as if they were in love.

"AERITH!" exclaimed Zack as he glided his way to Aerith.

"Zack?" exclaimed Aerith while hugging him.

In a flash of light they were sucked in a portal leading to another world. They were used to this by now. Next thing they knew they were lying down on a desolate landscape still feeling dizziness. The land was so barren, the tiles in the sidewalk are dilapidated, some removed, scrap metal were scattered on the ground, the roads are dilapidated and uneven, and the houses are abandoned. It is as if the city was abandoned.

"Well, I forgot to introduce my self; I'm Cloud." Cloud said with a faint smile.

"We're in Midgar right now." Zack said with a smile.

"It would be rude of us not to introduce ourselves." Mitsuru said moving forward.

After the long introductions…

Author Note pop-up: It's really long so might as well skip it.

"Okay so what's wrong here? Why did the light lead us here?" Terra asked Aqua.

"It's probably because Sephiroth, Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo were ressurected." Cloud answered.

Suddenly Shadow/Unversed appeared one looked larger than the others. In a blinding light they all went in to their armors and Takuya suddenly went berserk.

"What the..! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Takuya was going berserk while killing the Shadow/Unversed as collateral damage. Then he stopped but this time there were two Takuya's one fainted which was the real Takuya and the other one was pale and he had longer and messier hair. He looked at the the large Unversed and he killed it with one blow.

" My….name……Takaya…." the man said with a sinister look.

"What did you do to Takuya?" Yukari said crying.

"Merely collateral damage. He just asleep." Takaya said laughing.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Akihiko charged at Takaya but was merely stopped by Takaya's hand and Akihiko fell and fainted as well.

"Don't follow me or all of you will die." Takaya said walking away into the darkness.

They just stayed there a stared at Takaya leaving. After he left they all rushed Akihiko and Takuya to the hospital.

After a few hours the doctors ran tests. They said Akihiko was fine but Takuya was suffering brain damage and might have amnesia.

Days pass and Takuya finally wakes up.

"Where am I?..." Takuya asked Yukari who has been there all night.

"In the hospital. Do you remember me?" Yukari asked.

"Who are you?" Takuya replied. The others came and Takuya remembered all of them except Yukari.

++++++++++++++++++++++++TO BE CONTINUED +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Takuya: That really hurt.

-Takuya was rubbing his head-

Ken: Serves you right..

-Ken frowns-

-Ken kicks Takuya in the groin-

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