Chapter 1

Abby was so excited – finally after years of electronic contact her friend was coming to DC!

The day she was due to arrive, not even Gibbs could keep her focused.

"so what's so special about this friend of yours?" he asked with an amused smile

"Well, if you take the cool parts of me, the really geeky bits of McGee and the Scottish bits of Ducky and squish them into one then sprinkle some other bits that are uniquely her and then add…"

Gibbs stopped her with another question "she's been your friend for years but you've never actually met her?"

"of course we've met Gibbs, just not in a way where we could touch" Abby said with a sly smile. "e-mail, video conferencing, Skype, MMORPG…the list goes on and on and on"

"oh!" she said jumping up and down "you should meet her! Meet us tonight Gibbs, pleeeease?"

Gibbs agreed to meet Abby and her friend that night, more to please his favourite person than out of any real desire to meet her friend.

Gibbs walked into the crowded bar, Abby spotted him and waved him over excitedly.

He forced his way through the crowd to the relative quiet corner Abby had commandeered.

"Gibbs, this is my friend Kathy, Kathy this is my friend Gibbs"

Gibbs took in the woman sitting next to Abby and found his mouth had gone dry and breathing was slightly more difficult than had been a second previously.

He mentally shook himself, leaned forward and kissed Kathy on the cheek "Hi" he said softly in her ear.

Mutual attraction flared in her eyes as she responded with a very sultry "Hi yourself"

Abby clapped her hands in glee "I knew you too would hit it off, drinks?" She went to the bar without waiting for a response.

Gibbs was pre occupied, Kathy was far and away the most stunning woman he had ever seen, clearly she shared Abby's taste in clothing and music and for some reason he couldn't get rid of the idea he wanted to check if she shared the passion for tattooing. He gave up trying to sleep and went down to his basement.

Kathy was also awake, she blamed the jet lag but Abby was not buying it "you like him don't you? I knew you would, I just knew it, and did you see the way he looked at you? I haven't seen him look at anyone like that for a long time"

"Abby, slow down, he's hot but I'm not going to throw myself at literally the first man I meet over here!" Kathy responded in her broad Scottish voice

"I love your accent, talk to me more till I fall asleep" Abby lay down and Kathy recited some poetry softly until Abby was fast asleep.