Hollow Ichigo's love

author note: hi! this is my first fan fic so i hope you all enjoy! :)

It was a bright sunny day, not a single cloud in the sky. Ichigo was missing Rukia.

'i wish i could see her sooo much' he thought to himself.

It was school holidays in kurakara town and rukia had to go back to the soul society for something so important that she couldn't tell him. Once again Ichigo's inner hollow was taking the opportunity to annoy ichigo.

'Ya know, you should just invade the soul society again. Wasn't too hard last time' said hollow ichigo,

'shut up will ya' said ichigo,

'make me'

'dont tempt me'

Ichigo realises he is talking out loud as a random person walks past staring at him.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fail' said hollow ichigo,

'dont make me come in there!' said ichigo

'see, right now you're weak... and vulnerable'

'wait what?'

'im gonna take over and get rukia all to myself'

Darkness starts seeping into ichigo's vision the last thing he hears before he lost control is his hollow's homocidal laugh.


His hair had turned black, his eyes had turned black and yellow and his skin looked like he had never seen the sun in his life.

He then sprinted to urahara shop.