A/N: I told my friend I wanted to make and sell Gryffindor scarves. She said she wanted to sell Zombie Apocalypse Survival kits. This basically stemmed from that conversation.

So the Zombie fell in love with the Human?

It wasn't meant to be like this—she doesn't think.

There was supposed to be sunshine and roses and chocolates—not all this bleak beige and dirt and black gunk that always seems to be leaking out. She really wants to know where the hell it all comes from because all the diagrams she has ever seen are filled with color. Unless the change shifts the shades too, she can't help but wonder if we're all that dark inside.

Some things were the same.

Worlds shifted, any and all prior commitments forgotten, locked eyes communicating a desperate hunger for the other—except, not in the way she expected.

No. This was a hunger for flesh and well—hmm. When she thinks of it this way, she can't seem to stop a smile at the realization of how similar it all sounds.

But it isn't. Despite all his extra gifts and his adamant proclamations—she laughs at this—it just isn't. Not really.

Maybe there's something wrong with her.

She sighs.

Maybe she's just a sucker for a pretty face.

And lonely.

Nope. Can't forget that.

Zombie Apocalypses have been done, but has this? I'm not sure. Either way, I hope you guys like it.