Authors notes: Like Tesla, I was bored, hence was born this smutty, Tesla/Helen fic. Please excuse my disgusting mind lol. I did do some research though on Nikola Tesla (Because without him, where would we be today?) and I discovered some interesting facts that might pop up through the story. Also, this story takes place before Nikola was de-vamped because; let's face it. He was such an awesome vampire :D

References: 'My Inventions; an Autobiography by Nikola Tesla' Available to read on Google Books.

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:: Solving Boredom ::

Nikola Tesla was bored; mind numbingly, painstakingly bored. Helen had banned him to a guest room in the Sanctuary after he almost burnt down her sitting room, with stern orders that he didn't dare disobey. So out of character, but there it was. He wouldn't try to escape, no matter how much he wanted to. So he was stuck in the room, with nothing but a tray of tea in a china pot that was now cold, and a 1981 edition of 'Rolling Stones' magazine that hadn't been touched in a while; indicated by the thick layer of dust that covered it when he found it under the bed.

He sat at the window, glaring out the glass at the rain belting down outside; lightning erupting across the sky every now and then. It wasn't intentional that he had almost set the sitting room on fire; He had been thinking of a new invention, staring at the fire blankly as the ideas swarmed through his head. He had always been the kind of man who thought his inventions out completely, right down to the most minute detail, and then when he was had was absolutely positive it would work, he would draw his design down.

Nikola had been doing this such process, sipping absently on his wine, the fire crackling in front of him, basking the room in an orange glow. He sat there, his gaze fixed on the fire, though not really seeing it, hence the reason he didn't notice that his coat that he had thoughtlessly discarded on the mantle place, fall off its place of abandonment and the fire catch onto it quickly. It wasn't until Nikola heard Helen's yelp of distress as she ran into the room, seeing the fire burning the elegant carpet near the fire place that he snapped out of his trance.

Nikola sighed, getting up from his seat by the window and made his way over to the cold tea, taking a sip of the vial substance with a cringe. He had to something and soon, or he would surely die of boredom. He had thought about jumping out the window, but he realized that, even though he would be free, he would probably hurt himself and worst of all, mess up his hair. He couldn't have that. Helen should be checking up on him soon; she promised she would when she finished cleaning up the mess.

Nikola sighed again, just as there was a knock on the door, sharp and precise just like everything else about the woman he was just thinking about, and who stood at the door. She walked in, a stone cold look on her face, her hand linked in front of her.

"About time, Helen! I mean really, is this anyway to treat a guest by locking them up in a room for an hour and a half? I thought your father taught you better then that." Nikola chastises with a note of boredom in his voice.

Helen raised her eyebrows at him.

"Nikola, you almost destroyed my sitting room! I believe that deserves a punishment, even for you."

"Oh, it was an accident! Why was the fire on in the first place? You wouldn't think the walking rug would get cold with all that fur on him."

Helen stepped forward, her hands moving to her hips as she glared at him.

"You could have gotten yourself killed or badly injured Nikola." She said, her voice softer this time, and Nikola moved towards her, laying his hands on her hip.

"I am sorry Helen." He nuzzled her cheek, surprised when she didn't pull away, but sighed instead, moving her arms around him.

"Don't ever do that again. I care to much for you to be killed in a house fire." She whispered and Nikola pulled back with mock-surprise.

"Helen, you care for me? Well, may miracles never cease to exist." She slapped his shoulder playfully and he grinned at her, something that always made her heart flutter.

"What have you been doing in here?" Helen said, finally pulling out of his embrace.

"You do realize that there is absolutely nothing to do in this room, don't you? I have been bored out of my brilliant mind for the past hour." Nikola grumbled causing Helen to laugh, watching as he crossed to the window.

"I know something that can cure that boredom." She said playfully, and Nikola turned sharply to her. Could she possibly mean what his mind thought she meant? Oh he hoped so.

"And what is that Helen?" he asked, his voice steady even though his mind was flashing through his fantasies where Helen had used that tone of voice.

Helen smiled, sitting down on the edge of the bed, her long milky legs crossed over each other. Never had Nikola imagined that she would be as suggestive as she was being as she ran her hands down her chest, her eyes locked on his.

He licked his suddenly dry lips and started walking towards her, watching her slide her hands lower, over her stomach, then to her thighs where she played with the hem of her skirt, pushing it further up her thighs until he could see her bare sex, not blocked by any of those annoying lace panties that he had found in her draw when he had searched her room. Helen glided her fingers up the inside of her thigh, heading straight for her center where she buried them in her soft folds, her eyes fluttering closed for a moment in pleasure.

Nikola took her distraction to make his way over to her, until he was right in front of her then bent down and slowly edged his face towards her middle. Helen felt his hot breath tickling her core and her eyes flew open just before his tongue was in her folds, and she pushed her hips into his face with a cry that sounded like a cross between his name and a moan, his teeth scraping across her clitoris. Absently, she threaded her spare hand through Nikola's hair, pushing his tongue deeper into her which he more than happily obliged to.

Nikola had fantasized about doing this since he met Helen over a century ago. In fact he wasn't sure if he was dreaming right now. He decided he wasn't, since none of his fantasies had tasted so real. He could feel his zipper straining with his arousal and it was getting to the point of uncomfortable, but at that moment he couldn't really care. He had Helen Magnus writhing under him, calling his name out in ecstasy, something he wasn't about to give up this to pleasure himself. If he was lucky enough, Helen would be able to take care of that for him when he had finished with her.

Helen squeezed her thighs together, effectively trapping his head where it was and soon, from the heat in his kisses, his bites and licks, Helen came into his mouth with a scream, arching up off the bed. Nikola lapped at her juices happily, savoring her unique taste, before crawling up onto the bed with her kissing her. She groaned as she tasted herself on his tongue , his hands combing though her hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Their tongues battled each other, fighting for dominance that Helen eventually won.

"God Nikola." Helen moaned when he pulled away, kissing his neck and chest.

"Helen…Mmm…What happens if…uhh…Tiny Tim or your man servant…Oh lord…hear us?" Nikola tried while Helen began stroking his erection through his trousers.

She grinned at him.

"You didn't seem to care about that when you were teasing me. But you are right. You are much more vocal than I." She said, unzipping his pants, and shedding them, along with his boxers.

"I very much doubt that…Oh God!" He cried as Helen took him in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the top of his erection and he heard her chuckle, the vibrations almost sending him over the edge. She held the base of his shaft as she bobbed her head over it, her mouth warm and wet around him.

"Fuck Helen!" He cursed, bucking his hips.

At his language, Helen bit down; hard enough to send arousing pain through him, but not hard enough to leave a mark. It sent him over the edge, spilling his seed into her mouth. She swallowed him gratefully, her tongue working around him, licking him clean.

For several moments, Nikola just lay there; his eyes closed tightly, his breathing ragged as he shook in the after math of his orgasm. Helen smiled up at him, licking her lips of him, her tongue brushing against his limp wet cock and he jerked up with a loud groan.

When he finally opened his eyes, Helen was laying next to him playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"So you aren't angry with me nearly burning down the Sanctuary?" He asked softly, running his fingers through her hair.

"Mmm, no. I understand it was an accident, however you are going to have to make up to me for it."

Nikola chuckled, suddenly rolling on top of her.

"I have the perfect idea of how to do that."

And for what seemed like forever, Nikola made love to Helen. Just as he was coming for the second time that evening, out of the corner of his eye he saw the slight movement of something small in the corner but he was too caught up with other things to pay any attention to it.


Big Guy walked down the hall towards the room he knew Nikola had been banned to and where Helen had gone to talk to the man. She had been up here a while, but that was her own business. In fact the only reason he was coming up here, was to tell her that a certain annoying abnormal had escaped its enclosure. There had been a sudden power outage, and all the enclosures had been temporarily disabled before the backup generators had kicked in. But apparently, it had been enough time to let the nubbins escape.

He arrived at the closed door, and with a grunt, knocked loudly.

"Magnus. Are you in there?" He called, but received no answer. Worried for his old friend, and just slightly suspicious of Nikola, Big Guy pushed the door open, scanning around the room. He noted the clothes strewn on the floor near the bed, the cold tea and finally, Helen and Nikola laying naked on the guest bed, sleeping soundly.

Big Guy couldn't help but start laughing. Looks like they had already felt the effects of the nubbins.


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