Chapter 1: A New Prince

The old monkey Rafiki watched as the human female begged the other male to spare her child. He knew what was coming, but the spirits instructed him not to interfere with fate.

"Avada Kedavra!" The male shouted after killing the mother and aiming for the child who had been asleep in his mother's arms when she fell.

Rafiki watched in amazement as the dark magic that had killed the child's parents revounded on a pink transparent shield around the child and was sent back to the male. His robes crumbled and a ghostly essence flew away into the sky ftom the hut in the village they resided in.

It is time...Rafiki thought sadly as he crept into the hut careful not to wake the other humans in the village. The infant had awoken and stared at Rafiki with his bright colored eyes with curiosity.

"Hello child." Rafiki chuckled rattling his staff over him making the baby giggle and clap its hands not knowing its mother was dead. "Let's get you out of here eh?" He asked gently picking the infant up with his hands carefully cradling him in his arms and hurrying away before the villagers discovered him...Not seeing the several figures who had suddenly appeared out of thin air onto the scene...

To the Wizarding World, this day was one of great joy, but also great sadness. For many knew Lily and James Potter and would mourn their loss to their dying day. But, The most powerful dark wizard since the legendary Maleficent had been defeated. By their son, Harry James Potter. The child had vanished in the African village they where residing in and no one knew if he had perished, or abducted, but to this day, on every Halloween, Wizards and Witches raise their goblets and say, "To Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived." For it had been discovered at Hogwarts, that his name still shone in green ink on the future student list.

Mufasa, the king of all the Pride Lands, was cuddling with his mate Sarabi. The loss of their firstborn cub Simba fresh on their minds.

"Hello Mufasa." Rafiki's voice came from the entrance of the cave as the old shaman monkey walked toward them carrying something in his arms.

"Rafiki." Mufasa greeted his old friend. "How have you been?"

"I have seen better days my friend." Rafiki replied "I have good news though." He brightened up making the two lions raise their eyebrows. "I have found you an heir." This made Mufasa start sniffing at the bundle in the monkey's arms. It didn't smell like anything in the Pride Lands, but something he had smelled once before...

"A human child Rafiki?" Mufasa asked in curiosity, then his eyes widened. "You didn't..."

"No-no-no-no-no nothing like that." Rafiki insisted. "The spirits have informed me this child's destiny lie with your Pride." He said in his mysterious voice that made Sarabi roll her eyes. He always took that tone when he did not want to reveal anything crucial.

"What aren't you telling us Rafiki?" Sarabi asked as she uncurled the cloth around the human infant's body. The child was awake and tilted his head in curiosity at the lioness as she sniffed him. He giggled.

Sarabi's broken heart mended instantly at the sound of his laugh. But then a question came to mind. "What of his parents?" She asked as her mate and King sniffed the child curiously.

"Ah." Rafiki said in sadness as he heard the child giggle and pet Mufasa's mane. "They, are no longer of this world." He bowed his head.

Sarabi looked at her mate who was quite obviously becoming attached to the child already like she herself was. "Do you know his name?" She asked the old monkey.

"Before the mother was killed, I heard her call him Harry." Rafiki said calmly, smiling as Mufasa blew air around the childs messy hair.

"Welcome to the Pride." Mufasa said with a smile at his new son. "Harry." Harry cooed happily and closed his eyes as his new parents nuzzled him.

To Be Continued...

This was inspired by "The Human King" by misspurplegirl

Pairing is Harry/Nala (Harry will have a lion animagus form)

I'm looking forward to writing this! This is one of my top five movies of all time! (Lion King) It goes in 1-5 order; Howl's Moving Castle, Lion King, Jurassic Park, Death Note (Live Movie), Death Note 2: The Last Name


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