Chapter 20: The Battle of Pride Rock

"Where is he?" Nala asked as Ron and Hermione, who had had their memories modified by Rafiki, shook their heads in defeat. They couldn't find their friend.

"Hah! You won't find him here!" The aged wizard known as Rafiki said. "The King, has returned." He grinned to the animals.

"I don't believe it." Nala said in a relieved tone. "He's gone back."

"Gone back?" Timon asked.

"Harry's gone back to challenge Scar." Nala told the Meerkat, Warthog and two humans.

"Who?" Ron asked in confusion.

"Scar." Nala repeated.

"We know he's got a scar." Pumbaa said dumbly.

"No, its his uncle." Zazu elaborated.

"The crazy human is his uncle?" Timon asked in confusion.

"NO!" Nala roared in frustration. "Harry's gone back to CHALLENGE his uncle to take his place as KING."

"Oh." Ron, Timon and Pumbaa said dumbly.

"Idiots." Nala scoffed.


Somehow, Harry had apparated to Africa. He had to hurry. He ran across the desert day and night using magic to sustain his body with the handy Aguamenti charm and a handy transfiguration spell that brought food. Soon he was in the Pride lands again. And was shocked as he brook a dry twig in the dirt with his foot. His home had lost its radiant glory. Now it was little more than a wasteland. No longer did herds of herbivorous animals graze in the brilliant green. Nor did young elephants play splashing games in the now dried up streams.

"Uncle Scar, what have you done?" Harry asked in despair. Lowering his head in sadness.

"Its awful, isn't it?" Nala asked making Harry jump in surprise. He heard Timon and Pumbaa tossing their cookies nearby as Zazu flew overhead to Pride Rock to presumably find help for the coming battle.

"I didn't want to believe you." Harry admitted.

"How did you guys get here?" Harry asked in curiosity.

"Port Key." Nala answered. "Dumbly." She also said before he asked who made it.

"Right. Of course." Harry said.

"Eugh, we're gonna fight your uncle? For this?" Timon asked in distaste surveying the Pride Lands.

"Yes Timon, this is my home." Harry said looking away from him and out to Pride Rock. "If I don't fight for it, who will?"

"I will." Nala said coming to his side.

"Its gonna be dangerous." Harry cautioned his best friend.

"Danger? Hah, I laugh in the face of danger HAHAHA." Nala mocked what Harry had said long ago.

"Talk about yer fixer uper." Timon muttered. "Well kid, if its that important to you, we're with ya till the end." Timon said with a bow.

Harry smiled and they moved further into the Pride Lands. Soon coming to Pride Rock. Where hyenas where lazing about and fighting for scraps of food.

"Hyenas." Timon said. "I hate hyenas." He whined. "So what's your plan for getting past these guys?" He turned up to Harry.

"Live bait." Harry said firmly narrowing his eyes at the lazy scavengers.

"Good idea." Then the meerkat realized what he was talking about. "Hey!"

"Come on Timon, you guys need to make a diversion." Harry said.

"Whadyya want me to do?" Timon half shouted. "Dress in drag and do the hula?"

"Luau!" Timon is dressed in a grass skirt and mini flower tiara. "If your hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat. Eat my buddy Pumbaa here cause he's a treat." He gestures to Pumbaa who is on a dead leave platter and has an apple in his mouth. "Come on and dine, all ya gotta do is get in line!"

The hyenas, buying the war dance, are salivating at the tasty looking swine. And coming closer to the two.

"Are ya achin'?"

"Yup yup yup." Pumbaa sings.

"For some bacon?"

"Yup yup yup."

"He's a big pig."

"Yup yup yup."

"You could be a big pig too. Oi!" Timon finishes. They both scream as the hyenas chase them away with hunger in their eyes.

Great job guys. Harry thought. "Nala." He said turning to the lioness. "Fing my mother and assemble the lionesses. I'll look for Scar." He ordered. Nala nodded and ran off. He shouldn't be to hard to find. Harry thought.

"SARABI!" Scar's voice echoed throughout Pride Rock.

Harry gasped behind a stray boulder and saw his mother cooly walking up to the ledge where Scar was. Not even flinching as the hyenas that remained behind snapped at her ankles threateningly.

"Where is your hunting party? Their not doing their job!" Scar demanded as he paced back and forth.

"Scar there is no food. The herds have moved on." Harry's mother informed the treacherous lion.

"No! Your just not looking hard enough!" Scar insisted with a dangerous growl.

"Its OVER." Sarabi insisted. "There is NOTHING left. We have no choice, we must leave Pride Rock."

"We're not going anywhere!" Scar snapped at the lioness.

"Then you have just sentenced us to death!" Sarabi declared.

"Then so be it." Scar retorted.

"You can't do that." Sarabi insisted.

"I'm the King I can do whatever I want."

"If you where half the King Mufasa was yo-"

"I'm TEN TIMES THE KING MUFASA WAS!" Scar roared as he smacked Harry's mother backwards with his paw so hard that she toppled over onto her side.

"SCAR!" Harry roared in fury as lightning/thunder appeared in the sky causing the lionesses on scene to look in his direction. Scar gasped as he saw Harry walk down the rocky pathway. He waved a stick in the direction of one group of hyenas and one yelped as it was hit with a Stinging Hex. Another on the opposite side of Harry yelped when it was hit with a Cutting Curse.

"Harry." Scar said in disbelief as his "nephew" did something to his hyenas that guarded the rocky slope down from where the human teenager was hiding. "Impossible." He whispered to himself. "Your dead."

Harry bent down on his knees and turned his mother's head to meet his face.

"Who are you?" She asked. Not seeing Harry as a face she remembered. He had grown up since she last saw her little human.

"Mother, its me." Harry said.

"Harry?" She asked in surprise. "Your alive? How can that be?"

"It doesn't matter." Harry insisted hugging his mother's neck. "I'm home." She nuzzled her human son as the shock of him being alive wore off. He then let her go, reluctantly, and turned angrily to Scar.

"Harry. I'm surprised to see you. Heh, alive." He said with an annoyed glance up at the hyenas.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart." Harry spat as he creeped closer and closer to Scar.

"Its OVER Scar." Harry said to the evil lion. He concentrated and the Pride was stunned when a full grown lion that looked so much like Mufasa appeared in his place. "Either step down or fight."

"Well I would naturally." Scar started. "But there's one little problem. "You see them?" Scar pointed up with a paw pad up to the cliff above them. The entire hyena pack was back and leering down at Harry. "They think I'm King." He pointed to himself.

"Well WE don't." Nala protested as the assembled lionesses gathered around the area. "Harry is the rightful King."

"Have you told them of our little secret?" Scar asked Harry in a teasing tone.

"That's not going to work Scar." Harry insisted with a glare at his now disowned in his eyes "Uncle."

"Ah yes, but what about your faithful subjects? Have THEY put it behind them?" Scar asked glancing at the lionesses.

"Harry, what is he talking about?" Nala asked in confusion. The other lionesses and Sarabi also confused.

"So you haven't told them your little secret?" Scar smirked as he paced the wall in front of Harry. "Tell them then. Tell them who is responsible for Mufasa's death!"

The silence among the Pride was deafening to Harry. All the lionesses looked from Harry to Scar who was smirking victoriously. Hoping that they weren't going to hear what they where.

"I am." Harry said sadly hanging his head sadly causing gasps.

Sarabi looked to Nala who was shaking her head in denial.

"It's not true." Sarabi said as she gave Harry a desperate pleading look. "Tell me it's not true..."

Harry's magic crackled in the air in silent rage at Scar for making him the bad guy in his little drama. "Its true." Harry said sadly as he closed his eyes. He was not in human form again and everyone could the genuine sadness in his eyes. There had to be more to the story.

"You SEE?" Scar growled loudly. "The human bastard admits it! MURDERER!"

"NO!" Harry shouted back. "It was an accident!"

Scar walked around Harry to intimidate him. "If it weren't for you Mufasa would still be alive! :Its your fault he's dead!" He sneered almost gleefully at Harry as the hyena's gathered behind Scar and surrounded Harry. "Do you deny it?"

"No." Harry said as he was pushed back to the cliff.

"Then your guilty!" Scar growled at his nephew.

"No, I'm not a murderer!" Harry insisted. His seven year old self emerging thanks to the bastard.

"Oh Harry, your in trouble again." Scar smirked, delighted in the fact that he was about to finish off the last thing standing in his way of being the TRUE King of Pride Rock. "Only this time, Daddy isn't here to save you." Harry had backed up to the edge. "And now, everyone knows WHY!" Scar snarled as Harry slipped off the ledge instantly shifting into lion form instinctively as he grabbed the rock with his claws. Lightning struck the dry brush and started a fire which spread fast under Pride Rock. Harry struggled to climb up. Flames burning the dead wasteland that had once been a luscious Savannah.

Scar sat back pretending to be thinking. "Hmm, this seems familiar. Where have I seen this before? Let me think." He smiled at the memory of killing his brother. "Oh yes I remember. This is the exact same way your father looked before he died."

Harry was confused. Why was Scar telling him this?

Scar grabbed onto his front paws with his claws extended causing Harry to roar in agony. "And Here's MY little secret." He told his nephew. He leaned in close to Harry's ear. "I. Killed. Musfasa."

Harry had a flashback to that fateful moment when his dad was falling to the bottom of the gorge. His younger voice blended in his mind with the scream of his older voice with a "Nooooooo!" With one giant leap he transformed back in mid air and plunged his wand into Scar's throat. The magic inside him crackling with utter primal rage. Scar's air was being cut off from the magical tool being pressed against his throat. "MURDERER!" He shouted.

Scar was stunned. He certainly didn't remember his nephew being this strong.

"Tell them the truth." Harry demanded with a growl of fury.

"The truth?" Scar asked nervously. "The truth is is in the eye of the behold-" He starts to choke as Harry pushes harder with his wand. "Alright." He coughed. "All right." He gasps. "I did it."

"So they can hear you." Harry hissed.

"I. Killed. Mufasa!"

The lionesses start toward Scar in fury and the hyenas attack in a wall of claws and teeth. Those that came at Harry where blown back by the Knock Back Jinx.

He flicked his wand and one was thrown off of the cliff backwards with a small explosion sound. Timon and Pumbaa come runnnig in and bowl hyenas over. Hyenas where flying left and right as the warthog barreled into them.

"Scuse me! Pardon me! Coming through! Hot stuff! Whoo!" Timon shouted as Pumbaa plowed through the hyenas.

One hyena managed to get onto Harry's back and was trying to snap his neck with his jaws. With a whack, Harry felt the hyena fly off and saw a babboon with that African wizards staff fighting off a group of hyenas with human martial arts. Finally knocking out the last one with a sucker punch as it ran up behind him.


Zazu had been captured the moment he landed on Pride Rock and then flung unceremoniously into a cage made of bones. He heard the battle going on and wished he could help. He saw Timon running into the cave in panic.

"Let me out let me out!" Zazu shouted to Timon. HE then saw the hyenas chasing Timon. Shenzi Banzai and Ed.

"Let me in let me in!" Timon shouted back. HE rushed in between the bars of the cage in and ran into Zazu who tried to comfort the terrified Meerkat who was faced with his natural enemy. The hyenas where salivating while looking at him. "Please don't eat me." Timon begged.

"Problem?" They heard Pumbaa's voice from the cave entrance.

"Hey? Whose the pig?" Banzai asked.

"Are you talking to me?" Pumbaa asked in an angry tone.

"Uh oh they called him a pig." Timon said.

"Are you talking to me?" Pumbaa repeated.

"Shouldn't have done that." Timon said as Shenzi looked at him questioningly.

"ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?" Pumbaa shouted.

"Now their in for it." Timon grinned.

"THEY CALL ME! MR. PIG!" Pumbaa shouted in fury. "AAAAAHHHHH!" He shouted as he ran at them and bowled right into the now yelping hyenas kicking and ramming them causing them pain. '

The hyenas ran off in fear.


Harry is now chasing Scar up the high point of Pride Rock. Harry runs up to the edge and sees the sheer drop. He leaps up to confront Scar on the cliff like ledge and lands on his knees. Scar starts to look nervous. Seeing as he is cornered and at his nephew's mercy. He was cornered at the ledge and there was a pillar of flames behind him so he couldn't very well jump to escape his human nephew's wrath.

"Murderer." Harry muttered as he began coming closer to Scar.

"Harry." Scar pleaded. "Please, I am family. Its the hyenas. Who are the real enemy." He insisted as the hyenas growled at the insinuation. "It was their fault. It was their idea."

"Why should I believe you?" Harry spat as he transformed back into lion form. "Everything you EVER told me, was a LIE."

"I should have been King in the first place!" Scar spat venomously, seeing he was in a tight spot. "I was only born a few moments later, I was much smarter than your bastard father."

Harry remembered what Professor Dumbledore had told him once. "It is not our abilities that define us Scar." He spat. "It is our CHOICES."

"Harry." Scar said. Trying to appeal to his nephew's forgiving nature he had shown even as a cub. "You wouldn't kill your old uncle would you?"

"No Scar." Harry said firmly. Narrowing his green eyes. "I'm not like you."

"Good. Good." Scar brightened up when he realized he wasn't going to die. By the hands of a furless freak anyway. "You truly are noble Harry. If there's anything I could do, let me know. I'll make it up to you. I promise." He said using the same falsely friendly tone Harry now realized he used throughout his childhood.

"Run away Scar." Harry spat with venom in his voice. "Run away, and NEVER RETURN."

Scar realized what Harry had just done. Exiled him. "Yes." The older lion said as he walked away from him. "As you wish, your MAJESTY!" His paw swiped up ashes into LionHarry's face and he roared in pain.

Harry and Scar traded blows with their claws for a while. And Scar tried to get on Harry's back and snap his neck. Harry threw him off several times and slapped his face. Harry roared as Scar's paw smacked his face. He returned the blow. Scar finally threw him back Harry was on his back on the ledge of the cliff. Scar leaped at him. Using some quick thinking Harry used his front paws to literally throw Scar off of the cliff through the flames into the bottom of Pride Rock that had yet to be consumed by the fire.

Scar found himself surrounded by hyenas. "Ahh." he said relieved. "My friends."

"Friends?" Shenzi mocked their former leader. "I thought he said we where the enemy."

"Yeah, that's what I heard." Banzai said menacingly.

"Ed?" They both asked the insane hyena.

Scar soon found all the hyena's licking their chops having not eaten in several days.

"No." Scar pleaded. "Wait please, you don't understand. NO! NO!"

Harry looked away as his uncle's shadow was pounced on by hyena's shadows in the fire's light. He transformed back into human form and sighed.

It's over. He thought. It's finally over.

Nala came over to him as well as Sarabi. Pride for her now grown son in her eyes. He hugged both. The rain finally came and drowned out the fire. Scar's body had been dragged off by the hyenas. The gray skys letting out tears of joy for the Pride Lands true king had come home. Rafiki came up and also hugged Harry. Very proud of the small human that he had brought here as an infant.

"It is time." He said to Harry, looking up at Pride Rock, somehow even more majestic in the rain. Harry transformed back into his lion form and began his ascension onto the rock's ledge where moments before he was fighting Scar. Timon and Pumbaa watched in awe as did Zazu. Harry had been telling them for a while that he wasn't the King, yet here he was, finally accepting his duty.

Harry overlooked the Pride Lands.

"Remember." His father's voce rang through his head. Reminding him of who he was.

He let out a roar. A roar that echoed throughout the Pride lands. The lionesses let out roars of their own. Accepting him as their King.


The Pride Lands returned to their former glory as time went on. The herds returned joyusly with the news that the rightful King had returned home. It is now three years later. Harry remains in his lion form most of the time now. No one from the Wizarding World bothers his Pride much except with letters from his friends/family. The Herds where gathering at the bottom of Pride Rock for the Presentation Ceremony of the King's daughter. Kiara. Zazu flew to Pride Rock and landed at a now full grown adult Harry's lion form and bowed. Harry smiled at his Major Domo and went over to his mate Nala who was nuzzling their days old daughter. Who surprisingly was born lion, but could turn into a human. Like a reverse Animagus form. Kiara mostly stayed in her lion form however. Harry bent down and nuzzled his purring daughter. Rafiki came and performed the same rituals he had on Harry for his Presentation. Then presented her to the animals of the Pridelands. Who accepted her as Princess.


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