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Title- Willow
Original or FF-FF – Twilight –Edward/Bella
Rating- M
Genre- Romance/Humor

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Part 2


Bella's hands were pushing my coat over my shoulders as the apartment door fell closed behind us. I tugged at the buttons on my white shirt while her teeth nipped at my lips. Barely breathing through the frenzied need, I started on her clothes as soon as mine lay scattered across the painted cement floor. Her skin was as warm and smooth as my lustful memory.


She quickly toed off her leather boots, pushing me backwards. Her hands unsnapped and unzipped as we made our way through the threshold of a tiny bedroom. Tongues tangled through fevered moans, our jeans slid off. I stepped back just enough to take in the beautiful sight.

She arched her brow, taunting as she peeled lavender panties down my favorite, long legs. Suddenly pulling me close, my raging erection was caught between us. She pushed down my boxers, as we fell together towards the bed. Her heat teased my painfully hard cock as she straddled me.

The spinning slowed as I wandered over her gorgeous body, lifting the soft weight of her breasts. I teased her peaks with my thumbs, before pulling her forward, sucking one into my mouth.

"Oh god…I missed you." She tugged at my hair, her hips swiveled and wetness teased against me.

I rolled us over, breathless and withering beneath me, she licked her lips and… I was gone.

"Bella, fuck, this isn't going to be gentle."

She gasped, smirked and reactively thrust her hips towards me.

"I don't want gentle, it's been too long."

Aligning, positioning and quivering, I stroked in quickly. My head dizzied as her sweet heat surrounded me, wondering how I survived the last three months. She arched and grasped the pine slats of her headboard.

"Mmmm yeah, Edward. Just… like… that."

I wrapped her leg higher around my waist, burying myself deeper. The tall headboard slammed against the green stucco wall with every thrust of my hips. Bella's moaning left me at the edge of reality and reason.

Vaguely aware of thumping from somewhere other than our erotic bubble, I focused to be sure.

I stilled staring into Bella's wide, wonderful eyes. Her white knuckled hold on the headboard loosened, while her legs tensed around me. She relentlessly pushed and twisted searching for friction.

"Don't you fucking stop, Edward."

She pulled me down by the back of the neck, her lips and tongue reminding me of the present reality. I smiled against her mouth, renewed and ready. Kneeling between her trembling thighs, I gripped her waist, forcing her up my legs.

"Oh…" She adjusted to the new angle, balancing and supporting as I moved her along my length. Her fingers touched a path to her clit, teasing and circling the sensitive nerves as I slid in and out.

"Fuck, Bella. Baby, you're so beautiful." Watching her pleasure herself while I continued to thrust sent me rocketing towards my edge. I felt her tighten, screaming breathless through her high.

My own body begged for release, as I watched her float blissfully. She circled and pressed against me, encouraging more. Taking her hard and fast around the final turn, my head fell back as I groaned and pulsed.

"Goddamn baby…"

"Shhhh…" She teased and giggled, holding her finger over my parted lips. I sucked it into my mouth, biting playfully.


"Shit someone is at the door." I slid off the bed, quickly pulled up my jeans and kissed Bella's glistening forehead. The knocking intensified as I approached.

"Hey, Chelsea…" I announced, surprised to see the practice intern standing on the top stair leading to my garage apartment.

"Oh, Dr. Cullen. I didn't think you were home. Sorry…" She took in my bare chest and undoubtedly mussed hair. "Are you busy?"

Bella suddenly stalked into the living area wrapped in a cream sheet, smiling, curious and confused by the voice of the visitor.

"Hi, you must be Bella." Chelsea forced her hand around me, grazing slightly. Bella stepped behind me, but shook politely. "I'm Chelsea Randall. I work under Ed… Dr. Cullen." Bella simply smiled her response.

"Is there something you needed? Or…" I urged, anxious.

"It can wait. I was just worried about the spaniel we spayed together yesterday, she's still very lethargic." Chelsea pulled her long, blonde hair into a knot, while the March wind whipped.

Bella disappeared into the bedroom. "Give me ten minutes; I'll come take a look." Chelsea smiled, thanked me and hopped down the stairs. Fuck.

Bella was dressing when I walked into the bedroom. "Hey…" I melted in behind her before she could finish. "Don't leave yet," I whispered against her neck. Smoothing my lips down and around the sweet spot near her ear, she shivered and purred.

"I need to get to the ranch. It'll be feeding time soon." She bent over to pick up her jeans still flush against me, teasing. I grabbed her hips, playing along. We smirked, satisfied and silly.

"I wish I could stay with you tonight, but I'm on call."

"I'll be alright. Logan will be there."

"Really? The new ranch guy?"

She stilled, playfully narrowing her eyes. "What's that tone?"

"Nothing. I've met him; he's great with your dad's animals. But I've heard he's…"

"He's what?" Poking my chest, I fell back onto the bed pulling her with me. "Hmmm… he's what?"

"He just likes getting out and about… with the women folk." I teased. She ran her nose along mine, gently biting my bottom lip as I stroked through her hair.

"Is this small town gossip? Women folk? You're a nut." She pinched my nose, wrinkling hers and stood up. "Let me guess, Sue told you this?"

"Maybe. Does it matter? Just be sure you lock the door, and he stays in the barn." She rolled her eyes, pulled on her boots and cozied into my lap.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" She pressed her forehead to my temple, lacing our fingers in her lap. "Or will Chelsea need your sage guidance…" I squeezed her hand.

"No, we're closed. Tomorrow's Easter Sunday. We're going to Sue's for brunch, remember?"

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry. This trip was thrown together so fast, I'm out of sorts." We kissed, soft and slow, once… then again. "I can't wait to tell you about New York and…"

"I can't wait to hear." I interrupted as my pager buzzed on the bedside table.

"Chelsea and her spaniel are waiting." I smacked her smart, gorgeous ass while she leaped up and towards the door.

"Lock up tonight, I'll call you later…" I shouted as she blew me kiss in the glow of the setting sun.


"Logan, good to see you." I shook his calloused hand at the barn door. I sized him up for hints and indications of Bella's homemade banana brown sugar French toast and bacon.

"Thought I'd take a peek at Willow while Bella get's ready for brunch." I slid past him and he followed. "Do you have Easter plans, Logan?"

"Yeah, a friend of mine invited me over for a… meal. Then I'll probably head up to the town square egg hunt deal. I take my nephew every year, kind of a tradition." Probably uses the kid to lure the ladies.

"I think Bella and I will end up there later too. My future farmer kids are apparently in charge of the rabbit costume gig." I approached Willow slowly, letting her acclimate. She'd grown immensely over the last three months, healthy and beautiful. I checked on her weekly after Bella left for New York. Being close to her was good for my lonely soul.

"There's my gorgeous girl…" I nuzzled, rubbing over and through her thickening mane.

"Hi you…" Bella quietly greeted, wrapping her arms around my waist. I angled to offer a morning kiss. "You smell delicious." She tucked in tighter.

Stepping back to enjoy the full view, she grinned and knocked her heels together, drawing attention to the red leather wedge sandals. I arched an eyebrow, and pulled her close. Feeling her feather light black linen dress under my palms, I slid the back up and over her ass. "This isn't exactly a traditional Easter ensemble, baby."

"Oh, Dr. Cullen… don't get all old fashioned on me now." She winked, licking her lips in jest.

"Hot shoes, Bella," Logan bellowed behind me. What the fuck is it with this guy?

"Thanks." Suddenly blushing, Bella gave Willow some brief love and ducked out. Logan unabashedly watched her sway.

"So, are you two like… together, together?" He leaned against a cedar stall post, biceps flexed.

"Yes. Yes we are, very much so." I continued to stroke Willow. Logan scoffed slightly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Huh. Even though she lives across the country… you're giving it a go?"


"What about that blond that came out with you last week? She's got a great…"

"Chelsea? She works with me."

"Yeah, the way she looks at you, I bet she'd like to work with…"

"Hey, man. What is your problem? Show some fucking respect," I warned and blew out of the barn. The truth was uncomfortable. The tension was growing; Chelsea was pushing the professional boundary.


"No, Dr. Ed, I'm totally serious. The furry get up doesn't fit anyone. None of us." Quil said, washing a mouthful of ham down with a swig of milk.

"We'll find someone."

"Yeah… that someone is you. You gotta do it. The kids of Forks need their Easter Bunny." The junior farming punks were going to be the goddamn death of me. I got up from the table, offered Quil a dramatic eye roll and made my escape. Following light, female laughter into the kitchen, I found Sue teetering in Bella's red sandals.

"Oh, these are all sorts of naughty, honey. I haven't put my stems in a pair of… do me shoes in…" Sue squealed when she saw me wide eyed and stunned. She tripped backwards, Bella and I both leaped to brace her.

Flushed forty four shades of red, Sue smoothed out her patterned tunic and stepped out of the sandals, slowly. Scooting them across the tile floor, she winked at Bella. "Did you get enough to eat, Dr. Cullen?"

I kissed her cheek, deepening the color and thanked her. Rolling up my sleeves, I settled in front of the sink to start the dishes. Sue gasped, clutching her chest. "Your mama did so well with you, sweetheart."

"She was great…" I spoke reverently of my late mother. Sue patted my arm, smiling sympathetically. She gently cradled Bella's cheek as she moved out of the room.

"You know what they say about a man who loves his mama…"


"Edward, Edward over here…" I recognized Chelsea's voice in the crowd. Gripping Bella's hand tighter we made our way in her direction. "Oh, and Bella too…"

I dug a hand into my pocket to be sure my surprise was still intact. Chelsea was near an oversized picnic table set up for egg dying. She wore a bright purple dress and plenty of cleavage. "Are you manning this area for the kids?" Bella asked politely.

"What?" Chelsea glanced around, her top lip curled slightly. "Oh no… I was just standing in the shade. Is that what this is?" Bella moved past her and sat down with a group of eager children.

"So, Edward… I was thinking…" Chelsea twirled a bright strand of hair around her finger, turning her back to Bella.

"Well hold that thought. I need to check on my gang." I spotted Quil and his cowboy posse near the lemonade stand. Bella had several kids engaged in mixing colorful dye, I kissed the top of her head and told her I'd be right back.

Quil and the boys were loitering and lit up when I approached. "Okay what's hoppin' guys?" My lame attempt at a timely joke was met with blank stares and suspicious side-eyes. "Hey, what's the latest? What do we need to be doing here for the service project?"

Suddenly, two healthy young, future farmers had me by the arms and off the ground. I was being carried to the public facilities on the edge of the park. "What in the hell…" Oh shit.

I was zipped into the white fur contraption within minutes. Quil tapped the head over mine; the floppy ears fell forward over the eye holes. I'd readjusted Bella's gift to the pouch in the front of the costume for easy access. The punks would pay dearly in the compost this week for this one. It wasn't exactly my intention to send Bella back to her cosmopolitan life in New York with the image of me in a fucking rabbit suit.

"The Easter Bunny!" Nearly knocked to the ground by a pint sized mob, I worked my way towards Bella. She walked hand in hand with a small boy carrying a giant basket. The open hunt had begun. Quil and his crew followed behind me, holding and showing a live rabbit for petting. Their hooligan snickers and cracks behind my back were noted and would be assessed at the compost. Punks.

Logan appeared taking hold of the same little boy's other hand. I maneuvered their direction. The eye holes were suddenly blinded. Stopping cold, stumbling and mumbling, I landed against a tree. "Oops, sorry. I was just teasing." Chelsea. "Are you okay… Mr. Bunny?" She giggled, my head dizzied. "Maybe you should come in for an exam."

"I'm good." After patting her on the shoulder with my giant foot, I walked hastily to Bella. Logan's nephew stared in wonder. I knelt down, produced an egg from my pouch and waved. Bella and Logan cooed at the scene. I motioned to my pouch, then to Bella. She smiled politely. I repeated my gesture. With a wrinkled brow and pursed lips, she held her hands up defensively.

Logan cackled. "Bella, I think the Easter Bunny is hot for you." He finally scooped up his nephew and set off down the grassy hill.

I gestured one last time, she finally laughed. "Look here you rabbit… bunny… Mr. Easter… I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me digging in your pouch. So thank you, but good bye." Boyfriend.

"Please…" My muffled plea stopped her escape. She spun around, smiling.

"I wondered where the hell you went. I mean Chelsea was accounted for… but you disappeared. And this… Edward this is hilarious. You are seriously the most adorable, patient, generous…"

"Lucky…" I interrupted.

"What?" She grinned. I rubbed the fur on my middle, drawing attention to the fucking pouch one last time. "Alright, what's in this damn pocket?" She dug, discovered and held the special yellow egg. Opening it, she stilled and sighed. Holding the charm bracelet I had designed for her. She smoothed her fingers over the hand stamped sterling silver horseshoe design and mouthed the engraved word. Lucky.

"I'm lucky." I repeated. She launched at my head throwing it to the ground and kissed me… sloppy and sweet. We tasted and tugged until a blood curdling scream stilled us cold.

"The Easter Bunny… he's not even real!" Oh shit.


"Oh Edward, you're so funny… Oh Edward, what was Colorado like in the springtime… Oh Edward, you have the strongest hands… Yeah, bitch you should feel what he can do with those long, capable fingers. I mean, the hell you will ever feel… I mean… fuck." I watched in humored horror as Bella gripped the leather steering wheel, mumbling and mocking Chelsea. Using the back of my hand to stifle a satisfied chuckle, I watched her and loved every minute.

"Hey… what's wrong?" I grazed over her hand.

"What's wrong? What's wrong, Edward?"

She suddenly swerved, taking the first exit we came to on our way home from the Community Easter picnic. We barreled down the ramp in the huge, heavy Ranch truck, finally coming to a halt on a deserted, dirt drive.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Dramatically throwing the truck in park, she rubbed her eyes and sighed.

"What's wrong, Edward? I'll tell you what's wrong. That blond doggie doctor needs to back off. I was more than forgiving for the first fucking hour of Dr. Cullen worship, but the last two…"

She stared a moment, then her gaze traveled the length of my body. Her tongue peeked out, wetting her lower lip. Kicking off her red sandals, she released her seatbelt, narrowed her eyes and released mine.

I leaned back against the cool, leather seat as she kneeled. Stretching one of her long, lean, luscious legs across the center console, she was suddenly straddling my lap.

As her hand lowered the seat lever to the lowest position, she rotated her hips against my now hardening length.

"Christ baby. What are you doing? You sure you want to do this here… on the side of the road?"

Her tongue teased my upper lip, and then gently sucked it into her mouth before leaning back.

"What's wrong with here?" She asked seductively, tying her hair in a loose knot, hips still gyrating.

My shirt was untucked, and my belt pulled loose. Her mouth descended on mine again and I grasped her face, holding steady.

In one deft motion, she had me unbuttoned, unzipped and in her hands.

I groaned at the contact of her smooth hands around my cock. She wrapped tighter as I thrust up. Squeezing and sliding, she teased along my erection,

Our tongues tangled and twisted as she adjusted herself on my lap, her dress pushed up to her waist. She rocked forward, testing the friction while she moaned against my mouth.

"Edward, I need you to fuck me right here, right now."

I groaned… loud.

"Fuck, Bella. You can't say that shit to me."

I roughly pushed my hands up her thighs, until I found her most sensitive flesh.

Teasing her clit through the thin fabric of her panties, she swiveled desperately against my fingers. "Oh god…" She moaned as I pressed tighter.

Slapping my hand away as she pushed up on her knees, glistening and hot in the small space, her own fingers slid between her thighs. I reactively grasped my cock, sliding slowly up and down the shaft as she moved her panties to one side, her fingers touching her own wetness.

Our eyes met as she sank down my length. Dark long lashes fluttering against pale skin, I gasped at her beauty.

Her nails dug through my hair, leveling for the ride. I forced her still, hands gripping her hips.

"Fuck, not yet baby, don't move yet." I whispered into her shoulder, slightly biting the sensitive skin at the base of her graceful neck.

"You feel so good, Edward," she spoke softly.

I slowly released my grip and guided her lifting and falling. We set a slow, deep pace of pleasure together. I stared at the incredible sight above me, hands splayed on the steamed glass of the sunroof for balance as she rolled her pelvis against mine.

Quickened movements and intensifying moans signaled the edge. Teasing where we connected, she began the tremble. Her chest heaved, as she braced above.

"Yes… oh god, baby…" She rode her euphoric wave, tightening and quivering. I pumped hard twice more, pulsing and spilling.

My head fell to her chest, as we caught our breath. Her arms wound around my shoulders as she placed soft kisses and whispers at my temples.


Sated and wobbly, I held Bella's hand on our way into her parent's house. She stopped just at the front step, turned and stared. Smoothing down my cheek with a tender touch, I reciprocated with a kiss on her forehead.

"What's the matter, baby? I don't have to stay tonight."

"I've been offered a promotion…" She blurted into the settling darkness. Quickly covering my parted mouth with her fingers, she continued, quieter. "In London."


She nodded, my heart sank.

"Wow, that's… far. But great." I embraced her, trying to compose. "It's really great."

She shoved, pushing hard against my chest. "Great?" She screamed. "How is it great?"

I reached, but she retreated. "Bella, I mean I'm happy for you… proud of you."

She scoffed, stalking towards the barn. "Bella… hey what the hell…" One red do me sandal sailed by my head. Fuck. I chased, she ran faster, halted and launched the next one. Her charm bracelet sparkling in motion.

"It's great. It's great that my boss thinks I'm the cat's meow." She smirked at her pitiful attempt at a pun. "That he thinks I have enough potential to run the publicity department at the London offices."

The agonizing ramble was her charm, but the anger and reality broke me. The rant carried on. "But what's not great is you!" Oh. "You want me to go? You think I should go?" She screamed. Logan walked out of the barn, flexing.

"Is everything okay, Bella?"

I raged, rushing towards him. "She's mine to defend. Get the hell out of here."


"I'm fine. Everything's just fucking fine." She ran past us, wiping her face. I held back, allowing her some time to calm, processing the previous several minutes, trying, hoping for the right words.

"Bella… open the door, please." Holding my arms across my chest, shivering in the cool spring evening air. "Baby, come on."

"What?" She peaked through the small sliver allowed by the chain lock.

"Let me come in, we need to talk."

"No." Her voice shook. "I get it Edward."

"Well I fucking don't. I'm excited for you. London will be amazing." I leaned against the door frame, growing more agitated and confused.

"You're supposed to tell me to… stay," she whispered, exhaling through obvious emotion. "You didn't even fight for me."

"Baby… open the goddamn door." It opened; she was a tangled damp mess. I reached for her and she melted against me.

"I'm not that guy, Bella. I'm not. I'm not going to hold you back from anything. I know how much you love the challenge. This is a huge opportunity for you." I kissed the top of her head, as she nestled, face flat against my chest.

"It is a challenge. It will be amazing. Heidi Hale offered me a scone last Friday. Shit." I laughed lightly.

"When would you leave?" I angled back to stare, but she stayed buried in my shirt.

"My boss needs a decision by next Monday."

"You'll make the right one." I reassured. "And I'll be here, whatever you decide." She sobbed harder, I held tighter.


"Dr. Cullen, there's a new client with a puppy in room B." Sue called into the break room. I was thumbing through a sandwich I slapped together during my Fourth of July hangover. I nodded my response and sighed.

"Oh wait… aren't we giving Chelsea all the new ones so she can build a base?" Sue looked to her left, then her right and scurried over to the table. Once she sat down and leaned in I knew to settle back for a scoop.

"Okay, I overheard Dr. Clearwater talking to some Dr. Banner on the phone. I haven't had a chance to Google him yet… well anyway… he was saying Chelsea's not very professional. That she's a bit too… flirtatious." Sue was in full church social gossip mode, my favorite. "I think he's right, I mean she's always… you know." She gestured back and forth across her chest. "Long story short, he's not hiring her here at the Farm and Fur when her internship is all done. Thank the Lord." Her eyes rolled to heaven, then she winked and stood. "You'll have to take this one, Dr. Cullen." She giggled and disappeared.

I tossed my pathetic excuse for sustenance and wrapped my stethoscope around my neck. Realizing as I moved down the hall, Sue never gave me the chart. I knocked and entered.

"Hey, I'm Dr. Cul…"

"Hello, my name is Lucky; I hope you can fix my heart. It's broken and I don't feel very lucky…" Bella held a tiny Beagle in front of her beautiful face, waving his white dipped paw at me as she spoke in baby tone.

"Baby…" We launched across the table, the puppy landing between us with a whimper. Her lips were the softest and the same. I scooped up Lucky, nuzzling him. "Sorry about that little guy. Wait, is he really yours?"

She laughed, moving towards me. "Yes, I mean… I hope he'd be ours…" She bit her lip and offered better puppy dog eyes than Lucky. I wrapped an arm around her, tasting her lips once more.

"What does this mean, Bella?" My stomach was suddenly in knots.

"It means, I'm here. Jobless. Lonely. And horn…" I interrupted her with my tongue against her melodramatic pout.

"I'm yours. Always yours, baby. And you won't be lonely."

"Wait," she whispered, breaking another kiss. "I hope you're still only talking to the blond about feline cataracts…"

"Not even…"


I trailed my finger gently down her jaw, held her chin and tilted her head back.

"I love you," I whispered softly.

Stepping a fraction closer, barely enough to feel her chest rise and fall with every breath, I caught her lips in the kiss I'd been missing. I buried my hands in her long hair, forcing her to her tiptoes as I leaned in less tentatively, no longer exploring, but remembering.

She shivered as I slid my hands down her back to find the bare skin at the hem of her shirt. Soft lips moved from mine, across my jaw, to my ear. Her teeth tugging the lobe, she taunted with warm breath.

"Edward… bedroom…"

I grasped her hands, stumbling backwards into my small bedroom. Running my thumbs over her knuckles, I paused. Our eyes met, she bit her lip and stepped back.

Pulling her shirt up and over her head, she then unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

She was as gorgeous as ever, her hair a mess from my fingers, her lips swollen from the pressure of my lips. I followed; we watched each other until we stood bare.

Reaching for her hips and pulling her close, I dipped my head. We moaned against each other's mouths, our tongues twisted, fingers dug and our hearts pounded.

I slowly lowered her to the bed, admiring and in awe. Kneeling between her legs, I watched her hands trail over her stomach as she begged with lustful eyes.

"Touch me."

Her whispered plea broke my reverie. My fingers found her delicate ankles, dusting a path to her knees. She parted her thighs further, an invitation. Settling my hips between her legs, I placed soft open mouth kisses along the path her own fingers made. Moving higher, my mouth claimed one breast as my fingers rolled the other nipple into a taut peak.

Wrapping her legs around my waist, she twisted to align our bodies intimately. "Make love to me."

Bracing myself on either side her, I entered her as we shared a breath. Her teeth caught my lip as I sank deeper in her warmth. Pressing my forehead to hers, as she released my lip, I steadied, getting control before I let my body take over.

"Baby, you feel incredible…"

We found our perfect rhythm for passion. She met every thrust as the sensations overwhelmed. Our slick skin gliding together intensified the sensual pleasure. I felt the build within as I quickened my pace. Her back arched as she tensed and tightened, moaning loudly through her climax.

I pressed her leg higher against our bodies, allowing me deeper and fuller. She gasped undoubtedly still feeling the effects of her orgasm as I pumped into her again and again.

After reaching my high, I collapsed over her, leaving tender kisses along her swells.

She stroked through my hair, shifting slightly beneath me. "Edward..."


"Say it again..."

"Say what again?" I knew.


"It." I repeated, driving her wild.

She yanked on my short strands in frustration, I laughed against her creamy skin.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too, Bella."


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