Hello peoples! This is Trina, one of the writers of Anthem of the Angels.

I decided to step off the beaten path and write a little story of my own. I have recently developed a love for Hawaii Five-0 and decided to create a case for them and my OC, Dakota.

This is for all you Five-0 fans! Read and enjoy!


Chin stepped out of the bar, smiling contentedly to himself as he walked down the street. After Five-0's recent success with the Meka case, he felt it acceptable to have a drink. He'd invited the team to come along and enjoy themselves, on him, but Danny was taking Grace out to dinner tonight, Steve was spending time with an old friend of his, Andrew Azburn, who worked for HPD, and Kono wasn't a big fan of drinking. So Chin went alone, planning to walk home afterward. However, he'd forgotten how dark Honolulu's streetscould get, and tonight seemed especially dark. He found himself wishing for his motorcycle.

He turned on to Hono Circle, just three blocks from his house, whistling contentedly. The sound echoed off the brooding, old beach-side buildings. No body was to be seen along the well-worn streets.

Which was why Chin was caught off guard when he ran right into someone. He stumbled back, and so did the person.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" a voice said. "I guess I wasn't looking where I was going!"

They laughed nervously, and it sounded very familiar. Chin peered through the darkness, trying to see the person in the dim street lamp. He caught a flash of white teeth breaking into a familiar smile.

"Dakota?" Chin asked. "Dakota Azburn?"

The young woman squinted in the dark. "Oh Chin it's you!" she breathed, rather relieved. "Goodness gracious you scared me."

Chin could see her clearly now. Dakota was Andrew Azburn's 36 year old daughter. She looked like she was coming from a party. Her reddish brown hair was pulled back out of her eyes and she was wearing a blue blouse and jeans.

"What are you doing out here?"

She sighed. "Dad and Steve have taken over the house tonight." she said. "So I thought I'd take some time for myself. I needed a break from being the house-maid."

Chin raised his eyebrows mischievously. "Knowing Steve and Andrew, you'll probably have a bigger mess to come home to."

Dakota laughed. "Then I guess I'd better get home then."

"What's the rush?"

She sighed. "Truthfully?" she replied. "I don't like being alone when it's dark out. Especially now."


"There have been..." Dakota paused, sighed and began again. "Some guys have been wondering around the neighborhood for a few nights now. They come in, stare at the houses for a few hours and then just...disappear. They gave my dad a pretty good scare. He was determined that I not leave the house at all yesterday."

"It's a wonder he let you go out tonight."

Dakota grinned. "I talked him into it. I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be."

Chin laughed. "I guess you'd better get on home." he said. 'Wouldn't want to keep your dad waiting too long."

Dakota grabbed his arm as he was about to leave. "Come with me." she said. "Please?"

Chin gave an over-exasperated groan. "Fine..." he said, pretending to dread the thought. Dakota giggled. "You know you want to," she said, linking her arm through his. "Come on." She pulled him down the street as he pretended to struggle. Dakota burst into a giggling fit as they paused at the edge of the light caused by the lamp. Chin found himself laughing too.

There was a rustle in the trees. Dakota and Chin became silent and stared at each other. Chin peered through the tree line, looking for the source of the noise.

That's when the man stepped out of the shadows and pointed a gun strait at Chin's chest.

"Don't move, Five-0."

Chin froze, then pushed Dakota the opposite direction and away from the man. Another thug stepped in their path, along with two others on either side. They were surrounded. In a last attempt to protect Dakota, Chin pushed her behind him. This proved to be a sad mistake when one man grabbed her in a headlock and lifted her off the ground. She kicked and screamed but to no avail. Dakota was strong, but this man was stronger. Chin attempted to run to her aid, but two more men blocked his path and pushed him away. Enraged, Chin threw a punch at the man's cheek, which knocked him back.

His friend hooked Chin in the jaw, causing him to stumble and rub his mouth tenderly, much to his attacker's delight.

"What's the matter Five-0?" he teased. "You got yourself a boo boo?"

Chin responded with a punch to the nose, which gave a satisfying crunch under his fist. The man howled and dropped to his knees as blood spurted from the wound.

"No," Chin replied. "But I think you do."

Angry at the fate of their friend, the last two men jumped him. Dakota took that moment as a chance to escape. She kicked the man hard in the knee, which caused him to stumble. Once her feet were back on solid ground, she bit him hard on the hand. The man howled and released his grip. Dakota rolled away as he flailed about, pouring over his injured hand.

"Dakota, run!" Chin yelled as one man grabbed him in a vice grip, cutting off his air. He doubled over, trying to pull him off.

Dakota didn't argue. She turned and sprinted up the street, headed for home. Two men prepared to pursue her, but the leader stopped them.

"Leave her," he ordered. "She's not the target."

He pulled out his gun and jammed it into Chin's back.

Dakota dove into an alley, desperate not to loose sight of Chin. She took refuge behind a dumpster, where she had clear view of the five men.

Two more figures pulled guns on Chin. They were yelling now. Chin dove for the leader's gun in a last attempt to save himself.

A single shot split the night.