Revan, once famed Jedi Guardian who saved the Republic during the Mandalorian wars, now Darth Revan Lord of the Sith conqueror of the galaxy. The Republic stood in fear as their hero returned with an armada ten times its original size and began a conquest of Republic worlds.

No Revan did not wish to conquer the Republic, he needed to strengthen it to show it the true threat, however this was not to be an easy task. The corruption and pointless bureaucracy of the senate wouldn't act unless it deepened their pockets, but the Jedi were a bigger problem those arrogant fools who's eyes needed to see the truth were as closed minded as a herd of Bantha, well Revan would open their eyes even if it was at the point of a lightsaber.

"Admiral Amour, any word from our spies on Dantooine?" Revan asked not taking his eyes off the hologram of a previous clash with Republic forces weeks before hand. The female echani had served with him since the Mandalorian Wars, and she had never once been out of favor with him " Not yet, my lord,"

"I see," Revan said folding his arms across his chest.

"My lord, if I may what is the importance of the battle above Felucia?" asked Amour.

This caused the dark lord to smile beneath his mask as he spoke "This Amour was the first time our fleet was pushed back by the Republic and I have confirmed how the Jedi managed to do so."

Her master was a tactical genius always two steps ahead of his enemy in the Mandalorian wars and in this situation he was no different. Amour raising her eyebrows in a questioning look asked " Was it as you suspected sir?"

Revan nodded. "Yes, a young padawan used a Force technique. One that is very rare in those that can feel the force. The Dark Jedi that were present on Felucia reported it to me and I personally explored the records that we've secured from the Republic during that battle, that's when I knew it was her."

Amour felt a stab of jealousy hit her, she could only think of one person that could occupy her master's attention, a padawan he had kept in contact with when he left the Jedi to help the Republic. "Its Bastila Shan isn't it?

Revan felt the jealousy coming from the admiral and it wasn't surprising, he was always aware that she was attracted to him "It is," he replied simply "However I want you to...".

"Lord Revan a coded transmission from Dantooine just arrived," spoke a communications officer as he approached.

Revan turned towards the young man and spoke in a venomous voice "Very good and if you ever interrupt me again I shall see that you suffer like none before you." The communications officer whitened at this and ran back to his post to play the transmission for the dark lord.

"Lord Revan we have confirmed your suspicions regarding the Jedi council's plans. They intend to use the next engagement with your fleet as a trap. They plan to use Padawan Bastila's battle meditation to board your ship and attempt to capture you".

Revan smirked at this sometimes the council was just to predictable, and he was going to use that to his advantage. "Perfect, did you uncover where she is stationed?"

"Yes my lord, she is currently with Admiral Gallan's fleet above the Helix nebula. They are to wait for the signal of your next attack on the Republic."

Revan's smirk grew and he laughed at the council's plan "Excellent, Amour send a message to Malak and inform him to meet us at the Helix nebula." spoke Revan as he moved away from his chair and turned to leave the bridge.

Bastila fought to keep the strong emotions she felt within from overwhelming her, as Admiral Gallan described the method in which they would board Revan's ship when he attacked next.

"Alright every one understands what we're supposed to do,"Admiral Gallan paused momentarily to look around the bridge before continuing "We are going to ram the shuttle into an entry bulkhead on the starboard end of the ship, I know that and trust me when I tell you it will work, and as an added measure Padawan Bastila will be using her battle meditation until we are aboard the dark lord's ship".

"Something is not right," Bastila muttered to herself, she knew that if they managed to board Revan's ship even with her battle meditation it would only be because Revan allowed them to. Everyone began leaving the bridge to prepare for the assault on the flag ship of the Sith armada, but Bastila left for her quarters for some meditation to calm herself and to try and understand what Revan had planned.

As the door closed behind her, Bastila thought about what had happened in the past few years. The Republic was on the brink of defeat by the Mandalorian clans, until Revan and Malak joined the Republic and turned the tide of war in their favor. The final battle had taken place over Malachor five in the outer rim, the surviving Mandalorians who fled that battle were pursued by Revan and Malak into unknown space. Then the worse came when an armada of ships appeared and began conquering the outer rim, the Republic was unprepared for this new threat, as Revan their best hope to attain victory was now their enemy.

A beep on her communicator disrupted her chain of thought "Bastila Shan please report to the bridge, Master Vandar wishes to speak with you about the boarding party".

"Very well," Bastila sighed as she turned and exited her quarters, "What are you planning Revan?"

"Ah Padawan Bastila it is good of you join us," spoke Master Vandar as he turned away from the view port of the ship.

Bastila gave a small bow to the Jedi master as she spoke "Yes master, you wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes the council has decided that it is best that you join the mission to infiltrate Revan's ship," Master Vandar informed her "We believe you can use the bond between you and Revan to weaken him enough to avoid any unnecessary blood shed".

Bastila felt a wave of despair crash into her as she heard this, weaken Revan? Was such a thing possible even with a force bond, and Bastila wasn't sure what would happen when she confronted Revan.

Before Bastila could voice any objections though, Admiral Gallan approached "We have a fleet coming out of hyperspace off of the port bow at high velocity, its probably just Admiral Jase arriving to discuss our plans to take back the ship yards at Fondor".

However Bastila knew something was wrong the Republic fleets always signaled each other before sensor range. Her thoughts were confirmed when she reached out through her bond with Revan."Admiral Gallan its a Sith fleet that's approaching and Revan is with them."

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