Meetra froze as her mind tried to process what Revan had just said to her. "Godmother? WAIT! does that mean Bastila is pregnant?" Not paying attention to where she was going Meetra forgot to duck as she went to enter the ship, making her to hit her head on a metal railing and causing her fall down the ramp leading to the ship.

Seeing this Revan couldn't help but laugh hysterically, making him brace himself against the ship's bulkhead to stop himself from falling over. Quickly recovering from her fall, Meetra looked up at her long time friend and with a glare as she used the force to send him flying deep into the ship's cargo hold.

Picking herself up, Meetra walked back up the ramp into the ship. Entering the cargo hold only to find Revan sprawled across the floor still laughing like a fool. Helping him up Meetra glared at him once again before walking towards the cockpit. Smirking Revan decided to follow her and she what he could do to help with departure.

Canderous' eye began twitching in frustration as Bastila groaned or sighed (he didn't really care which) for what seemed the thousandth time since Revan had left. "How many times is she going to do that?"

" What did Revan leave in such a hurry for?"

Canderous turned towards the young Jedi, noticing she wasn't asking anyone specific so he chose to ignore her question. " Direct Statement: where the master has gone in none of your concern female meatbag."

Hearing HK-47's response caused Canderous to flinch, from the stories Revan had told him Bastila was not a women that you wanted to cross period. He still shivered in fear at the memory of Revan's personal account of when he angered her. That was the only time he had ever seen fear in his old friend's eyes.

Catching the look on Bastila's face, Canderous quickly intervened, "Stupid droid", "In truth, we do not know where Revan has departed for," Canderous relaxed slightly when he saw the anger leaving Bastila's face. " All that we know for sure is that he has ordered us to be your personal guard until he returns."

Hearing this caused Bastila to be slightly confused, why would she need a personal guard and on Revan's personal ship of all things. "Before you ask, no we don't even know why he assigned you a personal guard." Saying all he interned to say Canderous once again turned his attention towards the door.

Sighing in defeat Bastila settled into the bed and reached for one of the holo novels Revan had left for her. Suddenly a thought struck her, it was a chance a slim one but still a chance. "Ordo?" Canderous turned towards her once more, silently acknowledging her. "Could I ask you to pass on a message to Admiral Amour for me?"

Hearing this caused Canderous to raise an eyebrow in confusion, "Is she crazy, disturbing Amour now of all times?" Turning fully to face her he took a step towards her, "And this message would be?"

As the Ebon Hawk exited hyperspace, Revan was incredibly bored, so to entertain himself he started drumming his fingers across his mask.

"Will you please stop that?!"

Revan couldn't help but smile. Ever since he caused Meetra to embarrass herself, she had refused to utter so much as a word to him since take off. "Speaking to me again are we?" the amusement clearly evident in his voice.

Shooting him yet another glare, Meetra redirected her attention to towards the planet before them. "Its been a while since we were last here, hasn't it?

Revan looked towards the planet and despite himself a smile formed on his lips, "Ya the... err six years, I think. Feels a little weird to be back doesn't it?"


He didn't look at her, no one was suppose to know that he had returned to Dantooine three years ago on the eve of Bastila's initiate trials to become a padawan. Not even Bastila was aware he had returned that night.

"Nothing, although I think it's time I told you why we're hear."

Meetra knew he was hiding something, but decided it was best to let it go for now.

"Alright, enlighten me."

"You remember the briefing I gave after i was released from the medical bay?"

Meetra was slightly confused now, "Revan what are you getting at?"

Revan stood up and started to leave the cockpit but he stopped before he turned the corner. Turning towards her, he uttered the six words that Meetra was terrified of hearing.

"Malak, he may still be alive."

Admiral Amour sat behind a spare desk in Revan's office. Although she was in command until he returned she didn't dare use his desk, she felt nervous just using his office. Noticing a screen activate on Revan's desk, Amour quickly moved to see what was on the screen. Seeing an ensign heading towards the office caused the admiral so sigh in relief as she sunk into Revan's chair. However as soon as she realized were she was sitting, Amour quickly shot up and ran towards the door.

This was the first time Revan had left her in charge of the entire armada, and she was so scared she was gonna mess it up. Trying to settle her nerves, Amour exited the office to meet the ensign. Amour noticed the ensign looked tad nervous, "Can I help you?"

The ensign jumped a bit at being addressed by the admiral so casually. "Uh... admiral I have a message from the mandalorian stationed in the medical bay."

Amour nodded, "What could Canderous possibly want?" The ensign took the nod as the admiral's acknowledgement to continue. " He wanted me to tell you, that witch he's guarding would like to speak with you."

Amour felt a surge of rage course through her for two reasons. One because Bastila probably wanted to pester her about Revan's whereabouts, secondly that the ensign dared to insult what Revan held most precious. Before she could even think Amour struck the ensign across the face so hard he fell to the floor. "You DARE to insult Lord Revan's personal guest?"

Saying that the ensign was terrified would be an understatement. "Lord Revan's personal...," a look of realization appearing as his voice trailed off.

Amour smiled as she saw the ensign noticing his mistake"Yes and you would do well to curb that attitude of yours from this point on." At this Amour turned headed towards the turbo lift leaving a shocked ensign in here wake.

Bastila was surprised to say the least, she hadn't expected the admiral to respond immediately to her request.

"You wished to speak with me Shan?"

Bastila frowned slightly at Amour's tone, but decided to let it slide for the moment. "Yes but before that," turning towards Canderous and HK-47, "May we have a moment alone please?"

HK-47 didn't even acknowledge her and Canderous was furious at the request, "Lord Revan's orders..."

"The two of you step outside NOW!"

Canderous looked at the Amour like she was insane. No one disobeyed Revan's personal orders. No one was even crazy enough to try and bend them. "I will deal with the consequences now OUT!"

At this Canderous stormed out of the med bay with HK-47 casually following behind him. Smiling at the fact that she made a mandalorian lose his composer Amour once again addressed Bastila, "Care to talk now?"

Trying not to laugh Bastila nodded, "Yes, I am aware that Revan told you where he was going and that he probably gave you orders not to tell anyone."

"I knew she was going to try and get me to tell her something."

"I'm also aware that your the only person able to contact him at this time."

" What are you getting at Shan?"

"If I'm right about where Revan is heading then I'd like you to tell him something. Something he doesn't know that I'm aware of."