There comes a time in every forgotten person's life where things just get too great for them to handle. Matthew Williams, Canada, was by far no exception to this rule. His whole life, constantly forgotten, constantly ignored. He figured he'd grin and bear it, people would come around right? Things would always get better. He really did think that way for such a long time, going to meetings and trying to get a word in. This never worked, but he tried anyway. He couldn't find comfort in his Papa, or Daddy...not even his own brother. Maybe the only thing that really set him off was one specific furry creature.

Matthew woke up like normal, slipped on his slippers and streatched. Today was rather cold, so he threw on a shirt as well. He ran a hand through his blonde hair as he bore holes in his own head in the mirror. Did...he always look like that? Was he always so pathetic? He shook his head, biting his bottom lip as he looked down. Maybe he'd call Papa...he could help right? He slowly stalked into the kitchen, grabbing the phone as he readied himself to make some pancakes for breakfast. Later on, they where about to have a world meeting, and he did need to ask France if he wanted some of his cooking as well. He hummed lightly, waiting for the other to pick up-but after a few rings it went straight to voice mail. He figured Francis was busy right? He was a nation after all, they did get busy he reasoned. He sighed and hung up, not bothering with a message, he never checked anyway.

He slipped into his warm jacket and threw on his goggles on his head after eating breakfast, "Kumajiro," he started, causing the bear to look up immeditately. He wasn't used to his name being called! "Can you stay home today?" he offered softly, gently petting the little white bear's head. Kumajiro just whined a little, curling back up on the couch and falling asleep. He had to giggle lightly. He was just so cute...


Meetings lost their meanings at this point in time. Alot of the time it ended in a grope fest, couples getting cozy (or forced to) and left the Canadian completely alone at this point. He stared, a fake smile twitching on his face as his hand fidgeted. He couldn't help but be annoyed, the past demons where bubbling up and calling. But he'd be fine...he'd be okay. He'd always be okay right? Just smile...and it'll be okay. He took a deep breath, fiddling with his hockey stick. His blades where to his side on his floor. It was the midest of winter at the moment...and there was many frozen bodies of water he could skate on, play around with the puck. He did that often, not that anyone really noticed that, either. But right now he wished he brought his beloved pet with him-atleast he wouldn't be alone right now. Completely alone...forgotten...his hand twitched on his hockey stick again, silently seething. Just like always.

"DUDE!" His loud-mouthed brother shrieked in the Canadian's ear, "Micheal, can I borrow ten bucks? I made a bet with France and lo-" he was cut off when the end of the hockey stick met the side of his head. He fell, quickly,

"I'M FUCKING MATTHEW YOU DAMN PRICK!" he screamed in rage, panting a bit. Everyone stopped to stare at the little nation. It was just so...uncharacteristically him. Matthew laughed psycotically with a smile to match, "All you damn fuckers! Remeber who I am, eh? EH!" he laughed a little. Everyone's mouth hung open, even the Russian was fairly disturbed by this image. But Arthur wouldn't buy it, no. He was very upset that his little American left on the floor, bleeding.

"Matthew! Stop being a bloody wanker! You just hi-" He didn't get to finish before he was smacked too. At the second crack everyone heard...then they started to take action. Francis tried reasoning with his little Matthew,

"Mon cher...please relax," he cooed softly, reaching to touch the Canadian, only to get smacked away, "Oh, please do tell me whats wrong. You know Papa cares." he tried, only to earn a glare,

"The fuck you do!" he screamed, repeditively beating the Frenchman. By this time, Yao had taken his Kiku away, as well as Antonio to Lovino. The German forced Feliciano to go out with Spain and his brother as he and Prussia tried to restrain the blonde. Matthew kicked and screamed bloody murder (an approprate scream for anyone else),"GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!" he shreiked, slinging French insults around. Nobody knew what the hell he was talking about and their only translator was out cold and beaten. Lithuania managed to break away from Russia, who held him back, and took Canada's face in his hands boldly,

"Matthew...stop..." he mumbled softly. They where close friends...and the blonde would never hurt Toris in a million years. Canada soon fell silent, looking down as he fell limp.

"Mon dieu...what did I do?" he breathed quietly as he was released. Toris smiled lightly,

"...Its okay." the Lithuanian assured, "They'll be's only natural to have built up stress." he offered. Matthew shook his head, rubbing his forehead. Prussia scoffed lightly,

"...Phsyco bitch." he grunted out. Canada's pupils shrunk at the comment, the tears that where falling out still giving Toris false security. He suddenly whipped around, cracking Prussia in the head next, causing Ludwig to hissed,

"Bruder!" he growled, struggling with the other's stick, trying to take it away. But to the German's suprise...that little Canadian was strong. Toris immediately looked to Ivan for help. He knew he himself could never restrain Matthew, especially if Ludwig couldn't. The Russian actually complied, grinning a little shakily,

"Now now, Mattie. Don't you want to-" he was cut off immediately when the end of the stick jammed into his forehead, blood pouring out. That one, even made the Canadian stop, but only for a minute. Ludwig gasped a little,

"Oh fuck..." he breathed out as Toris screamed at the sight, immediately shutting his eyes. But Matthew was now free. Completely free...he immediately grabbed Toris' wrist, smiling with his blood-splattered face,

"...Lets go ice skating, eh?" he offered brightly, like absolutely nothing even happened. He grabbed his skates, dragging Toris away from the scene.



Woah guys .-. this will be the first of few. Its called 'Onomatopoeia'...because he 'snaps'. Clever da? Kolkolkol...

as if they died, well, the three blondies and Prussia sure didn't...but Russia...thats debateable.

God, if Matthew ever snapped like that in the'd be so fucking hot, right?

maybe thats just me. person to snap will be Antonio, then Toris...possible Raivis...that all depends.