So we were playing Truth or Dare, and I kept being dared to write Tsu/Jir ficlets by Carlafox1997. So I decided as long as I have them, why not post all of the drabbles? I'll add to them as she gives me more dares ;)

Why Are you Watching Me?

Tsunade walked along the streets of Konoha lost in thought. She had only been back in the village for a couple days and she was still uncomfortable with the respect people gave her. Even Jiraiya, the baka, had referred to her as Hokage-sama a few times. Speaking of the other Sannin...

"Jiraiya, what are you doing?" the blonde woman shouted, startling her former teammate who was perched in a tree. With a thud and slight yelp, the man fell off his branch and landed right in front of her.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't crush you where you lay," Tsunade threatened, heel raised high to slam down on Jiraiya.

The white-haired shinobi spoke out quickly, "Because I was looking at you." The unexpected answer stopped the descent of her foot. "What?"

Jiraiya stood up from the ground slowly, dusting himself off.

"I was looking at you," he repeated, staring into her amber eyes. "Y-You baka! I bet you were only looking at a certain part!" Tsunade spluttered, raising a fist to punch her teammate.

"Yes," he agreed quietly. "A certain part, but not the one you're thinking of."

Again the answer stilled her body, preventing her from wreaking pain upon the toad hermit. "Which part then?"

"You're face," he told her quietly, searching it with his eyes. "Your hair, your eyes, your nose, and your mouth. Your cheeks, your eyelashes, each and every part perfect."

An uncharacteristic blush spread over Tsunade's face, making her even cuter in Jiraiya's opinion. "Stay perfect, hime," he told her almost inaudibly, and pressed a kiss to her forehead before walking away.

Tsunade stood in the middle of that deserted street for a long time, just remembering the moment