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"Well there, Edward Cullen...it's been a long time since I've seen you, son." I looked up from the shelves of movies I was currently pursuing in Video Barn, Forks' only video rental store, and found myself face to face with Charlie Swan, or Police Chief Swan to the rest of the town. He was also the father of my ex-girlfriend, Bella. "How are you doing?"

"I can't complain, sir," I replied awkwardly as I fumbled with the box I was holding, dropping it to the ground out of surprise. I bent down to retrieve it and thanked god the Chief couldn't see the soft core porn box I currently grasped in my hands because of the shelves between us. I shoved the movie haphazardly back onto the shelf and turned towards the Chief with a small smile. "And yourself? How are you and Mrs. Swan doing these days?"

"Same old, same old. I saw your mother last week at the post office and she told me that you graduated from the University of Washington with honors, that's great news."

"Yeah, I can't complain. I worked hard, but it was worth it."

"Hard work is always worth it. Are you working now?"

"I just moved back to town actually. I moved into a small two bedroom townhouse with Emmett McCarty last week, and I start working for my father's accounting firm after the July 4th holiday. He thought it was best if I had a small break from school before diving headfirst into the family business."

Charlie bristled slightly when I mentioned Emmett, because since we had arrived in town Emmett had received two speeding tickets. He was my college roommate who morphed almost overnight into my best friend. When I said I was moving home, Emmett got a job working for an architecture firm out of Port Angeles and decided to come with me. "That's great, Edward. My Bella graduated from UCLA at the end of May and Renee and I went down to visit her for a week. She's doing well, working full-time for the company that hired her part-time in her second year. We're all very proud of her."

"As you should be, sir," I replied as my heart dropped to my stomach. Every time I heard someone mention Bella's name, which was far less frequent these days, it felt like I had been kicked in the gut. If someone asked me to describe Bella in the fewest words possible, I would simply tell them that she was the one who got away.

Bella and I started dating in the middle of ninth grade and we fumbled through first love as most high school kids did. I was the quintessential middle school geek who grew a whole foot in the 10th grade, got contacts and discovered how to style my hair courtesy of the internet. I loved math, but my love for it was second only to Bella. She was the literature lover, who volunteered at the library and became senior class president as well as valedictorian of our senior class at Forks High School. We lost our virginities together on the night of junior prom in a small room at the Pinecone Inn after we snuck out from the dance, which was held in the gym. We were inseparable and people always mentioned our names together. It was always 'Edward Cullen and Bella Swan' everywhere we went. I loved every single second of it.

However, after four years together, she wanted to go to California for college and I got a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington for accounting. My parents weren't wealthy, sure my father owned his own accounting firm, but it wasn't huge and was based out of Forks. He didn't have a ton of clients, but those he had were loyal to a fault. I couldn't justify asking my parents to cover my expenses at UCLA, so, I gave up my dreams of Bella and me together in Southern California and did what was right for my family.

In fact, I was still doing what was right for my family, which was why I was going to begin working for my father's small company in a month's time. It wasn't my dream, but it was a good start to a decent life. Unfortunately, it wasn't the life I truly wanted.

"I'll let Renee and Bella know how great you are doing. Take care of yourself, Edward." I nodded my head in response and gave a small wave to the Chief before I grabbed a couple of random movies off the nearest shelf.

As I approached the cashier, I was still a little rattled at my interaction with Charlie. I knew Bella was doing well in Los Angeles, but that was just shit I had heard through the grapevine and by seeing bits and pieces of her profile on Facebook. We weren't friends, but I could see some info through friends of friends or however that shit worked.

Seeing the pride on the face of her father and knowing she was thriving sort of disappointed me. I knew I shouldn't have let it bother me, but it did. I was hoping she would come back to Forks after graduation and we could reconnect, but that clearly wasn't a possibility now. I couldn't exactly move to Los Angeles, and from what Charlie told me it didn't seem like she was moving back. It was selfish of me to wish she wasn't doing so well, but I couldn't help it. I had missed her every day for the past four years.

I paid for my movies and made my way home in the same old Volvo I had owned since senior year of high school. The same car Bella had broken up with me in.

"Eduardo, where have you been man?" Emmett questioned as I walked in the door with our pizzas and the movies. "My stomach has been in revolt for the past thirty minutes. You know I need food like every three hours or I begin to get blurry vision." Every time I was slow bringing home take-out, Emmett had some lame ass excuse. Once he claimed he would become a leper if I didn't get his Big Mac to him while it was still warm. It was this annoying trait, and several others actually, that made me wonder why we were friends to begin with.

"I ran into an old friend."

"A girl? Please tell me this town has girls, because if I am being completely honest with you, the dick to pussy ratio in this town seems very high, like really fucking high. I bet for every 15 guys in this town there is one decent looking chick. I went to the grocery store today and every woman in there was over 70."

"Not a girl, you douchebag. My ex-girlfriend's dad." Emmett grumbled, knowing full well I was talking about Chief Swan and he launched himself off the couch to grab some pizza.

"That man has it out for me. I think he hates me by association. He probably knows you defiled his daughter on every surface in his house, and because you are such a loveable schmuck, I get the trouble you deserve."

"For the record, you deserved both of those speeding tickets, and it wasn't every surface. We didn't do it on his kitchen counter or on his La-Z-Boy."

"I still claim that those street signs were hidden."

"No, you just weren't paying attention, asshole."

"Shut the fuck up, Cullen." Emmett smiled brightly at me, then nudged me with his arm as he grabbed another slice of pizza and made his way back over to the couch with the bag containing our video rentals. "So, what did you get for us today?"

"I don't remember. I think I got Clash of the Titans for you though," I remarked in passing as I climbed the stairs and went into my bedroom to change into something more comfortable.

I powered up my laptop when I walked into my sparsely decorated room and, after I slipped on a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, I found myself stalking Facebook for more information on Bella. There were a few things I could see from her profile since we weren't technically friends. She was still listed as single and interested in men, which was a relief, not that I ever thought I could see her playing for the other team. Of course, her profile picture reminded me just how fucking beautiful she was, with her long dark hair and expressive brown eyes. I felt my cock stir and growled in response. What the fuck was it about her that always seemed to make my dick point north with just a quick glimpse?

I mean, I had girlfriends while I was at college and sure, I got my dick wet often enough, but never was it as good as it was with Bella. She was smart, sweet and sexy all at once, and she didn't even realize it. When we first started dating, the kissing would drive me completely nuts and I can't even count high enough to list the number of times I came in my jeans while we made out or ran home to jerk off repeatedly to visions of her. It was worse when we actually started having sex.

We waited until we were almost 17 to make love for the first time, but after that it was like the floodgates were open and Bella and I were insatiable. We did it during lunch breaks in supply closets, in my mother's car and whenever her parents were out late, I usually came over and we fucked anywhere we could. Hell, we even did it three times in one night on her parents' bed. I was a little proud of it too, since he was the Chief of Police and all that. However, my sex drive took a nose dive when she broke up with me. I just didn't want to be with anyone else.

I shut my laptop in frustration and made my way back out to the kitchen, eager to have a slice of pizza and forget my afternoon encounter with Charlie Swan. I stopped dead in my tracks at the bottom of the stairs when I heard the most outlandish noises ever coming from the TV and Emmett.

"Oh fuck, so fucking tight, baby," the deep voice on the video said as Emmett groaned, his pizza long forgotten and his hand resting covertly over the crotch of his jeans.

"Jesus... what in the fuck are you watching?"

"This is apparently Clash of the Titans. Well, that's what the box said anyways," he said with a wide grin as he remained focused on the action on the screen. Some greasy looking blonde guy with long hair was fucking the hell out of some girl doggy style against a pool table. "Just look at the ass on the girl... fucking phenomenal. I'd fuck and bite the shit out of that any day of the week, my friend."

"Emmett, turn this shit off. Obviously the DVD case had the wrong video in it."

"Whatever man, I much prefer this to a bunch of guys fighting and shit. I mean... fuck, those tits are beautiful. I bet they are real too. Fake ones don't bounce like that." I cocked my head to the side and watched as the greasy blonde used his hand to move the curtain of dark hair back to showcase the girls face.

"Holy Fucking Shit."