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Perhaps they weren't seeing the point of the spell; maybe what they needed was to have this chance. After all Dawn, Connor and Faith had lost their entire childhood 'cause of monks, crazy vampire hunters and wicked oracles, so yeah, this could be their second chance.

Buffy took her eldest child to bed, kissing her forhead and lighting a lampshade making the room shine in a blue color. She had a feeling Faith might be the one to come back to her natural form earlier than her siblings, but at the same time she kept thinking about all the memories the oracles had gave her and if the answer was not replacing them with new and happy memories.

"Mommy?" Faith whispered in her dreamy state "Will you sing me a song?" Buffy lay down and curled up on her daughter's side "Okay, sugar bear, what'd you wanna hear? Somewhere over the rainbowl? The girl smiled turning to her mother's and hugging her dorso "No momma, another.." She said snuggling deeper into her mother's embrace while Buffy starts singing "Stars shining bright above you. Night breezes seem to whisper I love you. Birds singing in the sycamore tree…" while at the same time she played with her child's hair, sending her to a dreamland sleep while still softly whisphering"Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you. Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you. But in your dreams, whatever they be…"

"…dream a little dream of me." Angel finished watching her from the door, extending his hand to her. Buffy smiled extracting herself out of Faith's bed gently without alarming or waking the girl, and catching her lover's hand kissing him slighlty.

"God, I love you so much." He murmured on her lips, she smirked before feeling his lips connect to hers again.

For Buffy being a parent was something natural, came so easily she hadn't much thought of it, much to Angel's surprise. But now that their children needed more than support and affection, she was terrified. How she could be the mother they needed her to be so the effects of the spell vanished?

She thought about her youngest, what Connor missed? What Dawn lost while being a key, and most of all Faith, it ached to think how much damage the powers had done to them.

"What's going on that head of yours?" Angel queried while playing with his wife's hair they were laying down in bed simply happy to be together, able to share all this. "Maybe, we have to give them what they missed!" Buffy said sitting "I mean, take Faithy for example, they sent her to a drugged mother and a drunk father, then her watcher was a freaking psychopath who tried to kill her later, what has she missed Angel? Her childhood? Her teens? I don't know! And I'm so scared to mess this up.

How about we make a plan; we could talk to the gang and see what they think, if they agree with you theory, my love. Now sleep a bit, will ya? I'll check the gang and the kids." He whispers kissing her forehead.

Angel left the room, going to his baby's room, well it had become the baby's room if you had entered this morning you would had say it was a perfect teenage girl room, but now, the bed had been put aside and two cribs were positioned side by side.

Dawn was sleeping calmly; the up and down rise of her small chest warming his heart, the younger girl had light blond hair a small smile on her lips. His son slumbered, his thumb in his month, his breath coming out in small puffs his hair dark like his father's was messy on the pillow.

Buffy was probably right, Connor had lost his childhood in a hell dimension and Dawnie hadn't had one at all, not unless you consider memories created by crazy monks a decent childhood.

He touch both his children and went down to check on the gang, apparently most had left, his gang had gone to the mansion, which was the most obvious and reasonable thing to do. Giles and Wesley were still looking over a book, Willow had slept over on the couch, Xander was sprawled on the floor, and Anya had a book on her lap sitting in the armchair.

"Sire?" Spike called in a whisper. "Sorry William, did I wake you?" He replied.

"Nah, I was wondering if the rugrats are okay." He said getting up. "They're fine, just checked on them." Angel responded.

"The slayer got a clue of anything?" His child asked in wonder.

"She has an idea, not sure how is going to turn out though."

"Involves killing? Because I don't think the kids need that." Angel laugh on his childe's antics, he was a ridiculous man, scratch that a pathetic excuse for a vampire, not that he would ever let him know that.

"Buffy thinks that if we give them their childhood and experiences they have lost the moment they came here it might trigger the spell, show us the way."

"Blonde has a nice theory, I'll give her that. We just have to convince the others." Giles and Wesley raised their head from their respective books smiling at the two vampires. "Buffy is right, is the only way, because everything else is certainly a blur." said the eldest watcher.

"My back is killing me. I'm too old for this." Giles murmured and both vampires sighed. Yet they knew he wouldn't do otherwise.

"Where's Buffy?" asked Wesley cleaning his glasses.

"In bed, told her to get some sleep." Angel answered "Tea guys?"

"Oh, why not?" They said shrugging.

Meanwhile in Buffy's dreamland

Buffy was touching her belly, her first child, Joyce was gonna lose it, she was only seventeen, how the heck she would cope with a child? Especially now, without her soul mate; she could imagine her child already a baby with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, with perfect little hands.

She went into a sleep state of mind , the oracles came into the room and decided she couldn't or better wouldn't have this child; the first toy Buffy had bought for her unborn child was taken, as was the child's soul itself. She woke up feeling empty as if something majorly important had been taken from her, she thought of Angel and his scared brown eyes looking back at her. It would haunt her forever.

It was been clear to Buffy that this dream would show her how her children happened, she didn't know how or who was giving her this, but she would fully accept it. Maybe like this she would know how to reach them.

The next was quite obvious and she wasn't surprise to see that after the 'dream' she had had with Angel the course was pretty much the same, except she was a bit older this time. And finally, when she went to LA to confront him, their night together and when Angel decided her life was more valuable to him then his, her last baby was again erased from her body and mind.

The dream was changed to a small baby touching Buffy's face. Brown hair and dark eyes, she instantly recognized the child – Faith, so perfectly smiling at her.

In a flash the scene was changed, she was in her room now, her mother smiling at the child, but this wasn't Faith, it was Dawn, sleeping profoundly in a crib posted in the side of Buffy's bed. The infant was so young that it barely had hair and Joyce was simply charmed by it.

For the last time the scene changed, Buffy was in a room she didn't recognize for the first moment but a smile came across her face the moment she saw Angel, he was inclined towards the crib whispering an Irish lullaby, she knew, without a doubt that it should be Connor, her baby boy, Buffy walked reaching Angel and hugging him from behind.

"He's so perfect, love." Angel said, holding her arms around him. She kissed his back murmuring a 'humm'.

She felt someone move beside her and turned waking surprise by all of it. "Angel?"

"Sorry baby, I didn't mean to wake you." He answered.

"I just had the strangest dream ever. How is it even possible? To see them and have an idea of what could have been if they hadn't been taken away from my arms reach." A tear escaped her eyes.

"Oh, beloved, we will make it better, I know. We will figure it out. Tomorrow the gang will be here and we will talk with them about your idea, Giles, Wes and Spike agreed that it is the most logical thing to do." He told her, kissing her head. She snuggled up to his side a bit more, closing her eyes to try and go back to sleep.