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"Physical exams?"

"Yes," Chopper insists, waving the stack of folders he's clutching in one hoof. "I need to update my medical records. I haven't seen any of you for two years! How am I supposed to be your doctor if my files are out of date?"

"He's got a point," Nami admits to the others, shrugging. "Who do you want first?"

"I volunteer!" Franky cries, flexing both arms over his head and freezing momentarily in a familiar pose - prompting most of his nakama to smile or grin in recognition - before casually returning them to his sides. "Chopper, examine me first! I've got to show you all my super new upgrades!"

The doctor cringes, envisioning days spent cataloging whatever crazy modifications Franky's completed on his own body in the past two years. BF-37, whatever that means, according to the labels on his- shoulders? Well, Chopper supposes they're still shoulders even though they look quite a bit different than the last time he saw them. Truth be told, ever since they've regrouped, the reindeer's been wondering just exactly how much of the cyborg is still human flesh at this point.

Thankfully, Nami comes to the rescue. "Ah, why don't you see Sanji-kun first, so he can get dinner started when you're done?"

"An excellent idea, as should be expected from Nami-swan," Sanji sighs, oblivious to the smug grins that the navigator's exchanging with Robin on how he's been neatly trapped into a schedule that will keep him too busy to accidentally blunder into his mellorines' appointments.

"Idiot," Zoro snorts, which prompts a snarl of protest from the offended cook and a brief squabble in which Nami shortly declares herself victor by smashing their heads together hard enough to raise lumps.

"Actually, I'd like to see you first, Zoro," Chopper tells the swordsman as he stands rubbing his bruised skull. "I'd like to evaluate your depth perception."

Waving a hand in dismissal, the older pirate mutters something about taking first watch and reacquainting himself with the weights he hasn't used in two years. He's stopped by Luffy's tight grip on his forearm.

"Chopper said Zoro first."

There's an awkward silence as everyone makes a point to avoid looking directly at the captain or the man he's restraining. Zoro's been extremely tight-lipped about his missing eye since returning to the Sunny, responding to their questions with nonchalant shrugs or murderous glares depending on who's asking, and no one's been willing to push the issue for good reason.

Zoro's dour expression states that he might don his bandana and go for Wado at any moment, but an unimpressed Luffy is glowering right back from the shadow beneath his hat's brim. Unlike everyone else, he's avoided asking sensitive questions about the swordsman's time spent training on Kuraigana Island, and Nami seriously doubts that it's because he's afraid of incurring the swordsman's wrath.

Neither pirate looks inclined to back down, and she's suddenly aware that she's holding her breath, fearful that they're going to start exchanging blows capable of making that ridiculous misunderstanding at Whiskey Peak so long ago seem like a friendly dispute. The tension that's been building since they returned to the ship is now thick enough to sink teeth into, and even the newer crew members - who've never seen Luffy's rage turned on one of his own and don't really believe it possible - are exchanging wary glances.

"L-Luffy, it's okay," Chopper stammers nervously, "I can take Sanji f-"

"Tch. Fine, whatever," Zoro growls, twisting his arm sharply so Luffy's forced to let go. Without waiting to see if Chopper's following, he stalks up the stairs to the second level and slams open the dining hall door, taking the shortest path to the infirmary.

Luffy grins and pats the terrified doctor on the head. "Zoro and me first, right?"

The remaining Straw Hats wait in silence as their captain escorts the anxious and protesting reindeer away. As soon as the dining hall door clicks shut, everyone starts talking at once.

"What the hell is Zoro's problem?"

"Haramaki-bro's got issues..."

"Shitty bastard never-"

No one's more surprised than Nami herself when she unexpectedly defends the swordsman's poor behavior. "It's not entirely his fault, you know. Luffy's not exactly helping, and the more they tip-toe around each other, the worse it gets."

She's actually seriously considering asking her crewmates to help her lock both idiots alone in the pantry in hopes that some time alone - and possibly a good hard fuck - will straighten things out, but there's no guaranteeing how much damage they might do to each other or the ship before they get to that point. And she also knows exactly what Sanji will say in response this idea, so she keeps it to herself.

"What if Zoro leaves?" Usopp demands. "I mean, half the time he doesn't even show up for meals anymore, and Luffy just smiles and tells us to leave him alone."

"Well, he's not raiding the kitchen after hours. I'd know."

"He's not going to just suddenly vanish," Nami tells them sternly, despite the nauseous flicker of disquiet in her stomach because she's been privately agonizing over the same thing. "Besides, you know Luffy wouldn't let him off the ship without a fight."

She fixes Usopp with a reprimanding eye. "And he let you off easy. Don't expect him to do the same for Zoro."

It's more likely, she thinks, that both captain and swordsman would be injured beyond Chopper's abilities, if Zoro even hinted that he might consider leaving as a solution to this mess. Although Nami's still not sure exactly why those two continue tip-toeing around each other like wary strays meeting on unfamiliar territory; everyone else in the crew fell right back into place, didn't they?

Granted, nobody else on the crew is finding themselves in the awkward situation of being crammed into tight quarters - and despite being larger than Merry, Sunny still doesn't have much room for privacy when you're surrounded by nothing but water and eight other people all with their own very unique idiosyncrasies - with an ex-lover. Which, the navigator muses, is another question entirely.

Ex-lover? Former lover? What do you call someone who never actually broke off a relationship with you but rather was suddenly catapulted elsewhere for two years according to the whim of a strangely gifted and extremely large man resembling a bear? No wonder Luffy and Zoro are having issues with-

"I don't think you're giving him enough credit," Robin states smoothly, interrupting Nami's thoughts. "Luffy means far too much to our swordsman for him to simply abandon this ship. He's not likely to just turn his back on someone for whom he's willing to die, even if he's not speaking to the captain right now."

This proclamation is greeted with several blank stares and brows furrowed in confusion, from all but two crewmates who caught the exact meaning of the historian's reference.

"You knew? How- no, never mind."

"So it appears that Sanji-san and myself were not the only ones privy to Zoro-san's noble indiscretion," Brook muses, tapping bony fingertips against his jaw. "And I intended to take that secret to my grave. Although-"

"What are you talking about?" Nami demands, before the grinning skeleton can drop the inevitable skull joke. "What secret?"

She's sure that Sanji will trip over himself in eagerness to answer her question, but the cook surprises her by quietly and methodically lighting himself a cigarette, his face troubled, as though he's considering exactly how much to say.

It's Robin that finally answers. "Our Kenshi-san's encounters with Bartholomew Kuma have never ended particularly well..."

"When- are you talking about that time at Thriller Bark? When Zoro got all beat up but wouldn't tell anybody what happened?" Nami asks, flabbergasted. She's still staring at Sanji, and the cook's obvious refusal to meet her eyes provides all the answer she needs. "I knew it! I knew you knew something, but you claimed that you couldn't remember anything after the Shichibukai knocked you out!"

She expects an apology, possibly accompanied by whimpering and heartfelt tears, but not the strained expression that crosses his face.

"I- I promised." His fingers twist the cigarette between them, crumpling it even though he's only smoked a quarter of it, and he stares down as though it's a thing he's never seen before. "Kuma- he knocked me out the first time. Zoro knocked me out the second time."

"Sanji-san offered to take his place," Brook explains rather glibly, "-and Zoro-san wouldn't have it."

"What do you mean, take his place?" Usopp asks suspiciously, because although the cook's busy stomping on the musician's toe bones - a futile endeavor if the sniper's ever seen one - Robin is nodding gravely in agreement.

The historian blinks as she finds herself under intense scrutiny, as Sanji and Brook are fussing and therefore too preoccupied to answer any questions. "Ah, well, if I understand what I heard-"

"That ear thing's handy, isn't it?" Franky mumbles, nudging Usopp. "You should design something like that, let us eavesdrop on the-"

He grunts as Nami's fist collides with his head, although he wonders just how the heck she managed that considering he's about two feet taller than her. "OW! Yes, yes, I'm aware of that, thank you."

"Only an idiot would thank me for calling him a pervert. Sorry, Robin, you were saying-?"

Robin resumes with an air of long-suffering patience. "From what I heard, the Tyrant fully intended to take Luffy's head after rendering everyone unconscious. Zoro and Sanji somehow avoided the worst of the impact and offered themselves in exchange."

"I tried," Sanji mutters gruffly, abandoning his satisfying but ultimately useless kicking of Brook's boney ass. "-but that shitty Marimo insisted on playing the hero. Made me look like a complete idiot."

"You were an idiot! Both of you!" Nami's fists are trembling so violently that every man takes a step back. "Zoro nearly died, and you could've too! Why didn't you tell us?"

The cook's mouth works soundlessly, and Robin lays a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"We kept our silence to protect Luffy."

"And I intend to continue keeping it," Sanji says softly, locking eyes with the navigator. She glares back, but his gaze doesn't waver even though he wants desperately for her to stop scowling at him.

"I agree."

Robin's support is a relief; at least one of his mellorines remains unruffled, even if he thinks the fire burning in Nami's eyes could potentially re-light his extinguished cigarette. Oh, but she's a goddess when she's enraged-

"Zoro will tell Sencho-san when and if he feels the time right, and the situation is far too complicated at this point. Telling Luffy now may only drive them further apart, and I fear that once we pass through Fishman Island and on to the New World, petty squabbles and internal conflict may prove to be our undoing."

"Ah, I love when Robin-chwan uses such extensive and eloquent vocabulary~"

Nami sighs, her anger giving way to the historian's logic, but Usopp and Franky don't intend to cave quite as quickly.

"But what if-"

"You sure Mugiwara doesn't have the right to know what-"

"I'm sure I can trust you to keep your silence," Robin tells them, and although she's smiling pleasantly, her fingers twitch against her crossed arms, and Franky cringes and fights the urge to clap protective hands over his balls.

"Err, whatever Robin thinks best, right Usopp?"

"R-Right!" Usopp grins nervously, ignoring Sanji's snort and Nami's smirk, because while Franky would assuredly find some way to build cybernetic replacements, the sniper would much rather keep his original parts.


Zoro hates the infirmary with a passion that rivals his distaste for that damn ero-cook's revolting and melodramatic cavorting around anything wearing a skirt. As one of the crew's primary fighters, he's seen entirely too much of these four walls while their disgruntled doctor bandages and stitches and jabs him with needles containing clear liquids that the reindeer insists will prevent infection, despite the swordsman's strident protests that he'll heal just fine without all the medical mumbo-jumbo.

Two years absence hasn't done much to change his mind; one glance at that familiar tile floor and a good whiff of the stringent scent of disinfectant invading his nostrils, and he nearly stomps straight through the room and out the back door.

But he agreed to this, and he knows Chopper sincerely loves this room and all its paraphernalia, so he un-straps his swords and drops wearily onto the rolling chair resting next to the doctor's desk to wait, impatiently tapping his fingers against the ink blotter.

It's only a few moments before a small fuzzy head peeks nervously into the room around the door frame, and the reindeer squeaks loudly in alarm as Luffy nudges him through and then stands blocking the doorway so he can't dart back out.

"Let's get this over with," Zoro grumbles, a bit less gruffly than he intends, because Chopper's resorted to clinging rather adorably to the captain's left leg and vehemently resisting repeated attempts to pry him loose. He's not actually angry with the doctor anyway, just frustrated and feeling slightly cornered because this is the closest he and Luffy have come to being alone since the crew regrouped. "The sooner you get done poking and prodding, the faster I get out of here."

"I-I don't poke and prod," Chopper protests in annoyance, distracted into letting go of Luffy's leg long enough for the captain to push him further into the room and close the door behind them.

"Get out."

Zoro's low growl makes the doctor immediately forget his bravado, but Luffy just crosses his arms over his chest and leans back against the door. "Nope."

"Get. The. Fuck. Out."

Something akin to distress flashes briefly through the captain's eyes, but he doesn't budge, leveling a frosty glare at the swordsman. "Shanks told me a long time ago that a captain's responsible for making sure his crew's fit to sail."


"Luffy!" Chopper hisses, watching Zoro's hands nervously for any sign that they might be straying closer to his weapons. "Just go, and I'll-"

What he's about to say goes against every moral fiber in his being, because he believes completely in the need for patient-doctor confidentiality, even if the members of this crew have gotten distressingly adept at tricking him into revealing too much. But he's very much aware of the unnatural strain between his two nakama, possibly more so than anyone else including the captain and swordsman themselves, and he can't afford a battle in his medical room. Not with so many delicate instruments and expensive medicines freshly stocked and ready for use.

"I-I'll tell you later."

"OI!" Zoro barks, erupting out of his chair, and Chopper flinches. "Don't you dare-"

"I'm sorry! I-"

Luffy interrupts them both by slamming his fist against the wall by the closed door. The doctor utters a wail of alarm that he quickly muffles with both hooves at the sight of the captain's clenched teeth and narrowed eyes, but Zoro just glowers back, fingers brushing menacingly against the swords now leaning against the table's edge.

"I said, I'm the captain, so I'm not leaving."

The swordsman strokes a thumb across Kitetsu's hilt - the blade's clamoring eagerly for him to just draw and end this ludicrousness now - but he tenses and jerks his hand back as though burned when Luffy's gaze sharpens, his eyes dilating as he follows the movement. The captain's tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip and he seems about to speak, but then he reins in his emotions, and the hunger on his face fades back to scorn mixed with casual disinterest.

"So, am I captain or not?"

"Aye, Sencho," Zoro mutters, his sneer twisting the title into an insult, but he eases back into the chair with a slightly bemused and considering look as Luffy resumes his leaning position against the door.

Chopper glances back and forth between them, puzzled, because while he's aware that his nose can't be mistaken regarding the nature of the heavy pheromones escaping from both pirates, they're still pretending that they're completely uninterested.

He doubts it's anything resembling bashfulness; to his knowledge, Luffy never cared one way or the other who was watching, and Zoro never seemed to care much either, for all his threats and protests. Even the swordsman's tendency to freak out at poorly-timed interruptions always seemed to wax and wane with each additional crew member - after a few initials outbursts at startled newcomers still unfamiliar with the ship's dynamics, he tended to settle down and ignore them.

So even though he's aware that people can change in two years - one glance at Zoro's scarred face is enough to tell him that - the doctor is greatly disturbed by the idea that his nakama seem incapable of picking up the open, easy-going relationship they had before Sabaody turned their world upside down.

He realizes that Zoro's fixing him with a slightly annoyed and very bored look. "Ah, sorry! Could you please-"

The swordsman blinks, frowning in confusion as Chopper freezes, mouth hanging open, because he's just realized that he needs to ask Zoro to strip, and damn it all if this couldn't get any more awkward than it already-

"You need us naked, right?" Luffy asks, and there's unmistakable rustling noises as the captain unceremoniously drops his drawers and kicks them across the floor. His open long-sleeved shirt follows, although his hat remains perched securely on his head.

Much to the doctor's amusement, although he does his best to hide it because he'd prefer not to find himself spitted on whichever blade finds him first, Zoro's nostrils flare slightly before he pointedly redirects his attention, suddenly finding the bookshelf behind Chopper's desk intensely fascinating.

"Y-Yes, that would be helpful..."

Looking equally amused, the captain drops into a sitting position on the floor, feet spread wide apart and forearms resting on his knees as he resumes leaning back against the door. His mouth twists slightly and he rocks uncomfortably from one ass-cheek to the other. "Zoro better hurry up - this floor's freezing my balls."

"Then why the hell'd you- no, forget it," the swordsman grumbles, kicking off his boots. He glares at the panels above Luffy's head, unwilling to let his eyes wander lower, and then abruptly spins the chair so he's facing away as he shrugs off his clothing.

"Zoro's being shy~," the captain declares in a sing-song voice, and Chopper nearly drops his stethoscope when the older pirate explodes out of the chair, his overcoat falling to the floor as he threatens to tie Luffy's neck in a goddamn knot if he doesn't shut up and finally get the fuck out.

The doctor's seconds away from asking them both to just get dressed and leave because there's no way in hell this is going to work and maybe Sanji will be more cooperative, but then Zoro realizes that he's performing his tirade naked, at someone who's grinning ear to ear and not looking the least bit threatened. In fact, he's pretty sure that Luffy's actually leering at him. Face blazing brighter than some of the tomatoes in their newly restocked kitchen, the swordsman slams his jaw shut and slinks over to sit ramrod straight on the edge of the bed, radiating animosity.

He stares fixedly at the inkwell on Chopper's desk and suffers through the reindeer's intense scrutiny in silence. And he doesn't care what the hell the doctor says, because it's definitely poking and prodding. The one time his gaze unconsciously slides in Luffy's direction - he refuses to acknowledge that this involves actually turning his head, even though his good eye can't see that side of the room without doing so - he finds the captain scratching absently at one inner thigh while both eyes remain intently locked on him, and Chopper yells at him for nearly swallowing the tongue depressor.

It feels like the entire left side of his body is igniting under Luffy's insistent rubbernecking, especially when he's made to hop on first one foot and then the other so Chopper can test his balance. By the time he's being harassed into reading letters descending in size on a chart that the doctor's pinned to the wall, only hard-earned discipline keeps the swordsman from squirming like a tortured eel.

"Good!" Chopper finally exclaims, hooves clapping together in glee. "Your depth perception has adjusted to take your missing eye into account."

"I could have just told you that," Zoro grumbles. "We're done here, right?"

"Yes, you can go start training now, but if I catch you limping around the ship from overstraining yourself, I'm banning your weights."

"Sure, whatever," the swordsman agrees heedlessly, already sliding off the bed and reaching for his pants where they rest draped over the back of the doctor's chair. "I'll be on watch in the look out tower. If you or the shitty cook or anybody else needs me."

Luffy's arm shoots out and yanks his trousers right out of his hand.

Shocked silence, and then Chopper dives for safety under the bed with a squeal of terror.

Zoro scrubs angrily at the left side of his face, hard enough to rub the skin red, his free hand gesturing impatiently. "Give 'em. Now."

Luffy grins, tensing as he rises. "Sorry, Chopper, I guess you'll hafta check me over later."

The swordsman lunges and the captain dodges, yanking the door open so hard that the knob comes loose and bounces across the tiles. Chopper watches it roll under his desk from where he huddles under the bed, arms clasped protectively over his head, as Luffy bolts out of the room with Zoro in incited pursuit.


Reclining in her chair on the lawn deck, Nami's taking full advantage of the last few hours before the sun sinks too low in the sky to provide suitable sunbathing rays. She sips slowly at the drink that Sanji delivered a few moments earlier, smiling when she glances over to see that Robin is still engrossed in her new book.

She's startled out of her daze as Luffy, laughing wildly and clutching a pair of trousers definitely not his own, bounds by and nearly collides with the foremast because he's too busy looking behind him to watch where he's going. The captain is wearing his hat and nothing else, and he completely ignores her when she screams at him for being indecent.

"Come back here, you asshole!"

Nami nearly drops her glass when Zoro, equally bare-assed but fuming instead of laughing, charges past her chair. Robin sprouts a steadying hand on the snack table that the swordsman leaves rocking in his wake and calmly turns another page. She's nearly reached the end of the chapter, and even a glimpse of her naked nakama chasing each other in circles on the grass-covered deck isn't quite enough to divert her attention.

Her patience is not shared by her fellow sunbather. "Both of you, go put on some bloody clothes!"

Intent on continuing his game of keep away, Luffy dashes across the lawn and up the stairs leading to the second level. Zoro follows, still shouting at Luffy to surrender his stolen pants, and Nami stares incredulously until they disappear from sight around the corner of the dining hall. The sound of feet pounding on wooden planks fades, although she can still hear laughter and cursing.

"Those guys have absolutely no shame," the navigator grumbles, although she can't help feeling relieved. Luffy and Zoro playing naked tag throughout the ship is infinitely better than Luffy and Zoro avoiding each other like angry, skittish cats. Although, she reflects with trepidation, if they've really finally broken the ice, it won't be long at all before they're both yowling like said felines and being stumbled upon in awkward scenarios all around the ship.

She settles back in her seat and closes her eyes, hoping fervently - for just a moment - that both idiots fall overboard so she can enjoy a few more moments of peace before Sanji calls them all to dinner. Perhaps, if she's very lucky, everyone at the dinner table will be fully clothed.

Sadly, the tranquility is short-lived. Robin tucks a place marker in her book and sets it down so she can take a sip of her own drink. "Sounds like they're coming back."

Sure enough, the yelling and pounding grows steadily louder, until Luffy runs around the corner of the kitchen so fast that he nearly flies right off the ship's deck. He flings one stretchy arm out, catches the railing and rockets himself down the slide like a torpedo, hollering excitedly.

Zoro ignores the slide completely and leaps straight over the railing. Clearing the tree beside it, he twists mid-leap and tackles the fleeing captain into the lawn deck so forcefully that clumps of sod go flying. The calculator in Nami's head automatically ticks off how many beli Franky will need to buy new grass seed and is computing the swordsman's new debt when the dining hall door bangs open and Sanji storms out, glaring murderously at the scene below.

"OI! What the hell are you doing? And why are you doing it naked?"

Unconcerned with the baleful gaze fixed on him, Zoro struggles unsuccessfully to wrestle his pants from Luffy's iron grasp. He's now dimly aware that they're gathering an audience, but after dealing with Perona's obnoxious astral projections invading his privacy and Mihawk attacking him at awkward moments in the name of training, he can't quite bring himself to care. Besides, if he's pissing off that stupid cook, he can deal with two women gawking at his bare ass. And whatever else happens to flash into view.

"Stop offending the ladies' delicate sensibilities and put your pants on, shitty Marimo!" Sanji roars, leaning so far over the railing that he's briefly in danger of tumbling over it.

"Why don't you and that fucking wooly bear on your face come down here and make me, ero-cook?" He can't resist yelling back, because he's finally figured out what that goddamn freaky goatee reminds him of: a fat fuzzy black caterpillar.

As a nonplussed Sanji struggles for a good response that doesn't actually involve physical contact - because he'd be down there kicking the swordsman square in the face right now if the man wasn't so disturbingly naked - Zoro decides he's not going to win by force or fair means without his swords, temporarily abandoned in Chopper's care, and launches a furious tickle attack on his defiant captain.

The smaller pirate immediately starts thrashing around, his laughter now punctuated with shrieks. Zoro snorts as he's buffeted on all sides by Luffy's arms and legs, which wave helplessly as though they've transformed into squid tentacles. He ignores the fist boxing his ear and persists, pinning his quarry into the grass so he can't slither away.

On the balcony, Sanji whirls and stalks back into the kitchen, declaring his intent to return with sharp projectiles.

"Leggo!" Luffy squawks, now laughing so hard that he's sure Zoro could easily wrench the bunched fabric from his fingers. The swordsman, now snickering and grinning like an idiot himself, seems to have forgotten why he's tickling him in the first place, and the captain's immensely relieved because his nakama's finally lost the pinched, distressed look that's been shadowing him for days.

"It's good to hear their laughter again," Robin hums thoughtfully. "I'd been missing it."

"It's a good thing Luffy's sometimes brighter than he looks," the navigator snorts, watching the tangle of flailing limbs. She's always been amused by the captain's uncanny ability to turn a grave situation on its head with a seemingly whimsical prank, although she rather wishes he had pulled this stunt a little earlier, before Zoro's discomfort started seriously affecting everyone else.

Luffy makes a desperate, futile attempt to escape his tormentor by wrapping his arms and legs around the trees on either side of the lawn and flopping like a rabid trampoline, obviously hoping to launch Zoro onto the upper deck. The swordsman clings like a burr, and when Luffy doubles his effort, myriad leaves drift to the lawn below, accompanied by a small hail of twigs. Nami opens her mouth to scold them for damaging the foliage, but they're now both laughing uproariously and look so genuinely happy that her stern expression softens.

"Boys," she sighs, leaning back in her chair.

Robin chuckles, stirring her drink. "Ah, but our boys have grown into rather splendid young men."

The note of actual interest in the historian's voice surprises her, and Nami finds herself sitting up again and taking a closer look to see why Robin's watching so intently.

"I give! I give!" Luffy finally squeals, shoving the stolen trousers into Zoro's grinning face so forcefully that he's momentarily blinded. Unable to see where or what he's tickling, the swordsman finally relents and rises with his panting, giggling captain tucked under one arm and his pants draped over the other. There's really no point in pulling them on now, and he'll have a hard time getting the damn button closed anyway, thanks to his body making it blatantly obvious that he's very, very happy about reconciling with Luffy.

He glances up and realizes that Robin is openly admiring him, lips curved in a huge smile and fingers laced casually around her glass, as though she's thoroughly enjoying the scenery. Nami's showing a great deal of interest in noisily snorkeling the last few inches of melted ice from her glass, but her flushed cheeks give her away; she's actually peering surreptitiously at both men from lowered lashes.

She certainly can't argue with Robin; in spite - or perhaps because - of the scars, the past two years have been rather.. err, generous, and she finds herself hoping that any minute Sanji will indeed pop out of the kitchen and start hurling knives, just so she can watch the swordsman dodge them.

Zoro doesn't particularly care if his female nakama see him naked - it's happened frequently enough in the past, given Merry's single bathroom and Nami's tendency to just stroll in and kick everyone out when she wanted a bath - but being actively oogled kind of freaks him out. Not by the historian, so much; Robin is Robin, and he isn't particularly surprised that she looks so smugly pleased.

Nami forgetting to scream at him, on the other hand, is really fucking weird. Especially when she appears to be grading him like a choice cut of steak; he's used to the navigator glaring at him like she wants to break his swords over his head, not eyeing him speculatively as though she's wondering whether he and Luffy would mind if she invited herself to join them and watch.

"'Scuse us," he growls between clenched teeth, hoisting Luffy over his shoulder and stalking off towards the men's quarters. "Oi, and tell the shitty cook that Chopper's asking for him."

"S-Sure," Nami agrees thoughtlessly, her eyes glued to the muscles flexing in his retreating buttocks, and she squeaks as Robin, now grinning widely, pokes her in the side.