I am not accustomed to abrupt change, not when I do not know it is coming. No one could have foreseen what did happen, not even my sister with all her clairvoyance. And it was caused by such a fragile and simple being, one who should have no power to change anyone's lives, let alone that of my family or me. And yet, this one being stepped into our world, a world she should never have known and everything we knew, everything that had a speck of normality was lost. That is not to say that this new life I lead is not more exciting and fun, with its occasional challenges, but peace shall never reenter our lives with the path we are now on.

It all started when a transfer student arrived at the school of our latest family charade spot. The high school in Forks, a town almost always under cloud cover and perfect for us, is where we first have our lives intertwined. The day felt like any other – boring. Going to school was a cover and it has been getting old mighty fast. To endlessly have to enroll in a high school and act like the normal teenager; it is tedium, done over and over to keep our family safe. But here in Forks, our life, my life would change, on that one day that started like any other.

As always, my family and I moved like a pack, entering the school under the watch of at least half its population, including this transfer student, who seemed to have the place in an uproar of whispered curiosity. At first it seemed nice to have most of the discussion not circling around us, but that lasted only as long as it took Edward to try to dig up some of her thoughts.

We had just seated ourselves at our secluded table, Edward on one end, Emmett and I together, and Alice and Jasper together on the other end. We could all here this girl's name being passed around and we waited for Edward to give us the juicy details on who she was. It was not every day we get fresh blood to taste, metaphorically, of course. Emmett and Edward were making bets on certain details of her life before Edward actually tried to penetrate her mind. It was all amusing, but when his brows furrowed and his gaze actually turned to scan the room for her, we were enveloped in anxious silence.

Alice, being the bubbly, curious type, spoke first, her chime of a voice showing the hints of apprehension we were all feeling. "What are her thoughts like?" In response, Edward spoke the five words I never thought I would hear. "I cannot hear her thoughts." Alice and Jasper exchanged wary looks, as did Emmett and I, but we all ended up looking at Edward, waiting for words that would make it known that it was all a joke or a mistake. The words never came, but instead, Alice gasped and I heard her body stiffen even before I turned to look at her. No one spoke as we grew restless with anticipation.

When Alice allowed her eyes to refocus on the world before her, all of our now darkened amber eyes were trained on her. But her and Edward decided to silently converse, leaving the rest of us in the dark. It was almost a full minute before Edward practically leaped out of his chair, hissing. "No, it will not happen. I will not allow it!" He words were sharp, but there was latent fear. Things were getting interesting, but I was sick of being clueless. "Alice," I hissed, not able to help myself, "what did you see?"

Alice flashed me an apologetic look which I knew meant Edward had threatened her to keep quiet with something. A growl rose in my throat, but it was not meant to be aimed at her. "Edward. What is going on?" His beautiful face was sullied by the scowl he wore. He did not speak and instead abruptly stalked out of the cafeteria and all the way to his car, which I could clearly hear start. "He needs some time to himself," Alice mumbled, her generally cheerful tone heavy with sorrow. Little did we know then, but "time to himself" meant he had run off, possible as far as Alaska. And in just a few moments, this transfer student, this Bella Swann, had changed my life forever.