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Warning: SLASH, mind manipulation, some bondage, threesome

Pairings: Voldemort/Harry/Lucius

Summary: Harry drinks something very special that alters his view of the world an changes the course of the Wizarding World's future.


Harry sleepily came down for his morning meal. He had been up all night with nightmares and terrifying visions. He was wondering if he was starting to lose touch with the world. Everywhere he looked he thought he saw shadows of Death Eaters or Voldemort's red eyes lurking in wait for him. He turned his attention blankly to his food, Hermione or Ron must have dished him up. They had gotten in the habit of doing that when they realized that if left to his own devices Harry would simply sit in front of an empty plate until it was time to go to class.

This year had really changed Harry. The once spirited defender of the Wizarding World had faded over the summer. Although it seemed that no one had taken note about it. Ron and Hermione were convinced that his distracted state was due to his deep thoughts on how to defeat Voldemort. It was only the beginning of their Sixth Year but already they were sure that Harry had a plan.

On the train he had seemed obsessed with Draco, watching for the blonde haired boy closely every time they talked but it was distracted and jerky the way he would look for him watchfully. It was worrisome the way that he would be dazing out the window and suddenly snap to attention.

Ron had told Hermione in private that he thought Harry might be getting a little loose in his head because of all of the planning he had been doing over the summer. Hermione had told him that Ron was being stupid. She stated that obviously Harry's genius was distracting him, too many thoughts in one head making it hard for him to pay attention in the mundane world. She said it was a concern of course, but they would just have to work harder on making sure he made it through the day alright while he was busy planning Voldemort's defeat.

Of course for once Ron was closer to the truth than Hermione had been. The visions and the nightmares, they were staring to take their toll on Harry. Very slowly driving him insane. He was a 'little loose' his mind overflowing with thoughts paranoid by his dreams, all of them driven and confused at the same time.

In this state it was all too easy to slip something into Harry's drink. Ron and Hermione were bickering as they took turns piling things onto his plate. Neither of them noticed that a goblet had been placed in front of Harry's drink with tale tell steam rising from it.

Harry shook his head as he focused back on his meal; he needed to get a grip on himself. He knew that he was starting to go a little mad. Who wouldn't? But he also knew the dangers that awaited him if he gave up his guard for even a second. There was a mix of genius and madness brewing inside of him. He was at war with himself, his naïve brash Gryffindor side arguing with the awakening calculating Slytherin side. The Gryffindor side simply said he needed to just get the job done. Slytherin said that the only dangers didn't come from the supposed enemies' side but also their own.

Harry bit his lip, the slight pain making it easier for him to concentrate as he reached for the goblet. He didn't really want to eat much this morning and just wanted something to drink. He had silenced his bed so that his moans and screams wouldn't disturb the others. His throat was hoarse and sore and he was thankful for whoever thought to give him pumpkin juice.

He took a large swallow and only momentarily too late did he realize as it went down his throat it had a strange taste to it. It tasted like pumpkin juice, but also of other things that he liked…things that attracted him. He smirked to himself, now he really was paranoid, thinking that someone had put a love potion into his drink. People wanted him for his fame and fortune, but why waste time brewing a love potion? Who would want the thin, haggard looking Harry Potter obsessed over them?

Draco Malfoy had been watching Harry and was pleased that his first mission went without a hitch. He finished writing his reply to his father's letter and then continued with breakfast. It would be interesting to see how Harry handled this new development.

This is just the prologue so it was only a taste, next chapter will be up soon (today or tomorrow). Hope you enjoyed it!