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Harry, for the two men had confirmed that it was his name. He didn't bother about asking the last name, they didn't see fit to tell him and they were the lovely ones he had been dreaming about, why would they lie to him?

He smiled softly as he watched them talking in the corner of the room, it didn't bother him that they seemed to be talking as if he wasn't there. He just liked looking at them and enjoying the picture they made standing beside one another. It was hard to decide which one he thought to be more handsome. After all Lucius, the one who had rescued him, had long flowing almost white hair and regal features that when put with his regal stature made him seem unearthly.

Then there was Voldemort, of course sometimes Harry would have to call him My Lord or the Dark Lord, he was the dark shadow cast by Lucius's glowing light. Skin was a strange inhuman color, still the fact that his skin was strange didn't hide the high cheek bones or the well formed lips, there was also a aquiline nose that he touched often, as if it was something new that he wasn't used to being there. He was taller and broader than Lucius and while Lucius was regal the power flowing from Voldemort was tangible.

Harry rested back against the pillows and sighed, they were even more beautiful than they had been in his dreams. Being around them made him calm and much more relaxed than he remembered being in a long time. Tension that he hadn't realized he was carrying around with him was gone and he was stuck in a state of almost unreal bliss. He took a deep breath and continued to bask in their presence.

Lucius looked toward the bed and saw the expression on Harry's face. Harry's letter explained a lot, but only if one knew the entire situation. It was disjointed and written with obvious haste. It spoke of tormenters, poison, insanity, dreams all of this pointed to the fact that Harry started to unravel before the potion was administered, but it had been the catalyst that had sent him into a tailspin.

Voldemort drew his finger down the ridge of his new nose, slowly his body was beginning to retake its original form, it was a process that took place slowly over time, gradually his skin was regaining a humanlike color and the nose appeared over night. They were certain that the rest of his body would soon change, but Voldemort was still marveling over it.

His inspection drew notice towards him and he gave a small smile to his Lord. This silent show of support moved Voldemort enough to relax him and release a large sigh "How did it come to this? We wanted him to come to us truly…but mentally whole!"

Lucius who was ever the optimist pressed closer noticing that Harry seemed to be studying them with great detail "Surely this is not all bad My Lord…after all not only is he complacent and infatuated…he also has no recollection of who we are or what he is… more of a blessing than a curse I would say."

Voldemort nodded as he studied over the letter for an uncounted time and said "As long as it doesn't progress I see no harm in this current state of affairs." He finally gave into the temptation to look in Harry's direction and was surprised at the warm smile he got for the attention. He gave a small hesitant one back that made him uncomfortable and he then turned to focus again on Lucius.

It seemed that the matter was settled so Lucius encouraged "Well then…we had best introduce ourselves to him." He turned with a warm look in Harry's direction and crossed over to the bed. Sitting on the edge so that they were close, but also giving some distance so as not to scare him off.

This plan failed because as soon as he sat on the bed Harry scooted over towards him and laid his head gently on his shoulder. "Are you two done with your business? I was afraid you were going to ignore me forever."

Voldemort finally joined in on this strange situation and sat by Harry's other side. The reaction the boy had was humorous as he pouted and obviously was torn against which one he would lean on. The matter was resolved as Lucius reached over and pulled Voldemort closer, leaving them all pressed against each other.

Harry smiled happily at this turn of events and turned his head to Voldemort and rested against his shoulder as well.

Voldemort looked up at Lucius over the boy's head wondering how they would proceed from here. He was quite comfortable with the idea of a rebellious Harry who couldn't stop his infatuation with them slowly submitting to their will. However this was something entirely unexpected as Harry seemed to want to be with them.

Seeing that his Lord was not comfortable in starting Lucius leaned over and ghosted little kisses on Harry's cheek and neck as he said "We're sorry we ignored you love, we were just thinking how to make you more comfortable is all."

He continued "I don't think you remember us but I am Lucius Malfoy and Voldemort…we're your lovers."

At this Voldemort looked up with a startled expression at Lucius as if wondering why he was starting with such a direct route, it wasn't that he didn't want to have the boy willing, but it seemed his lover already had a plan.

Harry smiled softly and pressed his cheek against Lucius's chest "I knew that must be it! My dreams must have been trying to get me back to you."

He nuzzled his face against Lucius's chest as he looked between the two of them and asked "Why was I in that town? Was I lost?"

Voldemort thought for sure that this would be the end of Lucius's plan however he should have realized that his lover was craftier than that.

Harry looked up at the two beautiful men before him and smiled softly, his mind broken beyond all repair; it fragmented around these two beautiful beings that honored him by saying he belonged to them. He felt at piece with the world, though he felt as if he did not understand much of it. But why would these deities lie to him? They were too beautiful for such a mortal and ugly thing.

Lucius smiled slowly as he pulled the handsome young man towards him and smiled over his head at the Dark Lord, his smile was not pretty, it was dark as he shared a kiss with his new toy, and the broken young man never would again be free of their grasp.

Lucius smiled down at Harry "Oh yes…you were lost little one, but now we have you."

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