Title: Lost Battle
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Disaster
Word count: 421
Beta: Not Betaed
Warnings: AU where Voldemort wins. Implied sexual situations. Infidelity. Angsty romance.
Summary: Before him, Pansy had laughed at the fools that dared fight the Dark Lord. Then it all changed.
A/N: Originally written for scarletladyy as a Christmas gift. It's been a while since I wrote these two, so I'm a bit rusty. Also, I got inspiration from Kelly Clarkson's song "Beautiful Disaster" (the piano version specifically, 'cause it's my favourite). Hope you like it, hun!

Lost Battle

Before him, Pansy had laughed at the fools that dared fight the Dark Lord. Their dreams of a better world were just fantasy now, for their side and for her side. After Potter's death, darkness had taken over everyone's life. The Dark Lord's thirst for power was insatiable and his wand didn't shake when someone interfered with his plans. And by someone, Pansy meant anyone, no matter who they were supporting or what they believed in.

So Pansy had learned to stay out of the way, to oblige the Dark Lords wishes and to not voice her opinions, not even to her soon-to-be husband, Draco Malfoy.

Three years of constant fear were not enough for some. There still were wizards and witches who thought they could change their destiny, despite all odds. And one clear example of this was Ronald Weasley. Harry Potter's best friend had entered her life one day, as she lied for the first time, risking her life for someone other than herself, and Weasley was too stubborn to get out. Ever since that evening in Diagon Alley when she had deceived four Death Eaters, friends of her fiance, Ronald Weasley refused to let her go.

He had claimed her with his lips and convinced her with his loving touches, venerating her like no one had ever done before. Pansy committed the biggest mistake of her life that night but she couldn't bring herself to regret it. Ronald Weasley had her heart now and instead of giving it back with his foolish dreams and naive courage that would inevitably lead to disaster, Pansy's love grew, making plans to help his cause.

However, those plans were never voiced. Pansy Parkinson was a Slytherin soon to marry a Death Eater that was quickly climbing positions towards the Dark Lord's circle of trust. Her whole world would fall apart, and for what? For disaster. It just wasn't right to risk all she had achieved, who she is, for impending doom.

"I don't know what you're looking for with all this, Ron. You have everything against you," Pansy had said one of the many nights she had tried to convince her lover of forgetting about a life that would never happen and focus on hiding and surviving.

"I did also have everything against me with you, and yet, here we are," he whispered against her lips as his long hand traced the outline of her curves, succumbing her at his will, giving herself to who she loved, to his lost cause... to disaster.