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The Game of Heartache

Valentine's Day. Such a dreaded day in Alice's life. It didn't help that a key of hearts has been found that doesn't affect the roleholders, but instead affects her! With Alice breaking hearts left and right, can the Jokers be the ones to stop her this time, or is Alice doomed to destroy whoever she meets?

1. Her Heart: Dread

No matter where she went it was always the same. The cherry blossoms welcoming in the fresh spring air surrounding Heart Castle, painting a beautiful scenery around faceless couples of all ages. Red splashes of paint danced in hearts across the streets, as did crafty decorations of store owners from glassy shop windows. Gentle, loving music swirled onto the streets from a nearby café, and lips of unimportant cards brushed. It sickened Alice to the core as she took in the realization of the most dreaded day of her young life.

Valentine's day.

As if it weren't bad enough at home, now she was reduced to spending the holiday in this cursed Wonderland. It pained her to see lovebirds among their own fleeting joy, enjoying the upcoming holiday to the fullest. She was once one of those damned lovebirds- back in her own world, with her own boyfriend. It was so beautiful back then; both of them underneath the stunning cherry blossoms in the park, sharing a box of chocolates that he'd purchased especially for her; or so she thought. She hadn't even taken it into consideration that they were not her favorite chocolates, but her sister's. No, it wasn't until far too late that the hints became known before her eyes and realization settled in.

Alice paused by a large, sparkling fountain; taking a seat on the polished stone to settle herself. Saltwater tears threatened to form at the brim of her eyes, and it disgusted her. She didn't want to cry; not now, not here. Shouldn't she be over this by now? He never loved her, and she should've realized that far before she allowed him to break her heart. Why was she still so hung up on that jackass?

Oh, that's right.

She loved him. Him and only him.

Too bad those feelings weren't mutual.

Crap. Why did Julius need the clock parts from here of all places? the brunette thought, hiding off her teal gems from the world behind pale eyelids; one hand gripping the top of her brunette locks tightly as she bent her head over, a curtain of brown concealing her shaking form. Her pearly whites grinded against each other, trying to shove away the warm droplets that threatened to pour.


The maiden mentally groaned in discomfort at the sound of her name, quickly wiping away her tears as she shifted her position uncomfortably. As if this day couldn't get worse, he had to show up.

"What do you want, Peter?" Alice demanded lowly, her voice stone cold as she took in the dark shape of his shadow hovering over her, and soon enough his form; a concerned expression on his albino face. He crouched down so he was a little shorter than her- crimson eyes staring sadly up at hers.

"Alice, my dear! You're crying!" the snow-haired man exclaimed the obvious, and Alice growled at him, her hands balling into fists at her sides.

"I said what do you want? I don't have all day to spend here!" Alice exclaimed, eyebrows pushing together angrily as she glared heartlessly into the rabbit. Peter flinched, but placed a gloved hand on her cheek; his thumb caressing circles on her skin.

"What's wrong? Are you alright, my pet?" he asked worriedly, and the foreigner felt a small pang of guilt. She pushed it aside though, and shoved his hand away; rising to her feet impatiently.

"I'm fine. I'm just looking for something I lost." she mumbled, beginning to walk away- she definitely wasn't going to explain her problems to this creep.

Alice thought she was going to make some actual progress in her escape; that's certainly what it looked like when she was leaving. However, fate just wouldn't have it that way.

"Wait, Alice!" Peter called, rising to his own feet. Alice sighed inwardly, slowly pausing her step.

"What is it?" she hissed, not amused with his interruption. She really just wanted to get the hell out of there.

"Is this what you were looking for?" the rabbit-eared man asked curiously, quickly holding up an item between his gloved fingers. Alice raised a confused eyebrow, turning around to get a better look at the item he held. She'd never actually lost anywhere, so what could he have found?

Her stomach dropped. It didn't twist, nor did it turn. It merely dropped. Falling, falling so desperately into a pit of darkness that she had once ventured so long ago when brought to this strange, inhumane world. Teal eyes widened in fear, and all color drained from her fair skin. Goosebumps arose up her arms and legs, surrounding her in a chill that certainly didn't belong to any swirls of wind or air that brushed past. A sickening, foul urge ran across her body, and Alice felt as though she were going to be ill. A numbness took place, and the brunette couldn't move from her spot.

A key like others she had seen during practically every other holiday was pressed finely in Peter's fingers; its coating red and shined, but also worn, like an old antique. A heart was formed at the top as if to taunt her- mock her.

"What are you doing with that?" the foreigner demanded; her voice almost an inaudible whisper. One hand clutched her chest as if her heart would burst at any moment, while her head was hung low- her expression hidden from his sight.

"Is it yours?" Peter guessed, twirling the key curiously in his hand. He grinned widely, taking her silence as a yes. "I was out looking for a present for you, and I found it laying on the ground. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, you know, and I wanted to get you something very special. I was wondering what it went to, but the shopkeeper said she didn't have anything for it, so I was going to take it back to the old hag- erm, her majesty. Then I ran into you and-"

"Get rid of it." Alice interrupted him, her voice so low that Peter wasn't even sure that he'd heard her right.

The snow-haired man tilted his head to the side in confusion; one rabbit ear scratching his head. "What was that, my turtledove?"

"I said get rid of it!" Alice cried, finally lifting her head. She looked angered- the expression surprised the prime minister. "Take it back! Throw it away! Trash it! Do whatever you can to get rid of it!"

"But I thought it was yours?" Peter questioned, glancing between the key and his beloved. "Why would you want it gone?"

"Just listen to me and get rid of it!" the brunette shrieked, quickly spinning on her heel and dashing away. She could hear Peter crying in confusion behind her, but his exclaims went ignored. She didn't have time to pay attention to him- she just wanted out of there. There was no way in hell she was going through another change with the role holders. Perhaps since he had gloves on, nothing would happen? He didn't directly touch it… Oh, what stupid thinking! It was just hopeful thoughts- a new game was sure to start now! "Damn it!"

Alice paused, panting noisily against a tree. It wasn't until she looked up that she realized where she'd run off to; Circus forest. Festival music played nearby, and Alice sighed, slumping onto the ground. At least she was far from Peter… for now. She groaned, pressing a hand against her forehead.

Suddenly, a jingling noise caught her attention, and the foreigner's eyebrows knitted together. At first she thought White-san had come to pay her a visit, but upon glancing around, she noticed no jester. Confused, she stood up, and the jingling commenced.

"Where's that coming from?" she thought aloud, glancing back and forth. Taking a step further, she felt a heavy weight in her pocket. "What…?"

The thought of her vial brushed across Alice's mind, and the foreigner quickly reached inside, expecting the glass to be filled up. However, a new horror struck her. Instead of the vial, a shiny red key sat in her apron pocket; its metallic body glimmering under the pale sunlight that escaped in from underneath the curtained trees of the forest and the shade of her pocket.

"WHAT THE HELL? !" the foreigner shrieked, throwing the key on instinct away from her; watching as it bounced onto the tree across and slid onto the green-patched ground, standing out from the blades of grass beneath.

"My, my, what could be troubling the foreigner?" a familiar voice said from behind, and Alice turned cautiously towards Joker; his eyebrow raised in mild curiosity as the brunette sighed, calming herself.

"What's up, bitch?" Black-san said casually from the mask, and Alice glared at it, sighing once again- this time in annoyance. For as much as she visited the Jokers anymore, she should certainly be used to Black's foul mouth. She couldn't seem to grasp the concept of his language, though.

"You guys know a lot about the keys, don't you?" Alice asked, blue-green eyes locked on the jester before her. White raised an eyebrow, and Black drew silent for a moment- rare for the sailor mouth.

"What of them?" the prison guard finally demanded, his voice low and static-like through the filmy lavender mask. Alice frowned, averting her eyes to the metal piece of crimson on the ground.

"What about the heart key? What kind of game is that?" she asked lowly, and White's gaze trailed to the key, his ruby eye piercing at the item.

"Shouldn't you know better than to pick those up?" the jester asked, sighing deeply as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. He spoke as though he were a father scolding his child.

"I do know!" Alice cried, glaring more at the key than the Joker. "It wasn't my fault! Peter found it, not me."

"A role holder found it first?" White asked, raising an eyebrow curiously. This was certainly news to him; he'd always heard that the foreigner was first to find them. There was only one game that spoke otherwise… The jester found himself chuckling aloud, and Alice glanced up at him in confusion.

"What's so funny?" the outsider demanded, placing her hands on her hips. Joker grinned widely; not his normal, gentlemanly smile. This was darker, as if he had a plan in mind. Alice shifted uneasily under his gaze.

The ringmaster leaned forward, cupping the girl's chin between his fingers; his smile sly and devious. His thumb brushed against the foreigner's lips, causing stains of pink to dot the girl's cheeks. "Do you really want to know? You know how to get me to talk."

"God, you sound like Black!" Alice cried, quickly shoving the wine red-haired man away. White raised a dull eyebrow, not sure whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. Those two were just so cozy together, weren't they? So wouldn't acting as his counterpart please her? This girl was so very difficult.

"Tch. Thanks." the prison guard replied sarcastically, and Alice could almost picture him rolling his single wine red eye.

Alice averted her eyes the key; snatching it up in annoyance and plucking it into her pocket. "Fine, don't help. I'll figure it out on my own."

"Oh, you certainly will." White replied, smirking demonically at the girl. He chuckled darkly at his own words, and Alice raised a suspicious eyebrow at the jester. Something didn't seem right about his actions nor his words; they worried her.

"Whatever." she mumbled, turning back towards Clover Tower. Julius would just have to suffice with the parts in Clover territory.

"Oh, and Alice." White interrupted the girl, causing the brunette to pause mid-step and glance over her shoulder at the man. He smiled- more of that sugarcoated, gentleman grin she was accustomed to. "In case I don't see you tomorrow- though, I'm certain I will- I wanted to give you a message."

"What is it?" the teal-eyed girl asked, genuinely curious this time. Her glassy eyes watched as the jester tilted his head, pleased to have the fair maiden's attention.

White grinned. "Happy Valentine's Day."

YAY NEW STORY~! 8D In case you didn't read the prologue, this story affects Alice instead of the role holders. Hurrhurr. *evil laughter* I know it's a little early, but by the time I finish this it will most likely be around February/Valentine's Day.

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