The death of Zack Fair,

Or "Vengeance is sweet".

Zack was panting. His eyes were red. Not from anger, but from tears… He looked very tense and sweaty. For 3 hours Zack had been trying to land the huge Boeing plane at the tiny Midgar air strip. He had failed 17 times already.

FUCK! Why did the pilot have to get diarrhea right now? – Zack yelled in anger.

He was approaching the landing line…

Okay, okay, okay… I can do this shit… I just gotta relax… - his voice trembled nervously.

He was now fixed on the line, concentrating as hard as possible. He had all the rime in the world, since the plane had enough fuel for 32 more landings… That was Zack's worst nightmare…

Cloud stood outside of his house watching in horror and confusion at the giant circling plane.

Holy shit, Zack! Since when did you fly planes?

Zack was slowly approaching the landing strip.

Yes. Yeeesss… Yeeeessssss….

He missed the line.

NOOOOOOOO! FUUUUUUUUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! – screamed Zack at the top of his voice, banging the controls with his fists. If Aerith saw him right now, she would most certainly faint. There was spit all over Zack's face, his eyes glared with insanity, his lower jaw was shaking.

Hey! When are you gonna land this plane? We are all really ti… - the passenger never finished.

Zack took out a Golden Desert Eagle and shot the guy.


The plane circled over Midgar again.

Cloud sat on an armchair outside with popcorn and soda. He got out his phone:

Hey Tifa! Yeah it's me! You have got to see this! OMG, his gonna do it for the 19th time! Just come out and see for yourself!

In a few minutes Tifa was on an armchair near Cloud, watching the aero show.

Here he comes again! – Cloud laughed out in excitement.

Suddenly Marlene ran out with a heat seeking rocket launcher: WOOOSH! The missile charged at the plane

MARLENE! Not again… - moaned Cloud and Tifa in annoyance.

Marlene grinned.

I can do this! I CAN DO IT! – Zack insanely jumped on the pilot seat, - Here I go…

Suddenly his eye caught something coming towards the plane… Zack smashed the controls and roared in rage as loud as he could:



The humongous plane exploded into several flaming parts.

Cloud peed himself from laughing that hard. Tifa stood pale changing her glances from the plane to Cloud to Cloud's pants. She then staggered back to her house with Marlene.

OMG, ZACK! Do I feel sorry for you! – Cloud roared with laughter as he entered his house…

… In 6 seconds the flaming cockpit fell on it and blew it to rubble…

3 miles South of Midgar. Some burning parts of the plane fell. With a whistle Zack's buster sword pierced a cliff and remained there upright.

Shin-Ra Building. Top level. Rufus stared at the window.

Those idiots just won't grow up… - he sighed deeply.

He then walked back to his doll tea party with Genesis and Hojo…

The End