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The First Path

The senbon pierced his neck.

Naruto raised his eyes up to see Sasuke standing there.

"W-Why did you protect me? I didn't ask you to save me!"

"Sh...ut up...My...body moved on its...own...I don't know...why I saved you..."

He fell down into Naruto's lap gasping lightly.

" swore I wouldn't die...until I killed him...

"Why the hell are you thinking about that now!"

"...I hated you." Sasuke chuckled hoarsely. "I think- A low ratle rose from his chest, joining with a silent tear upon his cheek. "You were always so loud, and so fucking stupid." He muttered, eyes wide open, everything fading from him. " I feel stupid...and tired." He shook his head, weakly, but the fog continued to press in around him, smothering everything, and everyone around him.

"I...I can't breathe...!"

He choked suddenly, realizing he could no longer draw in air.


"If I die...someone still has

"You ain't gonna die." Naruto insisted swiftly. "Sasuke!"

"Promise!" Sasuke's eyes lit suddenly and he seemed to rally against the blackness. He seized Naruto by the collar and dragged his ear down to a pair of frozen lips. "You have to...kill...Itachi Uchiha You have to... and Naruto froze at the burning intensity that hurriedly. "Promise me you'll kill him."


Naruto reached down to clasp the trembling hand.

"You have to-

"I will, you idiot!" Naruto whirled around to holler angrily at Sasuke, and fought down the hollow enormity that swallowed his stomach. "But you can do it yourself. We're both getting out of this, you hear me? Together." He stared, expecting some smug reply or a half assed retort, as was customary with the Uchiha. Instead Sasuke coughed fiftfully, and expelled a shower of blood from his lungs.

Naruto all but froze, his smile slipping away into the night as a strange and haunting tune filled the air.


"Sasuke?" Naruto blinked, dread seizing him as he noticed the every growing pull of blood beneath the Uchiha. "Oi! Sasuke!" No response came from those pale and blue lips, save for a soft and steady whistle, which had curled his visage upward into one last defiant smile. He bore no pulse and did not breathe, yet still, the rythym did carry itself upon the winds. With one last gasp at life, Uchiha Sasuke gave his last, and shuddering request.

"Please...don't die" Sasuke died in mid-breath, a slight tremor passing through his body, his eyes still fixed on Naruto. Numbed by the sudden termination, Naruto quietly placed two fingers over the Uchiha's eyelids, and drew them shut. Knowing it would be in vain, he fought the tears and raged impotently against the bile that rose up inside his throat.

"Oh, god."

"You didn't actually...Oh god... That's...uurgh!" A cry was stuck somewhere inside him, lost in the dark emptiness in his stood woodenly not taking enough care. The corpse slid from his lap, its head smacking roughly against the concrete bridge. Sasuke's limbs were loose, graceless, lying in an uncomfortable position.

Just like any other corpse.


Haku watched on, a little sad.

"Is this the first time you saw a friend die? He is a Shinobi who deserves respect..."

Take my power.

Naruto closed his eyes and winced, pain blossoming all over his body.

Take my power and avenge him.

Naruto's strength suddenly skyrocketed as a flood of red chakra exploded from his stomach. The Genin stood on shaky legs, the surge of power almost too much for him to handle; nothing could hope to stand against this kind of power. Naruto grinned, feeling as though he could conquer the world. Haku stopped in mid-speech, her masked visage slowly appearing over her shoulder as she curiously regarded her once fallen opponent.


A look of disbelief crossed her eyes behind the masked slits as she regarded the recovering shinobi behind her. Naruto raised his eyes to look at Haku and they had taken on a dark red hue and warped into slitted pupils. As the red chakra started to pour out of his body, the Mirrors began to crack. As he stood, that red chakra wrapped around his body, forming a strange second skin as it wrapped


Dark laughter exploded in the back of his head and blotted everything else out. Just as he began to wonder what the hell was so funny, Naruto realized that he was the one laughing. Something was terribly wrong with this mirthless amusement. He had always cared, not just for himself, but for everyone and everything. Even in his academy days, all Uzumaki Naruto had ever wanted was to belong to something, to someone.

'He was my friend.'

Sasuke had been Naruto's friend. Someone who knew his pain, someone who shared and understood his sorrow. But that friend had died in his arms tonight. He had been powerless to save him. If he couldn't save his friend than what could he do? The answer presented itself almost immediately. If he could not save his friend, then he could kill the one responsible for their untimely demise. Taking all that pent up rage and frustration, he brought all of it to bear upon their tormentor.


"I'll kill you!"

Naruto moved forward swiftly and swung at her - much, much faster than she had anticipated.

His uniform in tatters, Naruto flung himself at the frightened girl. Haku was retreating, her feet shuffling backwards as her eyes trained on the jinchuuriki in front of her. She knew that she could resort to her flawless form of attack and continue the fight, but her mind was inexplicably filled with fear as she looked into the hate-filled eyes of her opponent. He was too close to dodge and she had not a second to spare. All she could do was lunge forward as well, her left arm stretched out in an attempt to grab and pull herself into a nearby mirror. If she could retreat into the safety of the ice for just a moment then perhaps-

Uzumaki Naruto buzzed into view, his body blocking the kunoichi's escape route, his eyes glaring out coldly from behind the frightening cloak. With a sibilant hiss, he swung his hand backwards, a black and red claw rocketing out from the tip of his fingers and incinerating everything within the dark energy. Haku staggered out of the ensuing explosion with disbelief visible in her eyes as the upper right portion of her mask had been blown away and her forehead bloodied.

'This chakra...

Naruto leapt up from the smoke and passed the kunoichi by as he flipped his body in the air, leaving himself completely vertical as his feet pointed towards the northernmost mirror. He looked down into the stunned doe brown eyes of his opponent as he placed his hands together in a slow and deliberate manner. Instead of launching himself forward however, the blond traced a hand across its surface, leaving behind a trail of red light that flowed across the mirror's polished surface like flowing water.

It was that chakra again.

Haku was now beside herself; she couldn't understand where this chakra was coming from. It was dark and evil. It felt like it wanted to do way more to her than just harm her. She never once faced something so powerful this chakra was stronger than Zabuza-san's. This chakra was older than time itself, and she could only imagine what might happen if that boiling red mist should touch her skin.

This boy...was so powerful.

She gasped as she threw the senbon and he deflected them with his chakra. She then moved quickly from the mirror but he smashed them with ease. She came at him from straight and from above, only to have him back flip out of the way as she slammed into the ground. She tried to move into a mirror but was unable to when Naruto grabbed her wrist. The look she received was vicious and it was terrifying to behold in its magnificence.

"Incredible!" She held up her free hand to try and push back his chakra, only to falter as her mirrors began to splinter under the strain.

"I...Can't hold him back!"

It was then that she saw his fist coming. Cocked back and clenched, it snapped forward at an incredible speed. Haku had just enough time to blink, before it slammed into her mask. With a shattering and tearing crack, she found yielded to the incredible energies behind his fist. She was sent flying through her mirrors, only to shatter all of them as she hit the ground hard, her body going limp as a small crater formed around where she impacted.

Unconcious, she slid across the rain slicked bridge, her mask finally shattering as she skidded to a halt at Zabuza's feet.

"Haku...What?" Zabuza asked when he dispelled the fog to see Naruto on his knees, with the red chakra flaring about his body. He shrieked in pain, and seconds before the question could form within Zabuza's throat, his body became all but covered in the red chakra. Kakashi muttered an unintelligible curse and he was lost from sight in a fog of a different sort. Naruto screamed and grabbed at his face as his body wrapped itself in the chakra and was lost to the world.

His eyes widened until-


He swore as the first of many arrows slammed into his back. He dodged them as best he could, but given the ruined state of his arms, he could only evade so many. Only as he skidded back from the last of the barrage, did he hear the clapping.

"My my...the demon of the mist was no match for children?" the voice of Gato could be heard as he walked out of the giant mass of men, clapping his hands in a false show of approval. Naruto followed his steps with slitted eyes as he approached to where Haku lay unconscious on the ground. "I really have to thank you, I never expected that you'd take this lowlife off of my hands, Hatake." If he had been about to reply, Kakashi was about to be sorely dissapointed.

Zabuza growled.

"You son of a bitch."

Naruto felt something snap as pitched forward. No, it wasn't a snap, it was more of a twithcing, crackling sensation inside his chest as he watched the fat man smirk at the unconscious Haku. He felt the snap when that fat little fuck smacked her face with his cane and placed the cane between her legs. He felt the snapping sensation again as the red haze exploded across his vision and his eyes began to burn. He squeezed them shutt and a hand flew to his face.

' happening to me?'

"Wake up." A deep and dark voice demanded. "I won't have you die here, boy!"

Naruto had always been short for his age. That was what happened when your diet consisted primarily of ramen and stale milk. No longer, as the boy felt his clothes rip and stretch beneath a sudden growth spurt. It lasted less than an instant, but it was painful none-the-less, and he winced beneath a strange chakra as it forced him though here were on the outside looking in, Naruto could see the changes as they occurred.

"You hate them, don't you?" The voiced poked and prodded at him. "You want to kill them, don't you?" Naruto couldn't find it in himself to answer and gasped as the brackish mist wrapped around him and his body, obscuring the bridge in a thick fog of sweat and steam. He was no longer concious of the changes taking place, but some small part of him, that tiny little part of his heart that always wanted to live, began to disappear.

"Yes," The sinister prescence pressed upon him. "You're doing just fine."

'I don't care.'

His perspective was violently turned inward, and he was forced to watch as the tragedy unfolded before his very eyes.

"If he was your friend, then you must AVENGE HIS DEATH."

"You bastard! What are you doing to her?" Zabuza growled at Gatou.

"I think she will make an excellent sex slave." Gato slid the cane up another half centimeter said so it would come to press right in between her legs." Zabuza…I'm going to take this little bitch from you as payment for your failure."No sooner had he spoken, than an immense killing intent shot up in Zabuza until a stronger one was felt from a ways behind him. Kakashi felt, rather than saw the human shape lurch back to its feet and move forward.


Sakura stared in disbelieve at the killing intent coming off of the silhouette.

'Who is that?'

"Whomever you are, she is my ally." Zabuza scowled into the mists. "Don't interfere!"

"ALLY?" A disbelieving gasp rose from within the black fog. "SHE WANTED TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR YOU! SHE TRULY CARES ABOUT YOU! IF YOU'RE HER FRIEND OR FATHER OR WHAT THE FUCK EVER TO HER... THEN PROTECT HER!" With a sudden wrench, of torn cloth, they rose to their full height, which would have been the appropriate height for a fourteen year old boy. This was unexpected therefore, as they began a slow and practiced descent from the mist.

"...Shut up...No one would-

The words left Zabuza Momochi as he saw the blade.

Silently, the silhouette had turned away from Zabuza and extended one arm toward the Executioner's Blade, fingers grasping at empty air and groping at nothingness. The hilt of the massive zanbato trembled suddenly a faint tremor running along its length, from hilt to blade. Abruptly, it came free and burst into the air, shooting into the fog and the awaiting hand that stretched listlessly toward it only moments prior. Zabuza stared in utter disbelief as he beheld the blade removing itself from the cement, though his hand had not touched it.

'What on earth...

With an audible pop, it smacked into a thick palm, and was thrust into the ground an instant later. Jutting out proudly against the mist, it listed heavily to the side as it was drawn. Whomever had laid claim to the blade was clearly a proficient kenjutsu user, it would seem. That is, until the fog parted to reveal that kenjutsu user to be none other than one Uzumaki Naruto.

Wordlessly, he advanced, heedless of Gatou's dismayed shout.

"W-What are you?"

Everyone flinched away as the shadows unfurled, revealing Naruto to the world. At first glance, one might not notice any significant change, but for the fact that he had closed his eyes against the rain, and the sunlight. Why, one could only wonder, would anyone close their eyes when so many enemies were right in front of them? In lieu of a reply to that silent inquiry, Naruto abruptly chose to open his eyes and greet the gasp with a terrifying gaze.


Kakashi could scarce believe his eyes.

Sapphire blue had given way to a dull silver grey and ripple-like pattern around the pupils, with a light purple iris and sclera. Twin orbs of murderous grey swiveled upon the congregation, holding both friend and foe in their power. Unnatural and terrifying in their magnificence, Sakura uttered a small whimper of disbelief beneath this sight as he swiveled his eyes and saw her. Entrancing to the naked eye, she found herself staring helplessly ahead as those eyes lazily drifted across the bridge.

They found her gaze in an instant and a host of dark emotions roiled up inside him.

"You." Naruto snarled darkly, "Are a fucking bitch, Haruno." Red chakra leaked from the seal in his stomach, visible after having torn the zipper on his jacket and violently flung it open. Soaked with blood that was both his own and Haku's, Naruto's black undershirt felt dry and stiff as he he saw the one most responsible for his pain and scowled "When this is over, I never want to see your godamn fucking face again. Do you fucking hear me, Sakura?"

"Oh," Sakura whimpered as she fell to her knees, a bloodied hand grasping at the stone wall for support. "Oh," she repeated, as though it would somehow wake her from this horrific nightmare that refused to relinquish her mind. toddler. She could feel her eyes growing impossibly hot, like they were going to boil out of their sockets and run down her face in place of the tears that already were. She touched her clean hand to her lips, as if the small action could lessen the anguish that she was feeling in her chest.

And then another sound tore through the air, a deadly name that she was more than familiar with.


Zabuza had found his voice, but all confidence and mockery had fallen away as he wheezed in sheer disbelief. Naruto shifted himself a centimeter or so to the right, his bare feet creating a series of small ripples upon the surface of the watery puddles. Incredibly, Gatou and his menflinched away from this minute movement, eyes widening in disbelief and dismay whilst the latter's twisted into slits of dignified disdain.

"I will upend you."

"That cannot— his words were interrupted at the sound of an explosion to his left. Gatou snapped his head around in time to see a wall of invisible destruction rushing toward him. He squealed and ran to the relatively safety of his minions, or so he thought. As the shadow of the massive guillotine sword swooped down upon them, he realized too late his mistake. In an eerie chorus of unearthly howls and bloodcurdling screams, Naruto dove in and out of the mist, blade in hand and stained red with blood.

"S-Stop him!" Gatou shrieked as the red demon continued the slaughter. "He's just a kid!"

Naruto burst out of the mist seconds later, dipped back and allowed the heavy blade to slide soundlessly off his shoulders, and his heel to catch the railing. Twirling, he brought the massive weapon to bear and used its heavy frame as a shield to deflect the hail of projectiles that came hurtling out of the smoke after him. Skidding to a halt, he cocked his arm backward, and, in a surprising show of strength, hurled the blade into the smoke.


Sakura flinched away from the sight of him.

The wooden clogs of his sandals found the pavement, allowing him to slide a few meters in the opposite direction before he opened his hand again. With another rush of invisible pressure, and holding firm, the blade arced back into his palm. "Never again," Naruto growled darkly, his visage hidden amongst the rain. "I won't let you ruin another life ever again!" Still gripping the now bloody blade with its lengthy hilt, he rammed it into the earth as a shadow swept over him.


Grinning madly and laughing maniacally, it swept a massive axe down upon his head. But it was what occured now, that would forever color her perception of the ambiguous blond. With a loud and tear ing crraack, the blade separated itself from the weapon, arced overhead, and splashed into the sea below. Two dozen men joined it soon hadn't even bothered to deflect the weapon or their attacks, for there hadn't been a need. All of his attackers flew away from him on every side, as if they had simply been...repelled.

"The Rinnegan." Kakashi repeated, and as Sakura turned her head, she understood. Much like everyone else, she, Tazuna-san, Kakashi-sensei, and even Zabuza, was left unaffected by the blast. Naruto stood at the center of it, his eyesabomination was crumpling beneath the unseen force, the same massive pushing sensation that they were experiencing. Naruo targeted only Gatou and his cohorts, who had already begun to retreat out of sheer fear.

"So that's it, huh?"

Naruto remained unperturbed, both by the scale of the destruction, and those that he had so viciously slaughtered. Glaring at Gatou, he slowly removed his hands from either pocket. A bead of sweat trickled down Kakashi's brow as the boy turned toward those who had survived the initial blast. He wasn't even fazed by the sudden exertion of chakra. In fact, he seemed almost amused and raised his hand again, summoning the strange and invisible something leapt outward from where he stood. Spreading as though it were an invisible tide, it swept over everything and nearly blasted Zetsu away altogether.

"I'll crush you, for touching my friends!" He warned, abruptly dispelling the strange force. "Now, you have until the count of three!" Kaksahi blinked as his most inexperienced student slapped both hands together in the unmistakeable seal that was known to only a handful of shinobi. How had a genin like Naruto come to know them? And the chakra behind this tehnique, it was all but inhuman!

Almost as if...

'Those seals are...

Intertwining his burned palms, Naruto raised his right hand, and thrust forward with the left. His fingers curling into claws as they formed an elaborate series of symbols. Right hand facing down above left, left hand facing up below right; Each hand's index and middle fingers folded, and ring and little fingers straightened. Parting them slowly, they held a small sphere of liquid moisture from within the protective cradle of his palms.

"Suiton: Suishōha." (Water Shockwave)

Gaout had only an instant to blink, his confidence wavering as Naruto thrust the swollen sphere to the bridge and created a torrential rush of water. Confined as they were with such, the water had nowhere to go but forward, and the incomplete bridge left them nowhere to go but south. Haku was forced back to wakefulness just in time to see the wave of water sweep Gatou and the rest of his men away and into the roiling see below.

Naruto was already standing at the precipice before anyone could stop him, a finger pointed into the muck.


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