Chapter 7

Beth stood outside Trent's apartment with her hand hovering in front of his door. In all her haste to get to New York she hadn't worked out what she was going to say. What could she say? There were no words to describe all she had been through in the last six months. Trent's leaving had left a big hole in her heart that stopped her world from moving forward. Days went by each dissolving into the next in one steady stream. Her foot had healed and she had gone back to school with Parker but nothing felt the same. There was a lack luster to her life.

Taking a deep breath, Beth knocked on the door. She could hear footsteps behind the door and as the door swung open she came face-to-face with Lexie. "Beth?"

"I was wondering if Trent was here but I guess he has company," Beth ducked her head to hide the blush forming on her cheeks. It was obvious that Trent hadn't been lonely in the last few months. She couldn't blame him since she had also found refuge in Parker's arms. It wasn't that she had deep feelings for Parker but he made it easier to get through the day. "I'll just catch him later."

Beth turned to leave when she saw Trent come to the door. "Beth. What are you doing here?"

"I was in the neighborhood and I decided to stop by and see how you are doing. You look great. You know, I will just see you later," she rambled walking backwards towards the elevator. This had to be the most embarrassing thing she had ever done. She could feel her cheeks growing warm under his scrutiny.

"Beth, wait." Trent strode up to her and gave her a quizzical look. "I didn't know New York was in your neighborhood."

He stood within a foot from her and she felt bereft not being able to run into his arms like she wanted. Six months away from the man she loved had taken a toll on her. If Lexie hadn't answered the door she is not sure she wouldn't have made use of the bed on the other side of the wall. "How are you," she asked.

"I'm okay. I've been pretty busy since I came home."

"With Lexie?"

"We are working on the same show so she has been staying with me."

Beth pushed the button for the elevator hoping to get out of this awkward situation. He looked so handsome standing there with his jeans hung low on his hips and a green button up shirt. His hair was tousled as if someone had recently run their hands through it.

"How have you been," he asked rocking back on his heels.

"Good. I'm on break so I thought I would come see you. Actually it was Parker's idea."

"Are you two still together?"

Beth shook her head," No, it didn't last long after we left Kellermans. We decided that we don't work as a couple."

"Trent, do you know where the bottle opener is," Lexie stepped back in the hall diverting his attention.

"Yeah, just give me a minute."

The elevator door opened behind Beth and she stepped in. "It was good seeing you."

The door started to close but Trent stopped it with his hand. "That's it? You came all the way to New York to say hi?"

"No, it was just to say goodbye." This time when the door closed he didn't stop it. Tears started gathering at the back of her eyes and she blinked rapidly to stop them. Why hadn't she told him the truth? She wasn't really on break. She had left school in the middle of the semester because she was absolutely miserable without him. It didn't matter to her that she could fall behind while she was gone. He was all that mattered to her.

Try as she might she felt the first tear drop down her cheek followed closely by the second and third. It was time she had a good cry for what she was losing. When her Uncle had told her that Trent had left her she had been in shock. At school she had been too busy to focus on her lose but now it was time she let it out. He was forever removed from her life. There was no going back.

The elevator door opened to the lobby and to her surprise Trent was standing outside the door panting for breath. He was bent over at the waist with his hands on his knees. "Really? That's it? After all we have been through that is the goodbye you want," he got out between breaths.

"No," she stated firmly. "I wanted to tell you I love you, that I would do anything for you. You want me to sell the studios and move to New York? I will do it. You want me to never see Parker again? I'll do that. You want me to drop out of school? I would do that too."

"Never," he said before guiding her to the back wall of the elevator and capturing her lips with his. Beth kissed him back noticing how perfect their bodies fit together. It seemed as if they were made for each other. Trent deepened the kiss and pulled her into his arms so that she could wrap her legs around his torso. "What took you so long," he asked before kissing her again.

"What," she asked incredulously.

"It took you long enough to come after me," he groaned when she moved her lips to his neck.

"You planned this whole thing?"

Trent grinned," you'll never know."

The elevator door closed on the couple and started moving back to the floor his apartment was on. There had never been a sweeter moment in Beth's life. It was like coming home.

The End

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