As promised here is another one right away, this one is Jate so enjoy!

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Kate hated nightmares. Every since she was a little girl she had nightmares, mostly about Wayne or her mother but sometimes she had the average run of the mill monster nightmare, but that was only if she was lucky. She hated not only the idea of going to bed and having one, but she hated how she woke up and was living one. Alone.

When they crashed on the island, the nightmares stopped, because she felt like she was finally safe from all her problems, she had finally escaped everything she had ever feared. For three glorious months the nightmares stopped and she was finally able to dream.

Too bad it was short lived, after getting off the island, nightmares would haunt her, sneak in the corners of her life. She didn't understand why this was, she wasn't running anymore, so why was she having these thoughts. But all these worries would run from her head when she woke up in his arms with his voice whispering into her hair.

"It's ok, we're home now."

And she was finally able to smile.


I really like this one, I hope all of you guys do too!

Word count: 182 (a little long, but whatever.)


xoxo Kate