**Please read**A/N: I was starting to not like the way the story was turning out. So I rewrote some of the parts and added other parts to the story. I made sure to not take away from what was already written. Only a few parts that I deemed unnecessary and awkward were taken out. Please enjoy the new rewrite!

Also, this story is connected with another story that I am writing entitled 'Upper Management' with Byakuya and Renji. The two stories do not need to be read together to understand what is going on, but reading them together might increase your reading enjoyment. XD Enjoy!

For Your Entertainment; Chapter 1

Ichigo was surprised, really surprised. The apartment that he was leasing was in a really good neighborhood, the rent was low, and the apartment itself was really nice. It was well sized and located on the second floor which provided an excellent view of the city. He could not figure out what was wrong with the place and why it hadn't been taken sooner. He grinned at his luck and started to unpack his things. Ichigo had been working on unpacking his bedroom when he heard a knock at the door. He started heading towards the door and frowned when the person on the other side knocked again impatiently, "I'm coming!" He opened the door and stepped back a bit when he was immediately greeted with a deadly glare.

"Yo, I'm Grimmjow," he said, "I'm your landlord. If you need anything just let me know, but don't call me with stupid stuff." Grimmjow handed Ichigo a card with his phone number on it. Ichigo stood there stunned and didn't know what to say. Grimmjow frowned. "Well? Do you have any questions?"

"Oh, um," Ichigo shook his head, "No questions…I'm Ichigo Kurosaki."

"I don't recall asking for your name, nor caring," he smirked. Ichigo blushed indignantly. "Don't be late on your payment." He waved goodbye and left. Ichigo frowned and shut the door. He didn't have to wonder anymore why the apartment hadn't been rented out. He had just met the reason.

After Ichigo had unpacked most of his things he was tired and sweaty. "Ugh, time to take a nice hot shower." Ichigo went to the bathroom and turned on the water. He undressed as he waited for the water to warm up. Ichigo checked the water temperature and frowned. "It's still cold…it should have heated up by now. Maybe it is just a little different from my old shower…" Ichigo checked the shower nozzle to make sure it was on hot.

"Hmmm, maybe there is something wrong with the water heater?" Ichigo sighed and got dressed. He turned off the water and went to check on the water heater. He opened up the door to the small room where it was located and looked over the machine. Ichigo sighed, "I have no clue what I'm doing…"

Ichigo grabbed his phone. He didn't really want to talk to his mean landlord but if he was capable of fixing his water heater then he was willing to do it. Ichigo dialed Grimmjow's phone number.

"Hello, Grimmjow speaking." Grimmjow answered.

"Ah, hey…this is Ichigo Kurosaki, your new tenant. My water heater doesn't seem to be working. Do you think you could—." Ichigo started but was interrupted.

"Ha, fooled you. Don't leave a message after the tone." Grimmjow's answering machine said.

Ichigo frowned, "What the hell? Even his phone is rude…" Ichigo sighed and hung up. Ichigo's phone rang and he quickly picked it up when he saw it was the landlord's number. "Hello?"

"You called me, what the hell do you want?" Grimmjow asked.

"…My water heater is not working. Could you come and take a look at it?" Ichigo asked.

"What good would looking at it do if you already know it's broken?" Grimmjow said sarcastically.

Ichigo frowned. "You know what I mean. I need you to come and fix it."

"You're young. You can fix it yourself." Grimmjow hung up.

Ichigo glared angrily at the phone. "It's your job!" He sighed and set down the phone. "Ergh, I don't have time for this. I have things to do."

Ichigo had come to memorize Grimmjow's phone number from the amount of times he had to call him to try and get him to fix the water heater in his apartment. It was already the next day and Grimmjow still refused to fix it. Ichigo was getting tired of taking cold showers. Ichigo jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist and sighed angrily. He picked up his phone and dialed Grimmjow's number.

"Nnn…hello?" Grimmjow answered.

Ichigo didn't notice that Grimmjow sounded a bit different. He was too angry at his landlord's laziness. "It's Ichigo, I've called you ten times about the water heater. You need to get over here and fix it."

"If you're so worried about it why don't you fix it?" Grimmjow asked.

"If I knew how to fix it I would but I don't! So get your ass up here and fix it like you're supposed to!" Ichigo shouted.

Grimmjow grunted, "Ha…why don't you make me?" He hung up the phone. Ichigo gripped the phone angrily as the tone beeped in his ear. Ichigo hung up the phone and stomped angrily out of his apartment. He headed down the stairs towards Grimmjow's apartment and banged on the door. Ichigo continued to pound on the door till an angry Grimmjow answered. Grimmjow sneered at Ichigo who was standing in front of him with just a towel on.

Ichigo panted angrily, "I've come to make you fix my water heater." Grimmjow grinned at Ichigo and looked him over. Ichigo noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt and his pants were undone.

A woman from inside the apartment called out to Grimmjow, "Grimmjow, hurry up and tell who ever it is to go away."

Ichigo blushed when he realized what Grimmjow had been doing previously and probably was doing when he was on the phone with him. Grimmjow shouted back over his shoulder at the woman. "Shut the hell up. You bore me. You better be the fuck out of my apartment by the time I get back." He grabbed a tool box and exited the apartment. He shut the door behind him and motioned for Ichigo to lead the way. Ichigo felt a bit bad for the woman but was happy that Grimmjow was finally fixing his water heater. Ichigo hurried up the stairs back to his apartment and looked back occasionally to make sure Grimmjow was still following. Grimmjow wasn't as much in a hurry as Ichigo but he was following behind nonetheless.

Grimmjow sighed as he took a look at the water heater. "I'm gonna have to order a part…"

Ichigo frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "Seriously? You just automatically know this? You're not just stalling?"

Grimmjow glanced over at Ichigo and grinned, "You really wanna be standing there like that with just a towel on?"

Ichigo looked down at himself and realized that he was standing with his legs spread apart which showed off more than he wanted to. He blushed embarrassed, "I'm going to go change." He quickly headed to his bedroom. Grimmjow grinned and went back to looking at the water heater. When Ichigo came back fully dressed he found Grimmjow raiding his fridge. Grimmjow opened the soda he had found inside and drank from it. Ichigo frowned, "So, what's wrong with the heater?"

Grimmjow closed the fridge and chugged half of the beer before he answered. "There is a part that is old and damaged. I'll have to go out and buy the part before I can fix it."

Ichigo frowned, "How long is that going to take?"

Grimmjow shook his head, "It's an easy fix. It shouldn't take long."

Ichigo sighed and frowned, "It better be fixed by the time I get home from work."

Grimmjow laughed, "Yeah? What are you going to do if it's not?"

Ichigo glared at Grimmjow, "I'm going to make your life a living hell."

Grimmjow grinned and nodded. "Well then, I better go pick up that part. I certainly don't want my life made into a living hell."

Ichigo sighed on his way back from work. He certainly hoped that Grimmjow had fixed the water heater. He could really use a hot bath. Ichigo cried out surprised when he found Grimmjow in his apartment. Grimmjow looked up from the tv and grinned. "Welcome home."

Ichigo frowned at Grimmjow, "What are you doing here?"

"I was fixing your water heater," he pointed over his shoulder in the direction of the water heater, "Remember?"

"What are you still doing here?" Ichigo sighed.

Grimmjow stood up and turned off the tv. "Well, I wanted to make sure the water temperature was alright." He walked over to Ichigo and stood too close for Ichigo's comfort. "Some people like their water hotter than others."

Ichigo nodded and cleared his throat, "Oh, um, yeah…I guess I'll go test that out for you…" Ichigo pushed past Grimmjow and quickly made his way to the bathroom. He turned on the water and ran his hand under it. "Shit! Ow! That's way too hot." Ichigo stuck his head out of the bathroom and told Grimmjow.

Grimmjow grinned and went over to the water heater, "Alright, I'll turn it down." He adjusted some nozzles on the heater then walked over to Ichigo when he was done. "All done," he smirked. "Let me know if anything else is causing you trouble. I'll come right away." Ichigo stared after Grimmjow as he left his apartment. His face slowly grew warm.

Ichigo shook his head, "What the hell? He's so weird…."

Ichigo opened his apartment door the next day and let Grimmjow in. "I don't know how it happened," he explained to Grimmjow. "It was working fine yesterday and now it's suddenly broken."

Grimmjow grinned and walked over to the sink, "Don't worry, I'll get your garbage disposal working again." He crawled under the sink to evaluate the problem.

Ichigo stood next to the sink and felt a bit awkward, "Um, is there anything I can get you?"

"You…" Grimmjow said from underneath the sink.

Ichigo blushed, "W-what?"

"You can make me a sandwich. I haven't eaten all day." Grimmjow finished.

"O-oh…" Ichigo replied embarrassed, "Right, okay…" He went over to the fridge and pulled out the ingredients. Grimmjow crawled out from underneath the sink when Ichigo had finished making his sandwich. "Here you go." Ichigo set the sandwich down in front of him.

Grimmjow took the sandwich and started eating it hungrily, "Thanks."

Ichigo watched him eat and wondered if it would be okay to talk to him. He was eating the sandwich so ravenously. "So, um, have you found what's wrong?"

"Not enough mayonnaise. Could also use some pickles," Grimmjow answered.

"Huh?" Ichigo looked at him puzzled then frowned, "No…with the garbage disposal…"

Grimmjow grinned and finished off his sandwich, "Nothing I can't fix." He licked his fingers than crawled underneath the sink and began working on the garbage disposal. He crawled out a few minutes later. "Done."

Ichigo frowned, "Really? That seemed fast…"

Grimmjow stood up and grinned, "It was just clogged. I'm going to use your bathroom before I go." Ichigo was going to protest but Grimmjow shut the door before he could say anything. Ichigo sighed. Grimmjow exited the bathroom and grabbed his tool box and headed to the door. "You should serve potato chips with my sandwich next time."

Ichigo glared, "Who says there's going to be a next time!" Grimmjow grinned and closed the door behind him.

The next day Ichigo sighed and motioned towards the table when he opened the door for Grimmjow, "The sandwich is on the table…"

Grimmjow grinned and sat down and looked at the sandwich. "Still no pickles?" he frowned.

Ichigo glared, "Be grateful I even made you a sandwich!"

Grimmjow grinned, "I see you put potato chips with it. Good boy."

Ichigo blushed and looked away embarrassed. "Just hurry up so you can fix my toilet."

"Alright, alright, keep your pants on, or not. I don't care," He grinned.

Ichigo about choked on his own saliva and decided it would be best to turn on some tv. He watched tv until Grimmjow finished fixing his toilet. Grimmjow leaned over the back of the couch and whispered in Ichigo's ear, "I'm done."

Ichigo jumped back surprised, "Ah! Oh…um, yeah, thanks." Grimmjow laughed at Ichigo's reaction and left the apartment. Ichigo covered his face and felt it growing hot. He hated that he was reacting this way around Grimmjow. Ichigo didn't know what was so special about him. Why was he always so nervous around him? Why was he thinking about him a lot lately? Ichigo's face grew red. "Why can't I get that image of him without a shirt out of my head?"

Ichigo's shower head had broken that morning so he decided he better shop for more sandwich ingredients before he called Grimmjow over. Ichigo stood in the aisle of the supermarket looking at the different jars of pickles. "…ugh! What the hell am I doing? I don't even like pickles…" Ichigo sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "….well, since I'm here…" He grabbed a jar of pickles and placed it in his shopping basket. He started to leave the aisle but then looked back. "…what if he doesn't like this kind of pickle…" He walked back over to the pickles and studied the jars. There were three different types for him to choose from. He sighed, "Argh, why do I care whether I get the right one or not…" He glared at the pickles then grabbed all three jars and stuck them in his basket. Ichigo rushed over to the checkout counter to purchase his pickles. The cashier looked questioningly at his three jars of pickles. Ichigo frowned, "What, you've never bought three different kinds of pickles before?" He quickly paid for his pickles and rushed out of the supermarket and back to his apartment.

Ichigo sighed as he stared at his broken shower head waiting for Grimmjow. "Why is everything breaking down?" he asked. He heard the expected knock at the door and went to answer it. Ichigo opened the door for Grimmjow and let him in. "Sandwich is on the table," he sighed.

Grimmjow grinned and walked over to the table and sat down. "Mmm," he grinned, "what's this? You have pickles!"

Ichigo frowned, "You complained about them enough…" Ichigo watched as Grimmjow took a bite out of the sandwich. He didn't know why he hoped the pickles were the right ones. Grimmjow frowned and continued to eat the sandwich. "What? Something wrong with the pickles?"

Grimmjow shook his head, "Nah, the pickles are fine. You changed the cheese…I don't like provolone."

Ichigo sighed, "What kind of cheese do you like?"

Grimmjow continued to eat the sandwich, "Swiss." He picked up a chip and ate it. He grinned as he watched Ichigo fume.

"Sorry…I ran out of swiss…I figured provolone would be fine." Ichigo sighed out his anger and sat down on his couch to watch tv. "Don't forget about my shower head."

"Don't worry, I'll tend to your head when I'm done with my sandwich," he took another bite of his sandwich. Ichigo blushed at Grimmjow's choice of words and flipped through the channels for something to watch. Why was he even making him sandwiches? Grimmjow had asked the first time but from then on Ichigo just made one before he came over to fix something that was broken. Ichigo's thoughts made their way to the memory of Grimmjow eating the sandwich. How Grimmjow licked the salt from the potato chips from each finger with his pink wet tongue. Ichigo blushed when he felt himself getting hard. He glared down at his crotch and tried to focus on watching tv. Hopefully his hard on would go away if he ignored it. Ichigo was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't hear Grimmjow talking to him.

"Hey," Grimmjow flicked Ichigo's ear.

"Ow!" Ichigo cried out as he grabbed his ear, "What the hell?"

Grimmjow grinned, "I'm done with your shower head. See ya." Ichigo sighed as he watched Grimmjow leave. Why did he have a feeling that he was going to see Grimmjow sooner than he wanted to?

Ichigo glared at his groceries. He had bought some more swiss cheese and any other sandwich ingredients he had been running low on. He made sure to get the same brands that Grimmjow hadn't complained about, which to Ichigo meant that he liked them. "Argh! Why do I care so much?" He pulled open the cabinet door to put away the bread and broke it off its hinges. Ichigo stared at the door in his hand stunned.

Ichigo couldn't even look at Grimmjow when he opened the door to let him in. "Sandwich on the table…along with the broken cabinet door…"

Grimmjow examined the cabinet door, "What exactly were you doing?"

Ichigo frowned, "I was putting away groceries…I pulled too hard…"

"I'm starting to think that you are breaking stuff on purpose just so that I can come and fix it for you." He grinned and took a bite out of his sandwich.

"Really? Really?" Ichigo shouted, "Because I'm starting to wonder that myself too. I don't know how my stuff keeps getting broken, and then I make you a sandwich every time you come over, but not only that I go out and by ingredients that you like! I bought three different jars of pickles to make sure I got a pickle that you like! I don't even like pickles! What the hell is wrong with me?"

Grimmjow looked at him stunned mid bite then grinned, "I don't know. Maybe you're in love."

Ichigo looked at him shocked, "W-what? With who?" Grimmjow grinned. Ichigo frowned, "The hell I'm in love with you!"

Grimmjow shrugged his shoulders then took another bite out of his sandwich. "Oh well, no reason to worry yourself over nothing. Here, help me out."

Ichigo frowned, "What do you need my help for?"

Grimmjow held the cabinet door up, "You hold it up while I screw it."

Ichigo blushed, "W-what?" An image of Grimmjow screwing him into the counter flashed through his mind.

Grimmjow poked Ichigo's arm, "Hey, did you hear me?"

"I-I'm sorry…" Ichigo stood next to Grimmjow and held up the cabinet door. He felt uncomfortable standing so close to him.

"Done." Grimmjow looked over his work. "Alright, let's watch tv." Ichigo nodded and walked over to the couch with him and sat down.

Ichigo suddenly stood up, "Wait a minute! Why would I want to watch something with you?"

Grimmjow grinned and pulled Ichigo's wrist to sit him back down. "Why not?" He wrapped his arm around Ichigo's shoulders to keep him sitting. "I come over here enough. We should hang out."

Ichigo blushed and tried to adjust himself comfortably under the weight of Grimmjow's arm. "I guess that's alright…what did you wanna watch?"

Grimmjow flipped on the tv. "Well, Days of Our Lives is on."

Ichigo grinned, "You watch soap operas?" Grimmjow glared at him. "Okay, I get it…nothing wrong with that…we can watch it… I know how important your soaps are to you grandma."

Grimmjow frowned, "Old people aren't the only ones who watch this."

Ichigo covered his mouth to keep himself from laughing and nodded, "You're right…housewives do too."

"Just watch already. It's not that bad." Grimmjow crossed his arms over his chest. Ichigo looked over and thought he was pouting but wasn't sure if glaring at the tv like that really counted as pouting. Ichigo grinned and watched as the soap opera came on. Grimmjow explained all of the character connections to Ichigo so he would better understand what was going on. Ichigo was reluctant to admit it, but the soap opera was actually interesting. When the episode ended Ichigo stood up.

"What the hell? They can't end it like that!" Ichigo shouted.

Grimmjow grinned, "What do you care if they do? Soap operas are just for old people and housewives anyway." Ichigo blushed embarrassed. "What time period are you stuck in anyway? Housewives?"

Ichigo frowned, "There are still housewives…"

Grimmjow laughed and stood up, "Well, I better get going."

"What? Already?" Ichigo blurted out.

Grimmjow grinned, "I have duties as a landlord that I have to perform. 'Sides, you probably have things you have to do also."

Ichigo frowned, "You mean you actually do stuff without people having to ask you several times?"

"Yeah," he laughed, "only for special tenants though."

"I'd like to meet those tenants and find out what's so special about them." Ichigo said.

Grimmjow grinned, "Why? You jealous?" Ichigo blushed and shook his head. Grimmjow patted his head and smiled. "You shouldn't be. You're my most special tenant." He laughed at the stunned expression on Ichigo's face and headed towards the door. "I'll be here tomorrow to watch the next episode."

Ichigo sat down and sighed when Grimmjow had left. He covered his reddening face. "What the hell?"