For Your Entertainment; Chapter 9

It was the day of their planned date. Ichigo had been thinking about it all day. He was so excited that he even got ready early but his excitement quickly disappeared as he looked at the clock and saw that Grimmjow was late to picking him up. Ichigo heard a rushed knock at the door and sighed. He opened it and his vision was graced with a very clean cut and sharply dressed Grimmjow. Grimmjow wore a dark slate colored suit with a medium blue dress shirt that you would think would clash with his hair but actually complemented it and made his eyes stand out. Ichigo frowned trying to hide his pleasure at seeing Grimmjow look so nice. "You're late."

Grimmjow nodded his head apologetically. He stared at Ichigo in his black suit with a black dress shirt and red tie. "Yeah, I'm sorry, I couldn't find a tie to wear and the place we're going requires one. I thought I had one but…you look really nice by the way."

Ichigo sighed, "Thanks. Come on in, I think I have a tie that will match your suit." Ichigo stepped aside so Grimmjow could enter. He went to his closet and picked out a tie. He held it up to Grimmjow and nodded, "Yeah, this should be good." He handed the tie to Grimmjow.

"Thanks…" Grimmjow said as he stared at the tie.

"…you don't know how to put it on do you?" Ichigo asked. Grimmjow looked away embarrassed and shook his head. Ichigo sighed and grabbed the tie. "Alright, I'll help you." Ichigo slid the tie underneath Grimmjow's collar and tied it with quick precision. "There, all done."

Grimmjow grinned, "Thanks," Grimmjow looked at his watch. "that should be enough stalling."

Ichigo looked at him puzzled, "Stalling?" Grimmjow took his hand and led him out of the apartment building. When Ichigo and Grimmjow stepped outside a horse drawn carriage rode up.

Grimmjow grinned at Ichigo's stunned expression. "So? You like it?"

Ichigo had to force himself to close his mouth. He frowned. "It's okay…where is it taking us?"

Grimmjow smiled and took Ichigo's hand. "You'll just have to find out." He led him over to the carriage and helped him in. He got in and sat next to Ichigo. He nodded to the carriage driver to start moving. Grimmjow handed Ichigo a blanket. "Here, in case you get cold."

Ichigo took the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders. "How far is it?"

Grimmjow shook his head, "It's not far." Grimmjow was going to put his arm around Ichigo but stopped. "…can I…" he frowned, "may I put my arm around you?"

Ichigo used the blanket to cover his smirk. It was cute how Grimmjow was trying to act proper. Ichigo nodded. "Yes you may." Grimmjow sighed somewhat relieved and put his arm around Ichigo.

Grimmjow looked at his watch and smiled. "Okay, get ready."

Ichigo frowned, "Get ready for what?" At that moment the sky above them was filled with fireworks. Ichigo stared up in amazement. "What the…"

Grimmjow grinned, "Do you like it?"

Ichigo frowned. He didn't understand how Grimmjow had gotten romantic all of a sudden. He felt like he had been missing out on something the whole time they were together. "It's fine…it's nothing I haven't seen before."

Grimmjow sighed and leaned back comfortably and watched the fireworks. He glanced occasionally at Ichigo to see his reaction. He knew that Ichigo was enjoying the date so far, but he also figured that Ichigo was giving him a hard time. He guessed that he deserved it. He just hoped that it wouldn't cause Ichigo to fall out of love with him. The carriage ride stopped in front of the restaurant they would be dining at. Grimmjow helped Ichigo out of the carriage and led him into the restaurant. The couple was seated at their table.

Ichigo frowned as the waiter left. "He didn't give us any menus."

Grimmjow grinned, "That's because I ordered for us ahead of time so that when we came in the food would be ready."

"Oh, well that's nice I guess." Ichigo said. "So what did you order me?"

"Steak." Grimmjow said.

"Ah." Ichigo said as he unfolded his napkin and placed it in his lap.

Grimmjow frowned, "Is there something wrong with that?"

"I'm a vegetarian." Ichigo said. Grimmjow looked at him stunned. Ichigo smirked. "I'm just kidding. There isn't anything wrong with steak."

Grimmjow sighed relieved. "I should have known it was a joke…I've seen you eat meat before…"

The waiter came over with only one plate of food and set it in front of Grimmjow. "I'm sorry sir, but something happened to the steak that we prepared for you so the chef is making a new one now. It might be a while. Here is this complimentary dessert to make up for the wait." the waiter apologized and set down the dessert.

Grimmjow frowned, "What? You think that's going to make up for it?"

Ichigo frowned, "Grimmjow…"

Grimmjow sighed, "Sorry…thank you for letting us know, I guess."

"We'll bring your steak out as soon as possible," the waiter said then walked away.

Grimmjow frowned, "I can't believe it…I'm real sorry Ichigo."

Ichigo shook his head, "It's not your fault."

Grimmjow pointed at his lamb. "You can have my food instead and I'll wait for the steak."

"No, you go ahead and eat your food before it gets cold." Ichigo said.

Grimmjow stared at the lamb. He felt like this was some sort of test but he didn't know how to pass it. "…why don't we share? Then that way we're both eating at the same time."

Ichigo sighed, "Alright, fine." Grimmjow obviously needed to make it up to him in some way so Ichigo decided to let him. Grimmjow set the plate in the middle of the table where they could both reach it. He started to try and cut the meat with a knife and fork but was having trouble. Ichigo frowned, "Would you like help with that?"

Grimmjow blushed embarrassed, "I've never really eaten anything like this before."

Ichigo smirked, "What, have you only ever had sandwiches and soup before?"

Grimmjow frowned, "….there's nothing wrong with that."

Ichigo looked at him surprised for a moment then grabbed his own fork and knife and started to cut the meat into pieces. "So, what have you been doing all this time without me?"

Grimmjow grinned, "Why do you ask? Do you miss me?"

Ichigo frowned, "No, I've just never really seen you do anything except work and watch tv. I was curious if you did anything different in your spare time."

Grimmjow sighed, "Well, I haven't really had time to do much of anything. I've been too busy trying to think of ways to prove my love to you."

"Surely it can't be that hard to do." Ichigo said.

Grimmjow frowned, "Oh yeah? You try it! It's easy to love, but it's hard to show it."

Ichigo stopped cutting the meat and frowned, "It's easy to love?"

Grimmjow looked away from Ichigo's growing glare, "Well, no…that's not what I meant, I just meant that…" he sighed frustrated, "It's not exactly easy for me to put my emotions into actions or words, especially complicated ones like love…"

Ichigo went back to cutting the meat. He guessed he could understand why Grimmjow was having so much trouble. If it was the other way around Ichigo wouldn't quite know what he would do to show his love. Maybe Ichigo was being too harsh on Grimmjow … Ichigo glanced up from the meat at Grimmjow. Ichigo had to quickly look away. Grimmjow was looking at him with big blue eyes and Ichigo didn't think he could take it. "I'm done cutting the meat so you can eat it now."

Grimmjow grinned and forked a piece of the meat. "Did you want me to feed you?"

Ichigo frowned, "No thanks, I can feed myself."

"You liked it when I fed you when you were sick." Grimmjow said.

"I did not." Ichigo took a bite of the meat. Ichigo felt Grimmjow's foot rub along his leg. He frowned, "Grimmjow stop it."

Grimmjow frowned, "What? I'm not doing anything."

Ichigo glared at him when he felt a hand grope his thigh. "You are too, now get your hand—." Ichigo frowned when he saw both of Grimmjow's hands were above the table. He screamed and jumped back from the table. He looked underneath the table and pulled out a little girl with short green hair. "What are you doing?"

The girl looked up at him innocently. "I wasn't trying to steal your wallet."

Ichigo frowned, "What the…"

Grimmjow laughed, "You thought I was putting the moves on you? I certainly hope you weren't getting a boner from having a little girl try and steal your wallet."

Ichigo glared at him. "Don't talk like that in front of a kid! …And I wasn't!" Ichigo looked back towards the little girl. "Hey, what's your name and where are your parents?"

The girl smiled, "I'm Nel, and I don't have parents. I have two big brothers."

"Well Nel, where are you brothers?" Ichigo asked. Ichigo heard a noise at the entrance to the restaurant. A skinny guy that made Ichigo think of a beetle and a short big guy rushed over to Ichigo.

"Nel!" the skinny one shouted. "We were so worried about you!" He grabbed her and picked her up.

"Pesche! Chakka!" Nel smiled and hugged him.

Ichigo frowned, "You two should keep a better eye on her…"

"Are you saying we're bad brothers?" Chakka asked defensively.

"…um, not really…" Ichigo said. He didn't really want to get in an argument with these guys.

Pesche bowed, "Well thank you for taking care of her. We're sorry for the disturbance. Enjoy your meal."

Nel pulled on her brother's sleeve, "but I didn't get his wallet…"

Pesche looked at her shocked, "N-nel, what are you talking about? Let's go home." They quickly ran out of the restaurant.

Ichigo frowned and sat back at the table. "I wonder if I should call the police or something…"

Grimmjow shook his head, "Nah, they're too stupid to do any damage, and if they did they'd get caught."

"Yeah, but what about the little girl?" Ichigo said.

"She's with family, she'll be fine. She probably just thinks it's some game." Grimmjow said.

Ichigo frowned, "I guess…that was definitely weird though..."

Grimmjow grinned, "Has it been that long since you've seen some action Ichigo that you thought a little girl stealing your wallet felt nice?"

Ichigo blushed, "Who said it felt nice? And no! I'm fine!"

Grimmjow laughed, "Alright, I'm sorry, I'll stop teasing you."

Ichigo sighed and went back to eating his food. Even though they were arguing it still felt nice being with Grimmjow. Ichigo smiled and rested his hand on Grimmjow's. Grimmjow smiled back and took his hand in his. "…do you wanna have sex now?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo frowned and pulled back his hand. "Idiot." He stood up, "Take me home now."

"What?" Grimmjow stood up and followed Ichigo out the door, "but I thought we were having a good time!"

"We were until you had to ruin it." Ichigo said.

"Dammit…" Grimmjow cursed.

Ichigo sighed, "Maybe I should just give up on you."

Grimmjow quickly grabbed Ichigo buy the shoulders. He shook his head then looked Ichigo in the eyes pleadingly. "No, don't! Please don't give up on me! I'll think of some way to show you…just give me more time!"

Ichigo looked at Grimmjow surprised. He had never seen him act like this before. Ichigo slowly nodded, "Alright…"

Grimmjow sighed with relief, "Thank you…"

The ride back to the apartment was quiet. Grimmjow sat next to Ichigo in the carriage as it galloped along. Ichigo gazed up at the stars. He wondered what Grimmjow was thinking about right now. He sighed, probably about sex. Grimmjow sure was making it hard to hate him. All those sudden acts of kindness threw him off guard and caused him to wonder if he was making the right decision by trying to end the relationship.

They arrived back at the apartment building and Ichigo got out of the carriage. Grimmjow silently walked him back to his apartment. Ichigo opened the door then turned around to look at Grimmjow. "Thanks Grimmjow. I had a pretty good time…"

Grimmjow frowned and untied Ichigo's tie and handed it back to him. "Thanks for the lend. I'm sorry about…suggesting sex." Grimmjow mumbled the last part.

Ichigo sighed, "Why are you so concerned with it?"

"It's been four days since we've had sex…" Grimmjow said.

Ichigo frowned, "So what? You lived without us having sex before. You'll be fine now."

Grimmjow frowned and looked away. "You don't get it….I…" Grimmjow opened his mouth to explain but stopped. "Goodnight Ichigo." Grimmjow turned and walked away.

Grimmjow was right. Ichigo didn't get it. Ichigo had been without sex the same amount of time as Grimmjow and he was fine. Sure Ichigo had missed it, but Grimmjow seemed to try and make a point of its importance. Not just now either, Grimmjow had always viewed sex as something that they always needed to do. Ichigo frowned, "He didn't seem like a sex maniac before we were together…he even left a girl to fix my water heater…has he always been like this?" Ichigo sighed. He didn't know any of Grimmjow's friends to ask them. Hell, he didn't even know if Grimmjow had friends…. "I don't really know anything about him…"

The work week was beginning again but Ichigo didn't really notice. He was too busy thinking about Grimmjow. Ichigo was lifting a box when Renji came up next to him. "Hey Ichigo, how's it going?" Renji asked.

The question startled Ichigo out of his thoughts and he almost dropped the box. Renji quickly caught the box and helped him set it down. "Ow, sorry Renji," he rubbed his shoulder, "I was distracted…what were you saying?"

"I asked how you were doing. How's the romancing going?" Renji smiled.

Ichigo frowned, "He doesn't need to romance me. He just needs to show that he loves me so I know he's not just saying it for sex…but so far he's not doing a good job of it. He'll do well at first but all he seems worried about is sex afterward."

Renji sighed, "I see…hey, what's that noise outside?" Renji went over to the window and looked out. "Um, hey Ichigo come here, you won't believe this."

Ichigo frowned and walked over to the window. Ichigo frowned at what he saw. Grimmjow was in front of the warehouse with Asano who was holding up a stereo. Grimmjow stood next to him holding a microphone that was connected to the stereo. The music to "A Little Respect" by Erasure played from the stereo speakers and Grimmjow started to sing the lyrics.

"I tried to discover a little something to make me sweeter. Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart. I'm so in love with you. I'll be forever blue that you give me reason why you making me work so hard. That you give me no, that you give me no, that you give me no, that you give me no, soul I hear you calling. Oh baby please, give a little respect to me!" Grimmjow sang.

Ichigo sighed and decided to put an end to this. He walked outside and towards Grimmjow. Ichigo pressed the stop button on the stereo and grabbed the microphone from Grimmjow. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Ichigo asked angrily and embarrassed.

Grimmjow grinned, "I was showing you my love."

Ichigo sighed and frowned. "By singing?"

"What? You don't like the song? How bout this one then…" Grimmjow changed the track on the stereo and the music to "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick started to play.

"'I want you to want me. I need you to need me. I'd love you to love me. I'm begging you to beg me. I want you to want me. I need you to need me. I'd love you to love me." Grimmjow sang while grinning.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "Grimmjow…"

"Still not working?" Grimmjow asked. "Alright, how about some Elvis?" He changed the track and started to sing 'A Little Less Conversation'. "A little less conversation a little more action please, all this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me. A little more bite and a little less bark. A little less fight and a little more spark. Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me. Satisfy me."

Ichigo frowned and took the stereo away from Asano and turned it off. He unplugged the microphone. "What's with all the old music?"

"It's not that old," Grimmjow grinned, "and it gets the point across."

Ichigo sighed. "Try again."

"What? Really? I've done several romantic things! That should be more than enough! Any girl would be willing to jump into bed with me right now!" Grimmjow said.

Ichigo turned around and shook his head. "Dammit Grimmjow, I don't care about romance. I want love." He continued walking back into the warehouse.

Grimmjow frowned confused. "…what's the difference?"

Grimmjow sat in his apartment contemplating Ichigo's words. "Love…" He closed his eyes and tried to think of what love meant to Ichigo. What did he view as love? Grimmjow frowned. He didn't even realize Ichigo was in love with him till he said something. Grimmjow sighed, "I was pretty sure he hated me until he kissed me, then I thought it was just about sex…" Grimmjow growled angrily. "How the hell was I supposed to know? I'm not a fucking mind reader…"

Ichigo laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. He rubbed his shoulder. He must of twisted something when he almost dropped that box. It really hurt. He sighed and wondered if Grimmjow would ever do anything that he thought was properly showing his love for him. "Maybe he's incapable of showing love…" It would make since. Ichigo sighed and rolled on his side. "He wasn't totally off with the roses, singing or the date…it was actually surprising to see him do something like that. I didn't expect it at all." Ichigo sighed and thought about all the nice things that Grimmjow had done for him. "I guess he is capable of showing love…he just doesn't know it…"

Grimmjow paced back and forth across his apartment. "Urgh…love…love…" Grimmjow closed his eyes and thought about Ichigo and some past things he had said to Grimmjow. "Now I know there was one moment when…AHA!" Grimmjow grinned as he remembered the time he was making soup for Ichigo and Ichigo had said that he could really taste the love. Grimmjow had dismissed it at the time. "I'll make him soup and fill it with my love!" Grimmjow frowned, "…or would that be romance…? Argh, whatever! I'll do it anyway!"

Grimmjow sighed tiredly as he stared at the soup. "It's done… I spent all night making it, but it's finished. Now I just have to take it to Ichigo." He looked at the clock. He'd be at work this time of the day. Grimmjow drove off to the warehouse on his motorcycle being sure to secure the soup so it wouldn't spill or fall off. Grimmjow walked into the warehouse and looked around. He didn't see Ichigo anywhere. He spotted Renji and walked over to him. "Hey, where's Ichigo?"

"Oh, he didn't come in to work today. He called in sick." Renji said.

Grimmjow grinned, "Perfect!" Renji looked at him puzzled as he ran out of the warehouse.

Grimmjow rushed up the stairs to Ichigo's apartment and was going to knock on the door when he heard a strange noise from inside the apartment. Grimmjow frowned and held his ear up to the door.

"Oh man, yeah, that feels great…that's exactly what I need. Right there…" Ichigo groaned from inside the apartment.

Grimmjow felt his anger seethe inside of him and he kicked down the door. "Get your hands off of him!" he shouted angrily. Grimmjow stared stunned when he saw Ichigo laying on a portable massage table shirtless with a masseuse rubbing his shoulder.

Ichigo frowned and sat up. "Grimmjow…what the hell?"

Grimmjow looked away embarrassed. "Um…I thought you were…"

Ichigo sighed, "Nevermind." He jumped off the table and handed the masseuse his money. The masseuse folded up the table and left. "You do realize you are going to fix my door right?" Ichigo said to the still embarrassed Grimmjow.

Grimmjow nodded and glanced up at Ichigo. His eyes traced over Ichigo's oil slicked muscles. "I thought you were sick…" Grimmjow said distracted.

Ichigo blushed from Grimmjow's gaze. "Not really…my shoulder was bothering me. I didn't think I'd be able to work today so I stayed home so I could rest. The pain got to be too much so I called a masseuse." Ichigo looked at the container in Grimmjow's hand. "What's that?"

Grimmjow blushed and held it out to Ichigo, "…nothing special…I mean, well, I made soup…not because you were sick, I heard about that afterward, but because…" Grimmjow sighed frustrated and frowned, "I made you soup filled with my love for you…"

Ichigo looked at Grimmjow surprised and slowly took the soup. "…I see…"

Grimmjow stuck his hands in his pockets. "It's really hard…to find different ways to show my love…I only knew one way but you wouldn't let me do it. I had to think of other ways..."

Ichigo looked at Grimmjow puzzled, "What do you mean I wouldn't let you?"

Grimmjow frowned, "You wouldn't let me have se-...! …never mind…I'll go get my tools to fix your door." Grimmjow turned and started to walk away.

Ichigo looked at the soup. He quickly tried to process the information. "Grimmjow…wait." He grabbed Grimmjow's arm.

Grimmjow closed his eyes. "Just eat the soup…then you'll know how I feel…don't make me stay any longer…"

"Why?" Ichigo asked knowing the answer.

Grimmjow clenched his fist and looked Ichigo in the eyes. Ichigo saw pain present in Grimmjow eyes. "Because…I won't be able to hold back any longer…" he said quietly.

Ichigo stepped closer to him and rested his hands on his chest. "I'm sorry I didn't let you express your love the way you needed to…I'll eat the soup Grimmjow, but I'd much rather have you show me by making love to me."

The pain mirrored in his eyes slowly disappeared. He closed his eyes then rested his head on Ichigo's shoulder. "Really?"

Ichigo nodded and whispered in his ear. "Yes."

Grimmjow laid Ichigo gently back onto the bed. He smiled and kissed Ichigo on the lips. "I love you…" Grimmjow's actions were controlled and slow as he undid Ichigo's pants and took them off. Grimmjow lifted Ichigo's leg and ran his hand slowly down his thigh. Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's neck. "I love you Ichigo…" Grimmjow took his fingers and gently inserted them into Ichigo. Ichigo held onto Grimmjow and panted as he felt Grimmjow's fingers move inside of him.

"Ah…I love you Grimmjow…" Ichigo panted.

Grimmjow finished prepping Ichigo and removed his fingers. "Are you ready?" he asked. Ichigo nodded. Grimmjow held Ichigo's hand as he inserted his cock into him. "Ah…love you…" Grimmjow grunted as he moved in and out of Ichigo.

Ichigo gasped and held onto Grimmjow. His grip on his hand tightened. "Ah…Grimmjow…"

Grimmjow's pace quickened. "Nnn, Ichigo…ah…love you…" Grimmjow slipped his hand behind Ichigo's head and kissed him.

Ichigo moaned into the kiss. "Mm, Grimmjow…more…" Grimmjow moved harder into Ichigo. Ichigo felt himself draw closer to the end. "Ahn…Grimmjow!"

"Ichigo…I love you!" Grimmjow gasped as he released into Ichigo. Ichigo cried out as his cum spilled out onto his chest. Grimmjow smiled and kissed Ichigo. "I love you Ichigo and don't forget it."

Ichigo blushed, "I won't."

The End

A/N: Or is it? I thought it would be good to end it here but I'm actually going to add some extra chapters. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed it!