Title: Within You

Rose/Damon song fic for the song "Within You" by David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth

How you turned my world, you precious thing

You've run so long

You've run so far

I've spent so long obsessed with Katherine, that it's so strange now to be so fascinated by Rose. To have her, not Katherine, be the center of my world. I love Elena because she is so much like Katherine – or at least the person I thought Katherine was. I love Rose because she is so different from Katherine. She's capable of love and loyalty. I saw that much with Trevor. I can't help but want her love and loyalty for myself. I don't love her… don't know if I can love her… but she is the most precious thing in my world.

Rose has spent hundreds of years running. Hiding. Because of Katherine. She's crossed countries and oceans, running to try and stay safe. Our lives were ruined by Katherine. Something we have in common.

Your eyes can be so cruel

Just as I can be so cruel

Oh, yes. I can be cruel. Ask Mason, Caroline, Lexie, Jeremy, and a lot of others. I've reveled in that. But what I see in her eyes… The condemnation for killing Lexi, her friend. I can only imagine a friendship like theirs, that lasted hundreds of years. When I had turned my emotions off, it wouldn't have bothered me. Now… it does.

Live without the sunlight

Love without your heartbeat

I have the sunlight, but she doesn't. Hasn't for so very long. I'll have to convince Bonnie to make a ring for her. I can at least give her back the sunlight.

Rose has only been staying in the boarding house a few days, but I'm already so used to listening for her heartbeat. Katherine and Elena ripped my heart to pieces. Rose seems to be healing it.

I, I can't live within you

I can't live within you


I, I can't live within you