A fourteen-year old May runs out of the petalburg gym.

"Bye Dad!" May shouted over her shoulder. She keeps running down the road to the pokemon center. Just as the door opened, a fifhteen-year old Drew steps out. May crashes into him and falls backwards. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down too. May looked up at Drew.

"Drew," May said, blushing.

"Hi, May." Drew said, getting off of her. He holds out his hand for her. "Still a klutz, I see." he flipped his hair.

"I see you're still a hot head." May crossed her arms and brushed passed him. He stared after her with a smile.

While Drew left, a girl about 13 watched through binoculars. Can't fault her taste, the girl thought, but he won't jeopardize my mission. She put the binoculars away in her bag. She stood and jumped down off the ledge she was on and headed to the pokemon center.

Drew saw the girl come out of her hiding spot and walked towards the pokemon center. The look on her face said she was a girl on a mission. (no pun intended) He decided to keep an eye on her.

The girl was about a yard away when May and another boy walked out. She stopped, turned around and walked away. What is he doing with her? she thought.

What was he doing with her? Drew thought, Who is he? May spotted him and walked over with the other guy. "Drew, you're still here?" she said. "Looks like it," Drew smiled. "Well, I want you to meet my other rival, Luke." Luke put his hands in his pockets, "It's nice to finally meet the famous Drew." Luke smiled."Well I haven't heard anything about you before." Drew smirked. Luke was still smiling, "Why, is that May?"

May blushed, "I haven't seen Drew in a long time."

The girl stood near by watching, I can't make a move now! I'll have to wait for night fall, she thought.

Drew sat across from May in the café. He didn't like how Luke was so close to May. And let's face it, he was jealous too. What had happened since I last saw May? Drew thought. "So what are you doing in petalburg?" Luke asked. "I was passing through, and decided to stop by." Drew flipped his hair. "Are you sure it wasn't to see May?" Luke asked, and May blushed. "Luke, don't ask Drew so many questions!" she said.

"Well?" Luke asked.

"If you must know, I was chasing a pokemon and I came into town to rest." Drew said.

Of course Drew didn't come to see me, May thought.