Character Descriptions; OC's (Grr, I own them so back off!)

Alana Walker;

Age; 13

Physical Appearance; Wispy bangs across her forehead and long pink hair that reaches past her shoulder blades. Her usual attire consists of a long sleeved black shirt with the shoulders missing. It was cut off at her waist line. She has a black ruffle skirt with leggings underneath and tall black boots. The thing that stands out about her is her bright blue eyes.

Luke Walker;

Age; 16

Physical Appearance; Tousled blonde hair that reaches down to his neck and curls there. Large blue eyes and a handsome face make him irresistible. (Lolz I had to say that!) He normally wears a red and black t-shirt with a dragon logo on it and tan border shorts. And to finish his look he has a pair of black running shoes he wears with everything.

Davis Rocket;

Age; 14

Physical Appearance; Shaggy brown hair that fall across his eyes, he has to constantly brush it from his eyes. He, like his sister, has brown eyes. Not the normal brown, it is more like an amber color. He has a boyish face. He wears a black knit cap over his hair because it's usually a mess. He wears a faded gray t-shirt over a black long sleeved shirt. Black jeans and gray sneakers finish his look.

Jazz Rocket;

Age; 16

Physical Appearance; Long black hair, falls down past her hips with bangs the hang on either side of her face. She is very natural and hates make-up. She has warm brown eyes and an honest face. She wears a black tank top that shows her belly. A black metallic vest and short jean shorts complete her clothing. Black knee high socks and black running shoes finish her whole look.

Character Descriptions; People I don't own…


Age; 14

Physical Appearance; Red bandanna and normal hair style. A red tank top with a white pokeball out line on the bottom corner. She had on a cropped yellow vest over her tank top. Short (But, not to short) jean shorts and her fanny pack circles her waist. Same running shoes from the show.


Age; 15

Physical Appearance; Same green hair. He has a purple t-shirt with a black rose pattern (*cough* reference to alicelouise'x story *cough*) and dark board shorts. He has new skater shoed to make him look even more awesome than before.

A/N; Okay towards the end I got too lazy to think up better descriptions. Sorry! If you ask nicely I may let you use the OC's! Also I would like to add that I will be writing a sequel, but who knows when that will be up! Also I would like to apologize to LoveLoverGrl for still not posting her one shot! I do have a new story up but, its for digimon so if you like digimon please check it out! Lastly I have the review responses from the last chapter;

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