Hey guys!

I'm sorry if this disappointed you if you thought this was an update, but due to recent deaths and impending surgery, I will be putting this story on a short hiatus.

My "nephews" (it's a very "Aunt Phoebe" type of situation…ie he's not a blood relative but the family is close enough to be family) and their mother recently passed and we have all been grieving.

Also, I am getting surgery in a week (brain biopsy, oh joy. I'll be fine, don't you lovely reviewers worry) and moving to Russia in 3 days. Which means I might need a new translator. Or just an English keyboard.

Hopefully, I'll be well enough to update very soon. Due to all the craziness that's going on (as well as recovery time for brain surgery, however long it is).

I want to thank my beta Ai to Kofuku and my amazing translator baiolles708 who said when she translated "SHIT!"

Love you all! I'll be back and typing away in no time!

*Meanwhile, go peruse other Klaine fanfiction, it's great!*