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Transcending bonds

Looking back now, sasuke believed he should have seen it coming.

Seen the warning signs when the face of the blonde knucklehead came flying towards him from that desk on that fateful day. when lips smashed against lips in an awkward, suprising, yet life changing moment. he should have realised.

Should have realised then, as if that kiss was a branding, a marking or claim, that he, Naruto Uzumaki, would be bound to himself, Sasuke Uchiha, in an eternity that neither man could not, and would not, break from. for they were bound.

Bound so strong by a force neither could even begin to imagine, that the thought of being seperated would bring forth the greatest pain imaginable. And as Sasuke would later come to realise, an existance without naruto, was no worth of existance at all.

As sasuke lay there, bloodied and broken, he wished for the carefree days of team seven again.

The exhiliration of Ninja training, the magics of new jutsu's and the possibility of becoming something amazing to make the world a greater place for all.

And of course. the breathtaking existence that was Naruto.

Naruto's dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage. practicing techniques and sparring with Naruto, sleeping under the stars beside Naruto, and looking to the future knowing that he was by his side. like his own personal enchanting sun with warm rays that filtered away the dark, haunting images of revenge and slaughter that ate away at his mind, attempting to consume him into his own madness.

There time in wave country, running the length of those tree's as they practiced controlling the chakra within there feet. grinning proudly to one another from there respective tree tops, bathed in the cool glow of the moon as they enjoyed just being in the presence of the other. helping one another, arms thrown across each other as they stumbled and chuckled there way back to there inn, bruised and sore but grinning with emotional glee.

And of course. the encounter with Zabuza and Haku.

Sasuke remembers a slight pull from within, and then with a blank mind, jumping in front of Naruto, protecting him and taking the hit from haku's ice needles. That moment, that could have been the trigger that set in motion there fate, that they were more then just comrades on a team, more then just sasuke and naruto of team seven...

Sasuke remembers coming back around, and as sakura helped him to stand, seeing the fallen bodies of the demon Zabuza and his weapon Haku. no longer demon and weapon, but just two souls, drawn to one another. Inseperable.

Zabuza with his hand resting so tenderly upon the fragile face of Haku.

Together. peaceful in the slumber of their death.

Sasuke remembers a sly lingering glance in naruto's direction at that moment, only to find said boy looking back, unknown emotions swirling within the depts of blue orbs.

that was when Sasuke began to realise that slight tug a little more.

...they were more then just sasuke and naruto. they were bound. destined. for what? at that moment sasuke was unsure. but he knew. it would become something amazing.

And as the swirls of memories long past came hitting against the last uchiha. just like the pouring rain pounding his cold flesh. Sasuke allowed his mind to wonder back to the blissful times that were life. when there was color, warmth, love and naruto, and allowed the smile of a distant memory grace his pale, sunken face, and bathe in the memory of his transcending love...

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