"AND EXACTLY WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING?" A shrill voice echoed through the halls, bouncing from the walls and reaching the ears of every single person taking occupants in McLean Mansion.



The door swung open and the two teenage girls froze in place. Octavia's eyes moved between the two of them for a moment, neither of them daring to move. She walked forward, slowly, no cane under her hand, until she was stood between the arguing sisters. They both swallowed hard, no one daring to breathe.

Suddenly, Octavia reached out, grabbing Brianna by the ear and dragging her out of the room, despite her loud and angry protests. "Go to sleep, Chloe," she called over her shoulder, slamming the bedroom door shut.

Living Room

"Hello, and welcome to Total Drama Music," Sam sat with a smile on her face, but it was starting to look forced again.

There was silence for a moment and when she looked over to her co-host, Chloe had her elbow resting on the arm of the chair, her head in her hand and a peaceful expression on her face. She'd had a rough night dealing with Brianna.

"Chloe," Sam spoke in a singsong voice. "Chloe, time to wake up." She nudged her co-host who fell forward with a force before waking up.

"I wasn't playing the game!"

"What game?"

"...What game?" Chloe looked guilty.

Music room

"Oh God," Maci grimaced. "You have that love sick look on your face again!"

Alexander blinked a few times, turning to face his sister. "What did you say?"

A grin spread across Maci's face. She turned her attention to the other side of the room where Sami was sat on a stool, showing her dad a new song she'd learnt to play on the guitar. Alex and been watching her every move since she'd entered the room, even though her father kept sending looks his way too. Maci was getting sick of her brother's goofy smile every time he saw his girlfriend.

"You should go join them," Maci suggested.

"No, no," Alex protested. "I wouldn't want to leave you on your own.

Maci rolled her eyes. "Don't worry about me, I'll go find Ryhan and Dani."

"You know, she really hates it when you call her that."

"I know," Maci winked as she exited the room.

R.B. Cam

"Brianna is driving my crazy." Chloe sounded exasperated. "I can't wait for mom to call and drag her ass home."

"I really think my dad and Alex are getting alone," Sami smiled. "I knew they would!"


"Your sisters are cute," James smiled, watching the two little girls on the swing set.

Martin sat beside him, his head in his hands. He was supposed to be watching his sisters himself, but he knew James was keeping an eye on them and he trusted him to make sure they were okay. Martin couldn't bring himself to look at the two of them. He was ashamed of himself and didn't want his precious sisters being involved in that. He had a hard enough time convincing his mother that he could take care of them for a day while she went off and...well, he didn't know what she doing. Probably booking the tickets back to India.

"Hey, stop beating yourself up," James encouraged, wrapping his arm around Martin's shoulders.

"YES!" James and Martin looked up quickly, but saw no one.


Kat slapped her hand over Dana's mouth. They both dropped their binoculars.

R.B. Cam

"At least we're getting somewhere with them!" Kat beamed excitedly as Dana bounced on the spot beside her.

Living Room

"Chloe." The brunette in question tiredly looked up from her sheet music to find her co-host fidgeting awkwardly in the doorway behind her. "Y-You know the other day...when we...we talked about me and Astoria not having done anything yet?" Chloe nodded her head, remembering the conversation well. She still hadn't quite wrapped her mind around the whole half-base thing. "Well, I-I was wondering if we could maybe...talk more about that.

"Sure?" Chloe replied, not quite knowing what else to say. It wasn't often Sam opened up about her sex life, not even to her best straight friend. "What part of it did you want to talk about?"

"Well, I um...I think I need to tell you something," Sam stuttered, unable to get the words out of her mouth completely. "A-And I haven't told anyone else this yet, not even Scar or Grammy and-"

Chloe reached out and put her hand on Sam's arm, stopping her from talking. She was starting to ramble. Whatever it was it was burning a hole in Sam's head. Chloe had never seen her like this before.

"Sam, you can tell me anything, okay?" Sam nodded her vigorously, telling Chloe that she knew that, hence why she was coming to her first.

"Okay, Chloe, I'm...I'm asexual!"

There was silence for a while as the two girls stared at each other. Sam was shaking nervously until Chloe's face broke out in a huge grin.

"Is that all it is, you nugget?"


Chloe got up from her seat on the piano and wrapped her arms around her best friend. "Oh, Sammy...I love you no matter what, okay?" Sam was too speechless to say anything, her mouth opening and closing as if on strings. "Now, tell me more!" Chloe grabbed the other girls hand and the two sat back down on top of the piano.

"I-I didn't think you'd understand," Sam mumbled quietly.

Chloe rolled her eyes, her smile never quivering. "I understand more than you know, Sam. Now, tell what's really going on with you and 'Storia."


"Um...hi?" Natalie looked up, a faint smile on her face. "Can I sit?"

"Sure," she replied, moving her bag from the step. Matt took a seat, smiling to himself. "You don't want to bother anyone's family either, huh?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah, don't want to intrude on anything."

"Or run into Brianna," Natalie snorted. "You know, I was talking to Mariana this morning and we were planning on pranking her like Sam did. Do you want in?"

"You think that's a good idea?"

"Sure," Natalie shrugged. "It's better than letting her act like a bitch and getting away with it."

The teenage boy titled his head, mulling over the thought. "Okay, I'm in."

Daniella's room

"Get out!" The older teenage girl yelled, slamming the door shut in the younger ones face.

"Fine then," grumbled Maci, walking off to find someone else to bother instead.

Inside the bedroom, Ryhan was trying his best to calm down his sister, but Daniella was angry.

"I don't see why she thinks she can just show up here and call me 'Dani' when she knows I hate it! I can't believe mom even let you and her come here! Ugh, idiot..."

"You should really give Maci a chance," Ryhan encouraged. Daniella gave him the stink eye.

Sam's Room

Sam paced nervously, mouthing out the words she'd say under her breath, tapping her head as was her custom when nervous.

"Sam?" Astoria knocked on the door after she'd already entered, looking concerned at the sight she saw.

Sam raised her head in surprise, and came over, kissing her forehead. "Hey, pretty."

"Hey," Astoria mumbled confusedly, her eyes peering up at her girlfriend. "What's going on?"

"Um..I have to tell you something." she said, and sat on her bed, now rubbing her hands together, another nervous tic.

Astoria trusted Sam, but she couldn't help but feel nervous. It was definitely serious. She took a seat beside her on the bed, taking her girlfriends hands in her own.

"Well...you know that I adore you, right?" she asked nervously, looking into her eyes and holding her hands.

Astoria's stomach dropped to her knees. That was not the way she wanted the conversation to start. All the same, she slowly nodded her head.

"Well..I'm not..sexually interested in you. Or anyone." she admitted, stroking the top of her hand.

Astoria pulled her hand away, her eyebrows furrowed together.

"Well...I guess what I'm trying to say is...Asty...I'm asexual!" she spat out, muscles tightening.

The two girls were silent for a moment as Astoria took the news in. She wasn't entirely aware of what that meant, but she did know she would always be supportive of her girlfriend. Astoria swept a piece of hair behind Sam's ear.

"I love you."

Sam slowly smiled. "I love you too, Asty." she said, and hugged her. "I don't say it often enough. But I love you."

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