Ice Storm

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Melissa Marr.

Author's Note: This is told from Donia's point of view. Is there any more in this series or it just the one book?

Time: Wicked Lovely

Genre: Angst, Drama, and Romance

Rating: PG

Date Finished: December 29, 2010

Surround me, surround me.

Drink my soul. Lead me away from it all.

No, no this is what I want. Don't change my mind for me! Please, please let me do this!

I'm alone. The ice pierces my soul. Warm, sweet blood no longer runs through my veins. Ice has replaced it.

Fading, fading. He's fading away. No, I can see him. He's right there! Let me reach out and touch him. No, no don't hold me back.

He' just out of reach.

So close...

So close...

The wolf, my friend, my companion, that's it. He'll stay.

Ice remains.

Ice will never go away.

Ice storm, ice storm, it's here. Enter my winter. Winter the best season of all. Winter the best prison of all. My poison, my eternal ice.

Keenan, fall in love.

Girl, fall in love.

Keenan, don't forget about me, me who's stuck in an ice storm.