Title: Never underestimate the Slayer

Rating: R

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Disclaimer: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles and all the other characters in the syndicated TV-show Buffy The Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy etc, etc. I do NOT own any of the official characters, their names or their backgrounds. This story, however, is mine.

Spoilers: Season 4. Somewhere between Something Blue & Hush. No canon Tara (maybe later). Dark fic. Love & tenderness ensured.

Pairing: Buffy/Willow/Xander

Summary: The Slayers always have Watchers, but no friends, they abide the rules, they even have a Slayer's handbook. Well, this one is entirely different. And she doesn't react as required... All who don't believe - you're on your own! The new Master Vampire of the Hellmouth and her mates – new rules, new town, new feelings. How we came to be.

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Text in this print - Narrator's current thoughts

Text in this print - Memories



The reason I always feared to be a vampire is loneliness. Yeah, exactly! Not the bloodsucking, not being soulless, nope sirrre! The biggest fear – that I will be alone.

Then, being in Sunnydale for a year has lessened the power of my nightmare.

Here I accepted myself. Here I became the real Slayer. Here I found the one thing people are looking for their all lives. I have found my true love. Or, speaking in real terms of the Slayer and Vampires – I have found my mates for all eternity. Yes, you are not mistaken. Mates as in plural.

Meeting Willow and Xander gave my life that spark, that sense it was lacking – before and through that first year of my slaying. We clicked right away.

Xander, my adventurer and conquer. My man. My trusted advisor.

'Can I have you?'

His first words to me… We both knew what he said, but both chose to ignore them. It was quite unexpected and sudden, and not at the right time… though we both felt the inner response. I found him cute… and the Slayer found him dependable. We were so weak and uncertain - pathetic humans. Spikey here called them once 'happy meals with legs' – he was right. But where would he be without us? Bit more 'bout that later.

Xander put the firs brick in the house of our future and the road to our lives as a triad. The attraction was there from the first whiff of the air.

Willow, my sweet Willow. My girl. My Queen.

She was so not herself. Her true nature and beauty was deeply hidden that first time we talked on the bench in the Sunnydale High. But my Slayer felt her the minute Cordelia brought me up to that water fountain – 'This girl is special, she's yours, don't miss her…' The first chance I got I made it clear to her – she was the first priority to me before any other girl.

They both reached out for me – Xander with his fortitude and Willow with her desire to belong somewhere. They called to some part of me I didn't know still existed within me. That Jesse boy didn't belong with them – even on that first day I could tell that. My mates, even incomplete without me, already had that aura of togetherness which didn't include that boy. From my current position I can certainly say he was more so embarrassing as a vampire. The great Darla made one of her first miscalculations making him her Childe.

How we came to be together – and how we made our town truly ours… I think I have some time to spare while my lovers training a new pet. Shall make sure they remember…

Let's take a walk down the memory lane to see our recent past…