"I can't believe this shit."

Scoffing, Seifer grudgingly saluted the Commander of Balamb Garden with the rest of his squad, the latter silently striding down the steps of the airborne vehicle with an air of casualness. He could feel the little kiddies tremble in excitement at the chance to finally meet and hear Squall Leonhart face to face, and as much as he appreciated seeing Squally-kins post-battle, he really didn't want to be standing here at three a.m., with a mass of mud and Grat guts all over his face while his students buzzed like they were about to faint. If the day couldn't get any better than five-star rations and two hundred monsters crawling into his ship, he didn't know what a 'continental breakfast' they were offered for brevity was.

"I really can't believe this shit."

Squall, surprisingly, simply gave quick, acknowledging nods to the recruits before he ended up in front of the annoyed man in record time. "Good job."

" … Squall, if I don't have a damned cup of coffee right now, I'm going to hurt someone—"

"My room in three."

Seifer nearly threw his boot at the other's retreating back.

"I'd better have something to look forward to."


Seifer sighed tiredly. "Squall." He shook the other's shoulders. "Squall." Again. "Babe."

" … hm?"

"It's the little furball—he wants to come in."

Groggily, Squall turned over and readjusted his head on the pillow, raising the covers higher over his shoulders as the other sat up. "Let him sleep in the living room."

"We washed his bed, remember?" the blond replied sans inflection, yawning. "And I think we fed him too many kibbles."

" … fine: Let him in."

A blink. "Hold up: Me?"

The brunet burrowed deeper into the warmth. "Seifer, I'm trying to sleep."

"Like I'm not? You go get him."








"Commander Fluffyheartz."

"Seifer—shut up."

Seifer knit his brow.

"I don't know how I put up with you."


"You mind scooting over?"

"I did."

"Thanks, smartass—I meant to move your butt to the other side of the bed."

"This has always been my side."

"Yeah, well, not anymore, since we rearranged the furniture."

" … can you just get in and sleep?"

"No—my left has to be facing the back windows; you know that."

"All I know is that you keep moving the toothpaste in the morning."

"That's you: Toothpaste near the shelves, and shaving cream next to the lights. I just move it back into place."

"That wasn't how it was before."

"Um, I don't think you've noticed, but Seifer Almasy is now officially living here."

" … Squall Leonhart lived here first."

They ended up wasting another forty-five minutes.