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No matter how rough he may seem, he has soft hands; like a flower petal. He likes to yell and throw tantrums-which I think are adorable by the way-but no matter how hard or annoyed he seems, Kyou always has soft hands. He climbs to the roof of random buildings faster than any other of his Zodiac family members, well, except the monkey, and can scale the harsh bark of trees, yet when he hold my hands, I never even feel a single callus on his palms and when he touches my face, his hands are clean, almost pure-like. So gentle...so warm...

I clutch his right hand and place it on my cheek, feeling my skin shiver against his cold touch, pulling him towards me. Kyou hesitates, the slides his free hand around my back, tugging me closer.

"Whatcha' thinking of, Tohru?" He whispers in my ear, his tepid breath trickles down my face like snow.

"Your hands."


"It's another thing you don't notice about yourself; you're hands are always impossible soft," I smile.

Kyou smirks. "That's the power of lotion."

I give him a look that said what-kind-of-make-believe-lotion-is-this-or-are-you-telling-the-truth.

"It's the same one that makes your lips so soft," he murmured just before gently pressing his lips against mine.

After we break, he hummed, "See? You don't notice how soft your lips are."

Hehe I know Kyou is totally out of character here but it was fun to write about him being romantic and such. If only this was in the anime….xD