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and what else...I just hope you like it XD Excuse my spelling XD enjoy :D

Chapter. 1 A damn transfer.

I hate this, If I could choose to I will not go...I will never go to that school. Full of humans. Full of all disgrace. Full of fake friends who will never be your friends. Of course, it's not like I could freaking change that. I crumbled the piece of paper in my hand. The paper that said that I got accepted to Cross Academy. To that stupid school that I never wanted to enter. But...I had no choice. No choice at all. Or..I guess you can say I did. It's crap anyway. I wouldn't have gone. Are you kidding me? I wouldn't even be on this bus right now on my way to Cross Acedemy. I decided to come though. Why? Do you want to know why? Because...Tsukune. Because of my sister. Moka. She loves him and I am just a huge disturbence if I get included in there. It's been years and I was also so close to Moka. I would personally protect her from every jackass who wanted to get in her business. Of course, since Moka was so pretty all with her emerald looking eyes and me with this freaky red eyes. Vampire eyes. She had long pretty pink hair. While mine made me feel so old because it was silver but sometimes I would think it's white. White and old. Ugh. Not like I care. Guys are pain in the asses. Just cause you look pretty and everything and they try to get with you. It doesn't matter. It's all about love isn't it? In all honesty I had a feeling for Tsukune but he loved Moka...me...me...well what can I say? I can't get in between them. Tsukune will protect Moka. He is right for her. Me... I am just a girl who can won't let a guy put his hands on me without permission. I had to seperate from my sister. All this time I had been protecting her from guys and now it's not necassary. I don't want to get in between Tsukune and Moka. Anyway...there still Kurumu and all those other girls who are also Moka competition. It was better for me...I should make her happy. I looked down at myself. I touch my chest, looking for the once before necklace that was at my neck but now is gone. I gave it to Moka right before I left. I told her that all Tsukune had to do was pull out the rosario and I will come to her rescue. Whenever she needs help I will go for her. She had tears in her eyes and but she had nodded and hugged me and with that I look just one more time at Tsukune who also looked sad. He had told me not to go. That I wasn't a problem. Yeah right, I knew better than that. So I told him to take care of Moka for me as I took my bag and left the hell out of there before I regretted it. I took the bus and didn't glance back. I will never look back again. I am doing the right thing for once in my f-ing life I am doing something right.

Suddenly the bus stop. Jerking into an abruptly jolt. Freaking bus driver doesn't know how to drive, I mumble angrily as I took my bag and starting getting off. The bus driver looked at me once and had this weird gleam in his eyes. I remember he was the same bus driver from Yokai. This stalker is freaking everywhere. I came down the bus but not before some guy put his hand around me.

I instantly jerked and punch him down. Making him fall down into the floor.

" Touch me again and you are dead," I warned.

" Jeez, I only wanted to get my bag from the other side," he grumbled standing up " What the hell is your problem?."

He got up defendng himself. His guy buddies behind him were practically glued to what was going on. Not exiting the bus to glance at us. I didn't reply I just turned back around and waited for the idiots to move out of the way.

" Crazy Chick...who does she think she is?," I heard the guy murmured.

FIrst mistake this idiot ever did. I turned back again, glaring at him. Freaking out, he started to back away throwing up his hands up like he gave up.

Heh, that's what I thought punk.

" Move!," I told the humans in front of me.

They moved all of them freaked out by the color of my eyes. Have I mention that my red eyes turned redder when I am mad? Well now you know. They made a pathway for me and I came out of the bus, hearing laughter from the bus driver.

Remind me to kick his ass next time.

The sun was shining and I hated it It was all bright on my face. Ugh. My hand goes up shielding my eyes. This is so crucial. One thing I hate more than this sun is the fact that I am officially hungry. No, hungry is not the right word more like thirsty! I need to get away from this population of humans. I walked to the building that look so much like a castle. What's the point of that.

" Welcome Newcomers," I girl suddenly said in front of me.

Her hair was brown and her eyes gleam in a weird way. She looked at me with a smile though she personally looked tired. I ignore her and moved on.

" uh...Excuse me! Wait!," she came after me.

I still ignore her. Obviously because it so happen that I was thirsty and I didn't want a human close to me.

" Hey, Wait!," she came right in front of me.

Ugh...I could smell her blood. I moved away now needing to go away ! As soon as possible. Until someone grab my arm having enough energy to turned me around. I was caught in amusement for a while because no one has ever been able to turned me around.

" I think she was talking to you," He told me, aggressively.

I stare at him.

About my height. His eyes gray. His hair falling into the same silver hair that I had. His eyes though made something go on on me. But obviously I ignore that feeling. Glaring at him now. I jerked my hand back from his grasp. Stopping to look at the girl from before.

" Don't touch me!," I warned him

" Oh, Sorry I just need to get your name...I'm Yuki Cross," She informed.

Now that I looked at her I saw something...bite marks on her neck.

Oh hell no, this girls been bitten by a vampire. Suddenly I could sense the pulsing blood on her thoat. I had to get out.

" I have to go," I tell her in a abrupt voice and start walking away.

" Hey!," The guy tried to make a move on my arm again but I saw it coming and push his hand away making him all down.

" Didn't I tell you to not touch me!," I tell him thowing my fist up now ready to kick him too.

" I have authority to touch you Newbie," he grumbled getting up from the grass way faster than I wanted him to stay down.

I glare at him as suddenly he pulled out a gun out.

Oh yeah, As if I didn't have a gun too. I had tons the bad news is that it's on my bag and by the time I reach for it this idiot will kill me. What did he think that I would be afraid of a couple of bullets? Ha, Don't make me laugh. I eat bullets for breakfast. I step up.

" Zero! Zero! Stop! What are you doing!," that one chick Yuki came in between.

Whoa! Girl! Step out of the way! I can defend myself.

Zero glanced at her and then turn his glare back to me. He lower his gun. I notice something there...there must be a thing going on between this chick and Zero.

" I'm sorry just please tell me your name," Yuki turned around to see me now with an apologetic smile.

I swallowed the burn in my throat and answered.

" It's Rosario Akashiya," I murmur still glaring at that Zero guy.

Who was returning the look.

Yuki scanned from a list...when she frowned and read on.

" Are you in the Day Class?," she asked me.

The thirst grew on me.

" You know what I really have to go...now I have to see the headmaster," I say hastily making my way out already.

" But...Rosario!," she came to me again.

and this stupid girl was so dumb that she tripped down. Scraping her hands down and I could smell the blood. Delicious. I couldn't help it. I got closer to her. No...think of Tsukune...I tell myself as I pulled apart right when that faget Zero raise his gun to me again and hauled Yuki up from the ground.

" Get away from her Yuki, she's a vampire," he said while glaring at me and pointing that damn gun at me.

I turned back around and walked away going inside. This time they didn't try to stop me. Good, Cause I didn't want to mess with them again.

" Oh...here these will make you feel better," The headmaster murmured putting down two things that looked like pills.

I look at hiim like he's crazy but I took the tablets.

Instantly I felt better. The thirst going off me. Phew, It was about time.

" I'm sorry I should of told them that you were coming," he said cheerfully.

I shrugged as if I cared.

" Well your room shall be on the left side room 216 and I hope you feel comtorable. I waiting for the president to show to show you around," He said while looking at the window.

At that moment at the door I heard a knock.

" Oh, That must be him come in Kaname," the headmaster murmured.

He entered and with glance he came and saw me. I turned around. He wasn't so bad looking for the president.

" This is the president of the night class...Kaname this is Rosario she's a new vampire here," the headmaster introduce us as if we were some elemantary kids.

" Welcome I will show you everything tomorrow, today..please just make yourself at home," he replied.

I got up ready to leave now when at the door that girl Yuki was there again. Not that this chick again.

" Oh..Yuki perfect timing this is my adopted daughter Yuki," the headmaster said.

" She's your daughter," I murmured glancing between them.

No wonder.

" Uh, we already met before," Yuki said nervously.

I looked at Kaname. He was staring at Yuki and Yuki back at him.

What's this?

Not a second later that Zero guy came in and instanly I could feel a heavy atmosphere. Zero glare at Kaname while Kaname gave him a disaproving look back. Well what is this? Love triangle? Don't ask me why this is funny but I found it funny.

I laughed.

My laughter echoing around the room. Their eyes coming to me. I let my laughter echo before saying.

" You know...well I am going to look for my room and meanwhile..I think I should leave with this weird atmosphere anyway...one thing for sure...You-," I point to Zero. " Never point that stupid gun at me again before I use my own gun on you," I say pushing right passed him on purpose shoving on him.

I took him by suprise and by a slight moment I wonder why I liked that.

I knew one thing for sure though...If I ever see that Zero guy again..I will officially beat him to the bulb. It doesn't matter who he thinks he is. Human or Vampire. I won't put of with him. I close the door. Though I was clearly thinking this...I couldn't quite get why I want to go back. To see what else about this Zero guy.

Heh, He better not get in my life.

He better not.

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