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Chapter 7. All For A Bloody Kiss

I yawned, rolling over in the bed. My eyes open, lightly, then close back up when I see the drops of sun coming from the blind. More sleep...-

" We have to keep looking for answers, we can't sleep all day," Zero voice is meekly a whisper as I'm drifting to sleep again.

" Rosario!," he says a little louder.

I groaned and turned over. Hoping that Zero voice will drift away for this moment at least.

" Rosario," he says again, irritation in his voice. " Wake up!"

I open my eyes and glare at him " Can't you let me sleep? Jeez! Daytime we can hardly go out anyway! Stop complaining and let me sleep," I closed my eyes annoyed.

" It's not the sunrise it's sunset. It's 6:00 P.M it's almost night," Zero replied evenly.

6:00?...What? I open my eyes and tilt my head towards Zero, who was sitting down in a chair right next to the bed looking directly at me.

" P.M? Have I been sleeping the whole day?" I ask.

He nods. I frown and then groaned again. Great! Another Adventure of the day. I sit up and then for a moment wonder how long had Zero been there watching me in my sleep. I mean...isn't that strange? I glance at him again. He's still looking at me. Is he some kind of stalker!

" What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?" I touch my face absently, trying to see if I have drool marks on my face or something.

" No," he replied smoothly standing up

That made me frown deeper. " So then...what is it?" I bet he's lying! He probably put whip cream on my face when I was sleeping. That little jerk.

" You'll kill me if I told you, so let's just leave it at that," Zero murmured and then headed towards the other balcony room.

" I'm going to kill you anyways if you don't tell me!" I replied glaring as he walked.

Zero hesitated, his eyes moved to the ceiling then towards the door. " We should get ready to leave as 6:30 I think I have an idea at where we should begin searching...," he said and then he open the door.

If he thinks I'm going to let him go just like that. I'm about ready to sprang up to stop him when he says

"'re one of those rare person who look good whether your sleeping or when you wake up in the morning," with that he made a dash outside the door.

I glance at the door. I stood there not sure what to think, in the lightest. I thought he'd say something like " you're completely weird in your sleep," A moment later I realize he'd said that I look good. A smile forms in my lips. I jump from the bed and head towards the bathroom to see a reflection of myself in the mirror. All I see is my silver hair looking a bit wild and my face is still the same. But in a way I could see it. I mean my hair wasn't like other girls hair that when they wake up in the morning it's all over the place, wild, popped up, and hectic. My hair right now looked like it was a survivor in action. In a way I could see myself as I model portrayed out in the wild. Hmm...I churn distracts me from observing even more. I had almost forgotten the blood. I step towards the room again. Maybe Zero has some pills of blood...I quickly look through his stuff. No...No...Damn. I take a breath. It's all right. I can survive. I head to the showers, to take a good hot bath to calm me down. I don't need blood right now..I'm fine.

" Ready?" Zero asks once I came down to meet him.

" Are you?" I instead ask, ready this time in case we get attack. I have a gun strapped to my boot and plenty of bullets under my jacket.

He shrugs and we walk out of the hotel.

" I think we should start right where we got attacked yesterday," Zero begins talking when I stop...

What is it I smell... I shake my head. Focus.

" Right," I say.

" Right what?" Zero looks at me confused.

" Whatever you said," I mumble, shit...that was lame. Now he definitely knows I wasn't paying attention to his plan.

" I wasn't even done explaining. Look, my twin is a bit...difficult, but I know him better than anyone. For some reason I think they want something in the Academy,"

" Well no duh Sherlock, they're not sending monsters to attack just because. They want somebody dead. Or simply the whole academy. Which if you ask me is kind of stupid. I mean why should they attack a school, at night when they know vampires also defend that? It's not worth it," I reply, shoving my hands into my pocket.

A human passed by. I stop breathing all together until the person was far enough.

" It's because of the vampires they're attacking. Ever since May there was tension with the Night Class.," Zero responded after the human left.

I nodded, but I wasn't truly paying attention. Hours passed with us walking around the streets. I hungry. Why?

" Rosario," Zero called my attention yet again.

I turned to him, forcing a innocent smile. " Blank out again, "

Zero frowned and leaned on the railing. " That's where we are heading," he points to a restaurant on the paper. Before I could ask why a chill went down my spine. I knew that feeling too well. I stiffen.

" What's wrong?" Zero asks, alarmed by my reaction.

Just as he says that. A sound like laughter escapes. I stand firm.

" Get your gun ready, something is coming," I tell him urgently.

Then they pop out. Little tiny ugly freakers. I've seen very few of them before. It wasn't going to be pretty. I hated those things. They were like little demons children ready to attack. They jumped down 4 at first.

" Kill as many as you can and don't get corner," I ordered Zero, already having my fist land on the first one I saw. Twisting around I got the next one. Zero shot the 4th just as another 5 came by. I knew they come in stacks. Probably 20. I try to hurry and kill as many as I could, as quick as I can. I lost track of how many I killed just with kicking and punching when I finally kill the last one I glance at Zero. I sigh and smile " See piece of cake," OKAY! Truth be told, I was worried that my thirst would lower my fighting rate. See I'm fine...I'm okay I don't need blood. I can do without it. I push my hair back and went to stand next to him when another sound escaped. What the hell is that. I covered my ears. I look towards where I heard it. Drop down comes a girl with red hair and vicious hazel eyes.

I stand firm.

" So you take care of those little things, it won't be easy anymore," she whispered with a wink.

Who is she? Zero frowned next to me.

" Who do you work for?" Zero asks, turning in front of me.

Something was really strange about her. I still had the chill feeling. She was definitely not a vampire. I glared at her.

" My orders are to kill both of you," She said.

Zero raised his gun at her. She smiled and then she sang.

What the that sound? I covered my ears. Zero didn't.

" What are you doing! Shoot her or something!" I yell at him.

" ...heavenly," he replied, lowering his gun.

HUH? " Heavenly? More like shit! Do something," I cover my ears harder.

I couldn't attack while covering my ears. Maybe I could kick her..or something. Then I noticed Zero edges closer to her. What is he doing? He seemed daze, confused. That's it! I came in front of him.

" Snap out of it! " I glared.

" Get out of my way," he glares back.

" Zero!" I yell and he pushed pass me.

He was under her spell. I take a deep breath and snatch the gun I was hiding. I blasted it towards her. Ignoring the blare of awful sounds in my ears. AH DAMMIT!MY EARS!...

The moment I shot her she stops singing. Zero shakes his head as if he's out of her daze.

" YOU OWE ME big time," I snapped, my ears ringing.

Zero looked confused then stare back his eyebrows shooting up. I glance back. Seeing as she started morphing into something that look like it was gaining heads. That's when it snapped. I knew what she was. A siren. No wonder. I frown, gripped Zero shirt and started hauling him.

" What are you doing, she's going to get away," Zero snapped.

" You can't fight her! Her voice hypnotizes you until you are really close to her, then she aims to kill you. It's known to allure men in," I explained as we run.

" But she's out to kill us," Zero frowned.

" I know that! Let me think," I sigh. We have to kill the whole thing by whole. How will I do that when- a couple humans passed by the streets.



I closed my eyes. Concentrate. My ears were still ringing. Damn.

" Okay, I will distract her while you cover your ears with something and shoot her straight in the heart you got that. If you shot her in the head, that'll make things worse ," I say with my voice croaked.

I was so thirsty. I gave myself a hard shake. I don't need blood. I'm good without it. I go back towards the girl.

" Came back for more?" the girl approached me.

" You bet," I say glaring at her.

" I heard so much about you, the great Vampire Moka, the beauty and a great killer of monsters," her many eyes all focus on me.

" You're next on the list of monsters," I narrow me eyes.

She grins toothlessly. " We'll see," she marches towards me.

I bend down and punch up as it slung towards me. I used my leg to bring another compact to her body. One of her heads inch closer to me. I put all my effort in a punch to bring her down. She fell on the ground she started singing.

UGH! I covered my ears. She came closer to me. I wince. Such a horrible sound. Then it stopped. Blood sprayed on the cement. I gasp.


Zero came from behind me. Blood. I closed my eyes and stand up abruptly. I needed blood. I was already tired enough for the lack of blood. I can't remember when was the last time. Why did I need blood so bad. Was it because of all the fighting?

Why was I so thirsty...? Shit!

The noise of swarming creatures soon was heard. I cursed. More? No. The night was truly pure hell. Those swarms came in great number. I fought off as many as I could. It was almost daytime and we've been fighting these things non stop. Finally we came towards the corner of an alley. I huff. My vision was blurring. The scent of human was stronger as dawn was approaching. I need. I need...

A human man passed right in front of me.

" Excuse me ms.," he whispered.

I felt his blood pulsing in his veins. Just one bite. I bit my lip, a churn growl came from me. The swarm noise got closer. They're going to catch up soon. Great. I lean on the wall and try to breath. Blood smells were everywhere! It was toxic! Unraveling. I shut my eyes and tightly hug myself to keep me from attacking. It was probably 5 in the morning. Humans went to work around this time.

" Rosario,"

My eyes snap open when I noticed Zero. " What?" I growled, my eyes bloodshot.

" We have to go, those things are coming,"

I shake my head. I can't move. If I move I'll attack. " I'll just fight them off here," I shot out. That probably when I noticed how with all the fighting he was cover in blood too. He had a cut in his neck. Bleeding. I closed my eyes forcefully. No..I can't take blood from Zero like he had done to me. I can't.

Blood. Blood.. I hear Zero sigh. Then he said " Just do it, already,"

My eyes open. " Do what?" I ask glaring.

" Stop kidding yourself, you need blood. I known since this morning. How you would hold your breath when a human pass how you spaced out. How you're not fighting how I've seen you fight. You need blood. Just do it, drink mine," he replied.

" You got to be joking! I'm not drinking your blood!," I spit out.

This was torture. He was offering and I really needed blood. DAMN HIM!

" It's almost morning. Vampires lose their energy in the morning. If you have no energy, you can't fight them ," he replied pointing to the sky.

He's right. HELL NO! I won't do it! He's joking around if he thinks I'm going to drink his blood. I won't do it. I won't. I can't. I won't. He's insane. I can hold on. I can't..I really needed blood. So freaking bad. I stare at Zero for a while. Bloody mess. He was a mess of blood.

Zero leaned back " Just do it," he replied glancing away.

I think of what happen last time. Is he truly doing this for me? Offering himself. It was too late. I was already making my way towards him. It's only a bite. Only quick blood. I only need a few. I bring my mouth towards his neck and I bite strongly. I told myself it was only going to be a quick drink. But the moment I tasted his blood. I couldn't help it. I drank more and more. Such wonderful blood. My hands swing to the back of his neck. I felt my energy returning. Felt refresh. A new wondrous feeling. What happened next, I'm not even sure. I was only sucking his blood, when my lips trailed to his upper neck. It was just a brush. We were almost the same height so when I tried to pull apart, I couldn't. My lips brush up. Suddenly they were caught in one place. Then it happened. I'm not sure if it was him or me. I just know that my lips pressed to his and we were now both kissing. I was hungry again. But not for blood. For this boy, this man who presence was sending me on edge. Who spark fire inside of me like anger. Burning inside my very core. I kissed harder. He was hesitant, he wouldn't kiss back with such force at first. But then it all changed. He started to kiss deeper. He was bringing me closer to him.

Why am I enjoying this? Zero.

Then he must've noticed, because he pulled apart abruptly. I step away as well, glancing down. I could feel it inside me. My power returning. I was full of energy. I was ready to attack. To murder, to massacre. I stare at Zero. Our eyes locking. I was angry. But I wasn't angry at him, I was angry of myself for allowing myself to kiss him. How could I do this?

" Thank you," I say.

He looked alarmed at me saying thank you. Maybe he thought I was going to get him back. I wasn't. As the swarm creatures approach again. I smile. I was born to fight. In no time I killed nearly 50 of those and was fire enough to bring down another 100 or so. It wasn't until I was done did it come to my head. Zero and I had kissed again. He had kissed back. It'll be a pure lie if I said I didn't enjoy it. I could feel the awkward tension as we made our way back to the hotel. No words spoken between us. I always hated the silence, but right now I found it comforting. I didn't know what to think. I have never hated someone at first sight like Zero. Yet with all the irritations I was beginning to...I shake my head. What the hell is wrong with me. I can't allow myself to fall for Zero. What kind of idiot would I be. A fool. Zero glance at me. I'm not the type to look away because I was caught staring. Instead I stare back. He glance away. I had to break this. This tension.

" What a freaking night don't you think?" I sigh and moved pass him. " I can't wait for tonight."

" You still want to fight more monsters," Zero asks, frowning.

" Killing monsters is my passion," I felt so relieve that I actually smile.

I didn't want to admit it, but there was something about Zero. I never felt exactly the same. Could it mean that I had fallen in love with him? I laugh at the thought. That was ridiculous. I need to restrain these feelings before they get any worse.

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