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Chapter 8. Useless Emotions

It wasn't until later that I start frowning. Somehow it feels as if I've been playing it at ease these last few days. Maybe I'm going soft-yuck! No way?! I crossed my hands in front of me furious. Ever since I transferred to Cross Academy my actions haven't been as crazy as it should've been. Have I soften up since I arrived at the academy? Bull-

Zero walked passed me, he was still taking care of some injuries from the previous night. I glared at him. In the pass few hour I came to the realization that maybe the reason I'm changing is because of Zero! The jerk. I don't know exactly what he's doing, maybe it's just his freaking presence but it's his fault! We haven't talked about the kiss. Part of me is glad because I sure as heck don't know what happened there either. I need to get my head back to logic not having all these weird impulses like some fangirl.

" All those monsters who attacked us yesterday. I got a bad feeling about it all," Zero murmured coming out of the bathroom.

" Good, bad feelings are usually right. Which means I can get more time to crush them so we can go back," I muttered.

" Seems like you're in excellent spirits," Zero mumbled back, pulling out a laptop.

" Where did you get that?" I asked. Sure as heck didn't see him having one before.

" Borrowed it from a man down at the lobby," he said simply.

" So basically you stole it," I clarified the thought somehow actually amusing me.

Zero ignored me. Instead he started typing in LOCAL NEWS on the Google. Whatever- as of this morning I pledged to stay far away from Zero as possible. I can't believe the things that have gone through my brain in the last couple of days all because of him. It's beyond anything I've experience and I really, really don't like it. It's almost pathetic how weak I was yesterday. I even had to punch, when my legs single-handedly could've taken care of those things.

" Yesterdays attack only verified my suspicions that they are aiming for the vampires in the academy, there's a report here about strange activity around here-we have to catch them again and make them talk," Zero murmured, snapping me out of my self-hate on yesterday's account.

" All right the sooner the better when do we start," I muttered, already feeling the fire burn inside of me.

" Tonight," Zero replied going back to the computer.

I nodded then stomped out of the room. " Ugh!" I groaned. What is wrong with me lately? I walked outside, trying to relax enough to be ready for tonight. Until I hear from behind me talking in a low whisper.

" Something odds been happening around here. People are starting to be afraid of going out in the night. I can't understand the reason behind it. Some people even claim they've seen other stuff if you know what I mean."

I decided to eavesdropped further.

" Yeah. I've heard that people are claiming to be seeing demons all over town. Not to mention reports of actual bizarre killings. I don't know about you Phil, but it's getting pretty spooky out there," The other man had replied anxiously.

" Right. I heard from my sister that someone who lives up by the north side saw a weird stuff happening next door. Says that they're multiple-guess what?-…Vampires.'"


" Yes. Apparently that what she told me. She said there were hundreds."

I couldn't believe it. Hundreds of vampires? What was this some type of war? The thought suddenly emerged in my head. What if…-they're planning war against the vampires in the academy. The men carry on to another conversation no longer relevant to me. I backed away, getting ready to go back to the hotel when I bump straight into Zero. He steadied me, even when I didn't really need to be steadied from the bump. Yet his arms remained in my shoulder.

" I was wondering where you went. Look I know you don't like spending time with me, but can you at least tell me where you're going," he sighed, slight irritation marking his features. I glanced at his hand at my shoulder, maybe for a moment too long. I shook his hand away.

" Relax. I only needed some freaking air," I replied, cursing the fact that my mind was returning to the dumb kiss. Ugh! How intolerable!

" Is everything okay?" he suddenly asked, surprising me.

Why was he acting this way. " I'm fine," I said sharply, before almost rolling my eyes. " I overhead some guys talking. They said something about a lot of vampires making a visit here or something like that." I decided to change the subject.

" How many?"

" Hundreds." The moment I said that, Zero eyebrows shoot up.

" Hundreds? What the hell!"

" That's exactly what I was thinking," I replied, frowning. " So what are we going to go check this place out. Kick a whole bunch of asses tonight?"

Zero shook his head. " No. We'll have to be careful. We have to guarantee that the information is valid. I can't even begin to imagine hundreds of vampires," Zero leaned against the wall, his eyes darting to the ground, his silver hair falling just above his eyes. I stood there looking at Zero, something in me just wanted to go over and gaze at his face. Hold it for a moment…-What kind of cheesy shit did I just think? I shake my head angrily.

" What do you suggest we do then?" I wondered why I am bothered asking when I knew the answer already.

" We'll have to go as spies. Confirm our suspicion then report back to the academy," His eyes darted to me.

I met them evenly. " All right. But I'll be highly disappointed if I don't kick someone butt!" I mumbled right as I got ready to walk away again.

" Wait Rosario-"

" What?" I turned, sharply.

Zero glanced at me, but soon shook his head. " Nevermind. It's not important."

I simply shrugged, but for a moment I wondered exactly what he wanted to say to me. I walked away. Somehow unable to get the image of him away from me. This is Zero! How can I possibly be thinking of him at a moment like this? It's complete bull. I stepped back into the hotel room. My mind traveling to so many placing. I remember Tsukune for a while. I know that out of all boys I ever met, he held a part in my heart. But then Zero has been full of surprises himself. Ugh! Why am I comparing them! I don't love Zero! That's absurd. The feeling between us is plain hate.

Zero stepped in the hotel a moment later. I don't look at him, but I'm aware of every motion he's doing as he enters. He sat at his bed quietly. Silence soon filled the room, which suddenly makes me feel uncomfortable. I lived in silence for a long time when I was stuck in the Rosario, always so damn lonely.

" So what's your deal with the headmasters daughter?" I blurted as nonchalant as possible. He jerks from his bed suddenly startled by my question. I continued " I mean do you plan on getting it on with her or something. I mean obviously the girl digs Kaname, but you obviously dig her so what are you going to do about it?"

Zero narrowed her eyes. " What does it matter to you?"

" I'm curious." I responded quickly.

" It's none of your business!" he snapped.

I rolled my eyes. " It's not my business, but I can relate to the situation." The moment the words are out Zero glared relaxed a bit.

" You can relate?"

" Love triangles are such a f-ing mess. Not to mention one out of the three always ends unhappy. In love triangles , one has to lose something important, and it sucks when it turns out to be you, but it's not like you can do anything about it. You can't force someone to love you. Love stinks big time," I sighed, pushing my long silver hair out of the way.

I noticed Zero staring at me, I frowned at him wondering why. He edges closer to the edge of the bed, closer to where I am.

" It does suck," Zero murmured. " Yuki…is my oldest friend, I've loved her for so long. But..she only has eyes for Kaname. She's always been like that."

Okay. The fact that he's telling me this actually surprises me. I didn't think he liked me that much to actually tell me about his love life. This nice confessing Zero kind of freaked me out.

" Well yeah. That's pretty obvious since the moment I met them. The question is are you going to intervene in their way?" I paid close attention to Zero reaction.

" I want to. So badly. Multiple times I've wanted to separate them, but doing something like that to Yuki makes me feel horrible. If she's happy I guess I'll live with that." Zero shrugged, but I saw the pain reflect in his eyes.

Oh man, you got to be kidding me. I'm actually feeling sympathetic to him. I wanted to reach out and -

" There's plenty of fish out there." I mumbled, hating myself for doing it because the moment those words are out there Zero is looking straight at me.

" What about you?"

" I'm content if the other two are happy as well. I don't need to get in anyone way. Besides romance is not for me," I replied suddenly realizing how close Zero is to me.

" Really?" That amuses Zero for some reason. I glared at him. He then lean in closer to me. " Come on Rosario-you're not just any average stereotypical vampire who's drop dead gorgeous. You're actually much more like a damn vampire goddess." he gripped my chin.

I could've yanked his hand away, twisted it, and even dislocated his shoulder. Yet here I am. Just staring at him, wondering why in hell he was doing this. His hand goes down the back of my neck. A shiver emerges just from his touch. He noticed but does nothing about pulling apart. I give him 5 seconds to let go of me, 5,4,3...

" You're…-You're-," Zero glances at me eyes. Both our eyes locked with a sense of strong emotion in them. 2...1...-Whatever he was going to say never finished because the next thing I know he leaned in and he starts kissing me. My body reacted almost immediately. I could've pushed him off, beat the hell out of him for doing this, but damn it damn it I'm not. A craving begins in my stomach as I begin kissing him back. I reached up to his collar and doing something I hardly ever done. I pulled him on top of me. Zero hands slide to my hair as he deepened the kiss. For someone I can't stand, I sure enjoy kissing him. My hands roamed to the back his neck as legs suddenly wrapped around his. His tongue suddenly finds a way to connect with mine. Our lips pull apart, but it's not long before we start kissing again. His hands start roaming under my shirt. His single touched made my back arched. It was only then, when his fingers are sliding higher, close to my bra strip that I realized…HELL NO WE ARE NOT DOING THIS! I pulled back, pushing off strongly enough to knock him down from the bed.

" Things we're going to far," I said, doing my damn best to look in control even when for the first time in my life I was completely out of breath.

Zero nodded, a blush emerging in his cheek. " You're right. It was going too far." He answered right as he stood up. " I'm going out to see what other things I can find- I'll be back." Without another glance he left.

F MY LIFE! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAD THAT BEEN? I was making out with Zero! I practically hate that guy. How did we-ugh and even now I still wanted to strip him out of his freaking clothes to see what was underneath. Damn hormones- UGHH! I stood up slaming my fist into the wall angrily. It immediately tore through the next room. A surprising couple jolted what they were doing in surprise as they stared at me. Ah, dammit.

" Sorry about that" I apologized heading out the door without another glance back at the bed where moments ago Zero and I laid.


" I searched the locations near the northeast. I am guessing that's the place up there," Zero mentioned.

I nodded. Focusing my whole attention on what we're doing instead of what we did. We make our way towards the north side house mansion. There's obviously a lot of surveillance, but after a few attempts we found a perfect way to sneak in. Even before we were inside I realized what those men said before was true. The whole placed looked packed. Not just with vampires though. My blood boiled as I noticed the amount of monsters here. Wow-this is freaking insane.

Zero also goes rigid next to me. " I can't believe this..-this is…-"

" It's like a monster gathering,'' I said making sure I took note of every monster I found.

" What the hell are all of them doing here?Who is even in charge of this " Zero frowned right as one of the vampires turned his attention towards us. He approached us with an eyebrows rose.

" They didn't inform you punk?" he asked with a shake of his head. " We're preparing to annihilate all the pure-blooded aristocratic vampires, along with the vampires at the Cross Academy! That's why we have this gathering. We're going to join something for all monsters to be able to be around humans without having to hide every time. We're planning a damn revolution!"

Revolution with monsters against humans. I don't even hesitate. My hands locked on the collar of the vampire, grasping tightly on it so he couldn't even flinch away.

" That's absurd! What do you plan to do with the humans?"

" That's easy. If after our revolution humans don't accept us, then we'll simply kill them. I sure like the taste of human flesh." The vampire man sneered close to my cheek.

I tossed him down harshly, shoving my foot right into his back. " How can you say such thing. You're a sorry excuse of a-,"

" Rosario" Zero called, a warning in his tone.

I turned to see what he means when I noticed the rest of the monsters and vampires are looking straight at us. Our cover was definitely blown. It's too late to pretend like nothing is wrong, besides I don't regret shoving my foot into this guy's gut at all. I took a step back, annalyzing how many I could beat down before Zero and I escape.

" You shouldn't have done that," Zero reaches for his own gun. I shrugged. " I would do it again," I replied, making note of every monster I , Trolls, Witches, shape-shifters, fairies, warlocks, and plenty more. Witches are tricky, eliminating them first would probably be the best choice.

" What's the plan?" Zero asked, he looked anxious.

From what I calculated this group right here wasn't the full group. The rest of the group probably went somewhere else around the mansion, but it won't take them long to realize where we are.

" We aim to run away! We don't have much time, so try to take as many down as you possibly can," I told him quickly as the monsters got closer. " Let me handle the enchanted monsters. You take care of the vampires all right?"

Zero nodded. " Will you be fine handling them all?"

For an answer I simply snorted. Then I made my way towards the first set I found. I raised my leg up and got my first hand at the warlock with just kicking him. I definitely enjoy kicking better than punching. Most likely because my legs were powerful enough to knock most monsters out. With one kick I sent the first warlock out of the way. Spinning around I jerked my other knee up towards the fairy on her way towards me. Using my hands this time I did I fast flip forward, before using both legs to knock down another two monsters. The Ogres attempted to attack me next. Thank God they weren't relatively fast. With a back kick this time I simultaneously managed to handle the two orgers, sending them tumbling down so fast it knocked a couple of other down. Suddenly I felt something restrain me. The witch was trying to catch a spell on me. It was probably a binding spell, I slumped down, but only for a moment before I summon the enough power to break the spell. The witch gasped at this, as I quickly made my way towards her, my hand this time in her throat. A smile curves in my lips, before I used my knee to kick her down. She didn't get up again.

" Foolish witch-know your place," I said, with a grin.

" Rosario!" Zero called, the moment I turned I realize he's in danger. More vampires we're coming and they weren't exactly giving him time to fight. I frowned, my hands we're pretty full as well. Running I quickly made my way over, attempting to help him before the rest of the vampires got him. A panic suddenly got to me when I couldn't reach him in time. There just were too many monsters on the way. I started to increase my kicking ability on the remaining monsters, still trying to make my way over to Zero. He was struggling, all the vampires were ganging up on him. The panic spread. Why was I feeling so desperate to save him? Right now is not the time to be thinking of my stupid emotions towards him. I rushed forward, landing right in front of him, while I knocked another of the vampires. Now the vampires and monsters were heading towards me. I was kept my cool, even as I began punching instead of just kicking some of the monsters and vampires. Zero suddenly collapse down. Urgh! Why was I being to distracted! Stupid useless emotions-ugh. I rushed over to Zero. " Hey! You okay? Look I'll handle the monsters you go warn the academy. I'll handle things here," I said quickly.

Zero sat up. " No there's too many for you to handle." he replied.

" Don't you dare think I can't handle my own! Just go fool!" I couldn't believe this…why did he want to stay. It couldn't possibly be because he cares about me. So we kissed a couple of times, even made out for a while. Still he couldn't possible care enough about me to risk his own life.

" It's not what I think. It's what I know! You may be a trained fighter, one of the most powerful vampires, but even you have your own limits!" he replied right as a wave of a power send him down.

" Zero!" I called right as he was sent flying a distance. I turned back to a witch, she had blue eyes and vibrant red hair.

" Oh. Sorry did I interrupt something?" she asked, faking feeling sorry.

I narrowed my eyes at her. A smirk comes to my smile. " You're going to regret it," I started running towards her. She grinned a moment before she whispered a few words and I'm bind all over again only stronger.

" You think you're so special because you have a reputation. You have handled all kinds of monsters, from medusa to werewolves, krakens, ghouls, and heck you even have your little witch friend-but you'll have to try harder if you want to match my level vampire Moka,"

" I'm not known as Moka anymore," I yelled at her, rising my power to break the rune she put me in.

" That doesn't change who you are," she answered with a gleam in her eyes. She whispered 2 words that suddenly binding me stronger. Who the hell was she? All of a sudden I couldn't see anymore. That damn witch used a very strong blinding spell.

" What should we do with them?" I heard someone asked.

" Kill them?"

" No. Send them back to the academy. They'll get their warning," someone else replied with a deep voice that sounded familiar. 19 witches from what I could sense were working hard on binding me from escaping. I struggled. Until at last I felt something in my neck-and the next thing I know I felt my power escaping me, submitting my to darkness.

The next moment I know I wake up right in the middle of the park. What the-? Where's those fudgers at? WHEN I GET MY HAND IN THAT STUPID MOTHER F-ING BITCH I"M- As I looked around I noticed Zero was still unconscious and injured. I still can't believe this idiot didn't run when he had the chance. Even so, the fact that he stayed made me wonder back to those useless emotions I was feeling before. Zero and I could and would never work out. Despite those burning desires between us. It just won't happen. I looked at Zero. Love is stupid, dangerous, hurtful, weak. I never wanted to feel it; and that's the reason why I shouldn't ever fall in love. Not just with Zero, with anybody. I let out a sigh, as I noticed blood was dropping from all over Zero body, especially his chest. Idiot! I bent down. He'll freaking owe me for face comes close to his neck, right before I bit him. I knew for sure that this would help him get rid of his wounds. As I bite I try to not think of how I was enjoying the feeling. Zero eyes finally open, landing on mine. But he doesn't stop me, even as my fangs retreat and now it's only my lips on his neck. I have no idea what freaking game he's playing, or maybe both of us are playing right now, whatever it is, it's taken a dangerous turn to something else.

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