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"Big bro, look." A little girl, with white hair and ice blue eyes, wearing a light blue dress and white little zip jumper ,open above the dress, as well as white tights and three years of age, ran towards a boy, with hair as black as the night and eyes that were an imaginable bright red, that was sitting under a three in the garden with a book in his hand. Most people in the orphanage avoided this strange boy, that was not only in his appearance rather odd. Because of his red eyes, but also in his behaviour. He was five years old but still smarter than most grown-ups. Not only could he already read and write, he also could speak fluently in 4 languages. Japanese, English, German and France and was currently learning Latin as well. He already had a wide repertoire on Latin words and it was growing fast. He also already had fixed the orphanage´s computer system as a virus had gotten onto it due to something an older boy had downloaded without permission. But what most people didn't even know, was that he could hack into most systems as well.

"What is it, my sweet little sister?"He asked, looking up from his book as his sister, the little girl that was adored by everyone, ran up to him. She held a paper, so she must have been drawing again. She loved drawing and singing and learned to play the harp. It suited her voice and she had a talent for it. He had tried to learn the piano but had no sense for rhythm and that for a hard time doing so. Still he was persisted and wouldn't give up, even so he knew that his sister would probably play every instrument that existed at some point, considering her talent for everything creative, like art and music.

She held the painting towards him and it was clearly two dragons. Not big on the details but amazingly easy to recognise, considering that it was drawn by a three year old. And it had something special in it's simple way and the bright colours. One dragon was white and the other black. The white one had blue eyes and the black one had red eyes. They flew together over a lake and a mountain, that was in the background. At the bottom of the lake were two people and she said, pointing to them: "They're our parents, and we are dragons. We´ll learn magic and to transform. Will we, big bro? Then no one can tell us what to do."

The older boy rolled his eyes. He had to remind himself of his sisters age, considering her wording that was far from the perfection he had been capable of, even at her age. "They´re lovely," he said as not to disappoint her. "But magic doesn't exist but if you want, I´ll see if I can find something like them online, maybe there are dragon collection cards or something, since you like your dragons so much."

The little girl jumped up and down and followed her older brother towards the library that had a few computers, that usually were off limits for the under 8 year olds. But her brother was an exception and permitted to use it for his extra studies that he always did all by himself, since the orphanage could not afford a teacher just for his advanced capabilities. It didn't take him long to find two cards belonging to a game, called duel monsters. He had heard about it but never really looked into it, since most card games bored him but now he took a few moments to study the rules, as well as a few cards that went along with the two dragons his sister had drawn. They weren't a perfect match to the dragons on the card game but close enough for the girl to squeak with happiness and shout out: "There, big bro. You found them, you found them! You're so great, big bro." He continued looking up a few more cards and started to develop an interest in it. And he also saw that a tournament would be broadcasted on TV and the supposedly top three duellists should be participating and the best thing he found out, was that one of them had three of the white dragons and the other one of the red eyed black dragon, he already had picked as his own favourite card. He would have to watch the duel, maybe he could see it being played and his sister might get to see the white one, she had said was her dragon, as well.

The minders in the orphanage hadn't liked them to stay inside, since it had been the first good day in over a week and they had wanted the children to go outside and play and the older knew that the minders there would have denied him. So he had sent his little sister ahead. Her puppy dog eyes always worked and so it came, that two children of the orphanage were sitting in front of a TV.

The boy was excited as he heard that Joey Wheeler was duelling Seto Kaiba in the next duel. It was perfect. Maybe both dragons could be out at the same time, since these were the names of the duellists that held the cards. Granted, there were still a few more red eyes black dragons out there but no other than Seto Kaiba had a blue eyes white dragon, since he owned all three that were made and not ripped to pieces from what he had found out online. Really, who had been so crazy to rip one? Now he would most likely never be able to get his sister her own one.

The girl drew a loud breath in with excitement as she saw the red eye appear on the field and destroy one of Kaiba-sama's monsters. At least she was excited, up to the point where Kaiba first summoned one blue eyed white dragon. Her's eyes widened at seeing both of the two dragons on the TV screen and the little girl suddenly said to her brother: "Bro, that will be my daddy, he has me as a dragon."

The older looked disappointed. He had never been able to say no to his baby sister, nobody could do so easily but he had the hardest time with it. Ever since their mother had died giving birth to her, she was all he had left and he loved her fiercely. His father had died in an accident just two days before their mum had and most likely the shock had been causing the birthing process to be early, and with complications. "Too bad, I sort of liked the blond. But if the other makes you happy, I´ll see if I can think of something."

The younger girl looked up at her brother for a moment and then asked: "Why not both?"

The older looked down and answered, because both would need to marry and they are both guys!"

"So?" She asked, still not understanding the problem.

"Well it's unusual for two men to be together." The older tried to explain further, in a way the little girl could understand.

"I HAVE MORE HEADS! Big bro look, how many are there?" The girl screamed as she looked back at the TV and saw, that by now Seto had been able to summon his blue eye ultimate dragon. Somehow Joey had been able to protect his dragon so far but the black haired boy knew, that it would not be for much longer. It would be a tough duel for him.

"Three little sister, one for each year." He said, trying to help her remember how much three was. She was really bad with numbers and even sometimes mixed up how many fingers to hold up for her age and that at the age of three. To the boy that was an embarrassment, but he also thought it cute every single time and helped her patiently with a bright red blush on his face.

"What does unusual mean?" The three year old asked.

The older rolled his eyes and said: "I told you before, it means not normal, that not many do it. Only very few."

Suddenly the girl busted into tears as her brother watched her, until she sobbed: "I hurt you." She pointed to the TV and as her brother looked at it he understood. The blue eyes ultimate dragon had pulverised the red eye black dragon completely. Poor Joey. But he had been able to save a total of 10 life points, while Kaiba still had over 4000 of his 8000 life points left. It didn't look good for the blond. But that didn't matter right now, the black haired boy put a hand on his sisters head and looked into her eyes. Most people said he looked emotionless most of the time, or rather expressionless. He was said to be cold towards most people and no one could understand how his sister could love him so fiercely, since she was the total opposite and showing her emotions to a degree, that one could think they overflew on a regular basis. After a moment she calmed down from looking into her brothers eyes. And then he said: "I'm fine and not hurt, silly, it is just a game and if you want Seto Kaiba to be your daddy, then I'm sure he wouldn't use you in dragon form to hurt me in dragon form for real, right? They were just play fighting." The girl smiled again and then said: "And I won, I'm the best, yay! And started to jump on the couch, as the black haired one saw the blond haired young man of maybe 20, 25 tops, lose to the slightly taller CEO of Kaiba corp. How was he to get him to be her daddy?

"But then it doesn't mean it can't be, right?" She asked, momentarily confusing her elder brother due to the sudden change of topic. He looked at her, until she clarified for him. "I mean, they still could both be daddys?"

Her brother suddenly grinned and said: "Well, one would need to be called differently but let's see what we can do about it, sister."

Both grinned and one of the minders, that was on the other side of the room, who saw their faces, was thinking Oh no, the devil and his creative advisor are planning again. God save us all.

And she didn't know how right she was. Right after the tournament was over, both went towards the library and in front of the computer. The older finding all the facts and first saying them and writing them down, while his sister had one idea after the other, one even more creative than the other, and at the same time more impossible than the other. For a long time the most likely idea was to turn into the dragons and just catch them and not let them go, till they agree to date and raise them!

But she wouldn't be his sister, if she gave up that easily. And by the end of his research for the day, they had a plan set and it was fool proof to get at least one of the males attention and that would only be the beginning of their planning. They would get what they wanted, after all how could it fail when the dream team was working together? One wild, one calm, one smart, one creative. Nothing and no one could win against them!

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