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The final plan

After Seth had finished the story he looked at his sister who was cuddled into Seto's arms, her eyes this time still open. "That was a great story." Joey said, "I'm really happy I got to hear it, but I think it is time for bed for you two now." Joey looked at Seto, he didn't really want to send them away and would rather let them sleep with them this last night.

But before he could ask Seth said, "I'll take Joe with me in my room." And with that he gave Joey a hug and then Seto as well and whispered, "Tell him to stay, please, at least try it is your last chance."

He hoped that he would, and he hoped that he had said enough about love between them in their story that Seto would at least try to tell Joey his feelings. But the way Seto looked back, it didn't seem likely. He left with his sister and took her with him into his own room hoping that the two men would talk and that maybe Joey would stay. Unfortunately he couldn't think of anything else he could do to get them together. He lacked the creativity, and Joe the understanding of what was actually possible.

"I'm sorry Joe, I failed to make our dad stay." He whispered quietly as both went to bed.

"No, you tried and if you can't do it no one can. Maybe you can built a time machine and go back in time and try again?" Joe suggested.

"There is no such thing as time travel, if there was I would try trust me." Seth said, disappointed.

"Too bad, I just thought that you maybe could just make someone say to you that he is in love then you go back in time and make the other to a Pegasus bunny." Joe-Joe said.

Seth was confused, turn one into a Pegasus bunny? What did she mean with that? He looked at her for a moment while going over everything he knew about the bunny from the story. During that time Joe was already thinking out loud about other unbelievable ways to get them together or to go back in time to get some more time. After a little while Seth understood, the bunny had eavesdropped and Seto had been upset because the bunny had found something out and Seto didn't like it when someone eavesdropped on him. Seth smiled as the realization sank in, sure he couldn't go back in time and make sure someone listened in, but he could record them.

"Joe-Joe, do you know where the little MP3 player is that you got from our pappy before we came to live with him?" Seth asked, remembering that while he had turned it on for her multiple times since she still didn't remember how to do it, he had noticed that it had a microphone, probably not a good one but he was sure that with his laptop he could make it into good MP3 data and play it for his parents. If he could record a confession with it, and it was a tiny little thing that he could hide with ease, then he could prove to his parents that they loved each other.

Joe-Joe just ran out of the room and into her own. She was back in seconds handed Seth the MP3 and he was surprised, usually it took her ages to find anything in the chaos she called her room.

"Wait here Joe-Joe and try to sleep it might take a little while but I want to try one last thing, you gave me a great idea, you really are a little genius." He said and hugged his sister and he meant every word of it. Some might call her rather slow since she kept forgetting a lot but she had proven today that there were things that she could remember. He already knew that she could remember rhythmic things but she had shown today that things with a meaning to her stayed in her head too. Jaden had asked her for her age and sure enough she had no idea what it was. She was 4 now and still kept forgetting her own age but instead of saying it she had looked at her fingers and put a thumb in her mouth and then wiggled all the other fingers and said, "This old." To Jaden. It was hardly understandable with her thumb in her mouth, but Seto had told the boy later that he had shown her that when they had met the very first time. That was much more than 2 months ago and yet she still remembered it. Seth was sure that she was smart, maybe smarter than him. She was just so smart that everything in her had gotten mixed up and lost. Just as crazy as her room. She needed something to make it easier to find, something that made it important. Just like with her room, the MP3 came from her pappy so it was important and she knew where it was and found it.

Seth walked out of his room and over to his paps' bedroom, while Joe-Joe was still going through more ideas that she had. Her head was full of all the things that were possible, or at least that she believed to be possible. Sometimes she would remember something that Seth had said, that one particular idea wasn't, but she only believed that to be true because if Seth said it, it must be true. She would believe everything her big brothersaid, because he was the best and she loved him to bits.

While walking out of his room he was thinking about how to get one of them alone as he saw his dad walk out of his paps' room and into his own, he didn't notice the little boy since he walked right into the other direction. Seth went first into Seto's room since he already had admitted to his feelings in front of him once. It shouldn't be too hard to make him say it again.

"Paps." Seth just said as he came into the room.

"What is it? Is something wrong with Joe?" Seto asked calmly, Seth was too calm for Joe to be in danger but since Seth usually didn't walk around after bedtime he couldn't think of anything else right now.

"She is fine, but I want to ask you something." He said. Turning on the MP3 to record everything blindly while having it in his pocket. He knew the buttons and could turn it on like this with ease. Seth just looked at his dad questioningly. "Why don't you tell Dad that you love him?"

"Because he doesn't love me back. And if I tell him, then he might never come back to visit and would want to stay away from me." Seto said, sounding a bit sad.

"Do you really think that he would do that?" Seth asked again.

"I'm not sure. He is loving, caring, and affectionate so no that wouldn't fit into those characteristics but he also doesn't like to talk about problems and might try to hide from that. I mean he goes into a fist fight head on even when at a disadvantage and he can bark back to anyone as well but he does get worried and nervous when seeing his mother because she had left him and I think this might cause him to react that way as well and he might try to avoid me and with that you too." Seto tried to explain.

"Paps, can I ask you why you love him?" Seth asked.

Seto found that question a little strange but just assumed that Seth still hadn't given up on his plan and just wanted to research now to get a plan in motion for the next day. The last plan at least for now, until they all would be in Sydney. Seto took a deep breath, he saw no harm in trying to explain his feelings to the boy. The door was closed so Joey wouldn't be able to listen in on them. "It is hard to describe but it is more or less everything about him. I love how he can be strong and at the same time so vulnerable with his emotions. I love how he can make rash decisions without thinking and get himself into trouble with it at times but his luck and charm always help him out then. I love his smile and laughter and how when he is around everything is happier. He is just fun and warm and open and I sometimes wish I could be a little more like that too."

"Why isn't he here?" Seth asked. Stopping the recording and turning the MP3 out shortly after. It saved automatically when the recording was stopped.

"He wasn't tired yet and wanted to finish the manuscript for the next book so I could get it like he had promised me. And then he wanted to pack a few things." Seto said.

"Okay, thanks for letting me know. I want to ask him to stay, even though I doubt he'll listen." Seth said and walked over to the other room.

He didn't bother knocking. "Hey Seth. Shouldn't you be in bed?" Joey said but picked him up and cuddled him tightly and sat on his bed.

"Can't you stay?" Seth asked and once more turned the MP3 on and started a recording.

"I wish I could stay, but I can't." Joey said.

"Why not?" Seth asked.

Joey took a deep breath and said, "You know why, don't you?"

"No, I don't. You love Paps so much that I don't understand why you let him leave." Seth said honestly, he really didn't understand why.

"I love him too much, more than he loves me and it hurts to know that." Joey said and Seth was happy to hear those words. "I can't stay Seth, not as long as Seto loves someone else instead of me."

"What makes you think he loves someone else?" Seth asked curiously.

"He said he loved someone for years, and that he still loves that someone. I mean I really tried to be good while I was here and hoped that he could love me if I'm not too much of a big kid but like you wrote in the letter I am just a kid and that's why he doesn't love me. And by the way, I would never say that to him. He really is so much more and better and all that it would just make feel even worse to tell him that I'm so childish. But I mean even though I tried he still doesn't love me, I had hoped that there would be a day where, you know where he came looking for me because I was know what I mean. For a moment there I had hoped that he could love me because he said he would be there for me and that I wasn't alone and all and...Seth I tried to kiss him but he didn't let me. He doesn't love me, I really tried, I'm sorry but I can't stay when it's like that." Joey said and Seth could see that he was fighting tears.

"I understand, I still believe that he loves you though. Good night Dad, I'm sure tomorrow will be better." Seth said and hoped to be right. He really wanted his dad to be happy and would do anything to help him. He walked back into his room. His sister was still awake which was unusual for her. "Don't worry, I think this might work, even when I consider who I'm working with." He smiled at her even though he didn't feel nearly as sure as he pretended to be.

Joe returned the smile and was happy because Seth would never lie to her so when he said that this would work it would work. She watched him for a moment before getting distracted by a bird that flew by her window. She looked at Seth again and then noticed a cloud going by that looked like a car and watched that through the window. She then remembered a song that she liked and started singing it, but only quietly since she didn't want to distract her brother. And she knew how hard it could be to focus on something.

It took the talented boy only a few moments to get both MP3 recordings onto his laptop and he changed the sound to make it nice and clear but not too clear since he didn't want them to think that he messed with the recordings too much. He took his laptop with him and trusted that his paps would be able to find out if he had changed a date and so he only walked right in and opened the laptop to play the right file while his paps said, "Shouldn't you be in bed by now?"

But as soon as the file started playing Seth left the room and went to his dad and ordered, "Here put them in." while handing him the headphones of the MP3 player. He then started the other file that he had put back on it hoping that his dad would think that he just had recorded it just like that.

Seth watched his father's eyes go huge like dinner plates as the door of the room flew open, his paps standing in there and staring at the blond that was staring back at him. Seth watched them for a moment, Seto was the first to find his voice and he looked much more calm and composed, but not as much as usual, he had an exited look on his face. "Seth, did you record me too?"

"Too?" Joey asked, his voice shaky even though he had only said one word.

"Can I leave you two alone now or are you going to mess it up again?" Seth asked and both of his fathers looked at the boy who right now had a little smug smile on his face.

"Get to bed you little rascal." Seto simply said with a small proud smile on his face.

Seth looked from one to the other for a moment and then said "Fine but do me the favor and don't mess it up again, Joe would be disappointed if dad left." Seth said drily before he left the room to go back to bed, that was now occupied by a sleeping Joe-Joe that soon was rolled onto some pillows on the floor and then got some covers put over her by her brother.

Back in Joey's room Seto started to walk closer to Joey right after Seth had left. Once he was closer Seto put an arm around the blond and held him close. "You wouldn't lie to Seth, would you?" He asked, his voice was barely more than a whisper but he was glad that it wasn't shaking. Seto knew that Joey had tricked Joe-Joe with the vegetables but that was more of a matter of renaming them than lying to her and it was for the girl's benefit. This would make Seth worry about his dad and would not be beneficial to him at all. Only to Joey since he would be able to get away, leaving the blame with Seto. And even though Seto feared that this might be the case he doubted that Joey would do that. And he was relieved as he saw Joey shake his head to indicate that he really hadn't lied to the boy.

"I'm glad, so you didn't lie when you told him that you love me?" Seto was upset at himself as his voice started to get a little shaky at the end.

"I wouldn't lie...though..." Joey whispered and Seto had to smile at how nervous he sounded.

"In that case you are silly. Why would someone as perfect and amazing as you wish to be a cold blooded snake?" Seto asked, it wasn't like Joey could say that he wasn't a cold blooded snake. After all, he had told him that because of that, he had begun to think of him every time he saw a snake. Seto watched while Joey just blushed a little but a smile was slowly spreading on his lips. "I really love you Joey, everything about you, and you can be childish but that is part of what I love about you. I love how energetic you can be and how caring and warm you are to everyone." Seto kept watching his face and noticed how the smile turned into a wicked grin. Seto started to wonder why he didn't say anything. "I really love you Joey, and I don't want you to go." Seto added in the hope to get some reassurance that he would stay. When once more Joey said nothing at all he asked, "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"I was just wondering how long it would take you to quit yapping and just fucking kiss me already!" Joey simply said, still with the wicked grin on his face.

Seto chuckled and pulled him closer. He slowly brought his lips closer to Joey's but inches before they would touch he stopped and whispered, "You know that Seth would get mad at you for using the 'f word'?"

"First, he isn't here and second, I have to get some action images into that chatty brain of yours somehow." Joey said right before pulling Seto into the kiss, he was sick of waiting.

-The End-

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