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Another Road not Taken

Chapter22: Epilogue

October 28th 2051
Earth-controlled Space
EFS Valiant
Lorne's Office

Following the end of the Third Cylon War and the collapse of the Cylon Empire the politics of the galaxy changed. The Tau'ri spread out across the Sol System and pushed for colonization of their section of space in order to accommodate the rapidly expanding population. They terraformed any planets and moons they came across that didn't already have life on them.

The Tok'ra and Jaffa returned to their worlds and started to rebuild. The war had cost them but they had survived and would return to their former glory. Though the Jaffa hated to admit it, without the Tau'ri they would have lost both wars that they fought in against the Cylons and many Jaffa had a grudging respect for the humans of the first world. The Tok'ra were unconcerned with the affairs of the Tau'ri following the war and chose to stay out of their way following the events at Dakara.

The Cylon Rebels had settled down on Ulysses IV which they named New Cylon Prime after their original homeworld. Since the war was effectively over and they were former enemies the Tau'ri carved out one of the large asteroids in the system and with a short jump using a Colonial FTL Drive they transported it to the edge of the system where it was then turned into a space station and listening post. It would then monitor the remainder of the Cylon Collective and their system for many years and would act as a diplomatic site for both parties.

The Colonials finally retired the Battlestar Galactica, its space frame finally succumbing to battle damage and was turned into a museum as it was originally intended before the start of the Second Cylon War and the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. The Colonials set down on an uninhabited world within Earth-controlled space they later named New Kobol. Soon after, they joined the Earth Federation as a member world along with several other human worlds across the galaxy, most notably those under the Protected Planets Treaty and the Pegasus Coalition of Planets.

Forty years later...

"You know when people mention the Alliance-Cylon Wars I keep remembering what they told me in history class. How humanity had no right to play god and create life like Admiral Adama said in his speech before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. My parents fought in the second and third Cylon wars General Lorne. My father spoke very highly of you so please don't turn me away when I say I want to be here," Colonel Jade O'Neill spoke clearly.

"Colonel..." sighed the aged Major General Evan Lorne. "You may look like your mother and may even be as smart as her but you act just like Jack."

"Sir...I need to do this," Jade said.

"...General Sheppard seems to agree," Lorne nodded with a smile. "That's why at o' eight hundred hours this morning I authorised the new Mercury-class Battleship, Thor to be placed under your command."

"...You already assigned me a ship?" Jade asked surprised.

"Of course," Lorne smiled back. "Congratulations Colonel, your first assignment will be checking up on the Genii in the Pegasus Galaxy."

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