In His Skin

AquaSoulSis aka LadyFangs

She was wrapped around him, writhing, her body moving to the rhythm he set as he controlled her pleasure- how much, and when.

He loved the way her tightness clenched around his erection, warm, and wet…deep- letting him go as far and as hard as he pleased.

She craved him. Her fingernails raking down his chest, his back- he liked it. Liked the feel of knowing he gave her pleasure- the whimper when he pushed too hard- the sting of her bite on his neck- the sweat… the smell.

He rolled her over onto her back and pushed her legs open wider to accompany him. She moaned as he pulled out of her- the sound so deep and urgent, he felt her need as acutely as his own. It was a momentary pause in their consummation - so he could admire.

She spread before him, completely open, chest heaving as she tried to muffle her pants.

He thought she was beautiful. She turned away from him, exposing the long, curves of her neck- a place he wanted to put his mouth.

He hovered over her, reveling in the satisfaction that his larger form dwarfed hers, before lowering himself to feel her hardened nipples against his skin.

His tongue slid against the smooth curve of her neck, eliciting a soft groan from her lips as he tasted the salty-sweetness of perspiration that illuminated her brown skin.

"Say my name," he breathed as he began working his way down, down. Rough, calloused hands massaged soft breasts as his lips skirted across the smooth firm skin of her belly.

He could feel the sting of her fingernails against his shoulders as she gripped him. He slipped an arm under her back when she arched into his mouth in orgasm as his he tasted her.


She cried out as she came in his mouth.



She lay sleeping, curled up in the crook of his arm, her breathing even, and her hair, glorious and white, spilling out across the bed they shared.

He nuzzled her face gently with his own, caressing her nude skin with a sharp, retracted clawed- hand.

The sheet she was wrapped in fell gently away at his touch, revealing a long, shallow scratch, glowing angry and red.

He pulled his hand back.

It was only a scratch- but a reminder of the part of himself he kept subdued just for her.


Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him, a sated smile spreading across her face then frowning as she followed his eyes.

"It's just a scratch." She took one of his clawed hands in hers and burrowed deeper against his chest. He stroked her hair, lulling her gradually back to sleep.

"I'm not good for you," he whispered into her ear, even as his free hand reached out to the dresser to grab the shiny object on it. He wrapped it around her neck, securing it tightly.

Burying his face in her skin once again, he inhaled, allowing the smell of her to imprint upon his memory before rising carefully as to not wake her. In the shadows of night, he dressed, all the while watching her sleep amidst the shredded remains of the bed sheets- the evidence of the power of their coupling and her control over him.

She slept on through the night, even as he left. He only looked back once as he walked out of the door. And when she awoke again in the morning, she found a diamond choker wrapped around her neck and an angry, red scratch on her breast. But he was gone.